University of Wisconsin Madison Acceptance Rate

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University of Wisconsin Madison Acceptance Rate

The University of Wisconsin Madison is a public university with 20 schools and colleges. It provides 136 undergraduate majors, 148 master’s degree programs, and 120 doctoral programs in Liberal Arts studies along with professional programs, and student activities. The 378 hectares university campus has amenities like a hospital, botanical gardens, an on-campus dairy farm, and a music hall. The University of Wisconsin Madison ranks at  #=75 in QS Global World Rankings 2022. The admission is not that simple because the admission committee is highly selective. The University of Wisconsin Madison acceptance rate is moderately selective.

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Why Study at University of Wisconsin Madison?

  • One of the best research universities is UW Madison.
  • The university supports students who want to participate in sports by providing them with the same resources.
  • To help students enjoy their lives, it includes great riding, a stunning lakeside, and an incredible hangout space on campus.
  • The university provides students with excellent career assistance.
  • You’ll meet new people and create lifelong friendships because to the diversity.
  • The cost of attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison is approximately $20,000.

University of Wisconsin Madison Acceptance Rate

The first thing to look at while choosing a university is its acceptance rate which is basically the division of the number of accepted students by the number of total applicants:

  • The acceptance rate of the University of Wisconsin–Madison is 54.4% which primarily means that out of 100 applications, only 54 are selected. The university is moderately selective
  • The favourable SAT score is between 1310 and 1490 and the ACT score is 27 to 32 for acceptance to the university
  • If you are planning to apply to the University of Wisconsin–Madison you need to apply by February 1. The application fee for the university is $60
  • The University of Wisconsin–Madison has given scholarships worth 40.2 million and every international matching the criteria should opt for these penny-saving scholarships
  • The university accepts applications for summer, fall, and spring. The application deadlines for the same are Fall- February 1, Spring-October 1, and Summer-February 1.
  • The exams required are: TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, ACT

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University of Wisconsin Madison Admission Process

Requirements Before Applying for Admission at the  University of Wisconsin Madison

The application process for the University of Wisconsin-Madison starts every year on 1st August. The deadlines for the applications remain the same for both domestic and international student applications. Offline application forms can be submitted at the university’s office by 11:59 PM on the noted deadline dates and the same is for online application forms. The officials at the university do not start to review any application until all required materials are received by them. Here are the important application dates:

Decision PlanApplication DeadlineMaterials Deadline Decision
Spring Regular DecisionOctober 1October 8On or before December 31st
Fall Early ActionNovember 1November 8On or before January 31
Fall Regular DecisionFebruary 1February 8On or before March 31st

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SAT, GPA, and ACT at the University of Wisconsin–Madison

There are certain requirements that you have to fulfill before applying to the university. You need to score the required scores in SAT, GPA, and ACT only then will you be considered for admission. 

SAT Requirements

The average SAT score required to get into the University of Wisconsin-Madison is 1300. Though the university may take an applicant with below 1280 then the application must have some sort of upper hand in other sectors. Here is a breakdown of the scoring structure of SAT:

SectionAverage25th Percentile75th Percentile
Reading and Writing665630700

If you score more than 1480 then you will be considered above average and if you score less than 1300 then you will be considered below average. The  University of Wisconsin-Madison takes the SAT scores that you send and chooses the test in which you have scored the highest(the sum of math, reading, and writing). If you feel that you have not scored the test, you can retake the test and send your highest scores to the university.

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GPA Requirements

The average GPA at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is 3.86. The University expects you to get straight A’s in your school transcripts and always be at the top of your class. If you have not been such a bright student from the start, it might be a bit difficult for you but you can easily compensate for that with your SAT scores.

ACT Requirements

The average ACT score of the University of Wisconsin-Madison is 88. The applicant aiming for a 96 as an ACT is likely to get accepted at the university but if you get around 80, you are going to have a tough time getting accepted by the university. Here is a breakdown of the scoring structure of the ACT :

Basis25th percentile75th percentileAverage

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How to Improve Your Application?

The University of Wisconsin-Madison does not only look at your academics but also the other activities that you have been a part of in your school or life in general. To make a good impression try taking part in volunteering in your neighborhoods. Be a person of good values or inculcate leadership qualities or even try doing short-term courses on soft skills and similar courses which would enhance your application as the university wants precious students in their colleges that would have something to add to the community. Search for activities and clubs in the university and mention similar achievements of yours for example being on the school sports team, or music band, or debating team and try to show how you are better than other applicants and why you should be chosen.

Courses Offered

The institution has more than 2000 faculty experts and offers more than 9000 courses for undergraduate majors, master’s, doctorate, and professional programmes. The University of Wisconsin-Madison provides approximately 9,192 courses, over 250 master’s, doctoral, and professional programmes, and 288 undergraduate majors and certifications.

Undergraduate MajorsGraduate Majors
Art and Art EducationArt (MFA)
Communication Sciences and DisordersClinical Rehabilitation Counseling (MS),
Theatre and DramaCounseling
DanceCounseling Psychology
Educational StudiesCurriculum and Instruction (MS and Ph.D.)
Elementary EducationEducational Leadership and Policy Analysis (MS and Ph.D.)
Health Promotion and Health EquityEducational Policy Studies (MS and Ph.D.),
KinesiologyEducational Psychology
Physical EducationKinesiology
Rehabilitation PsychologyOccupational Therapy
Special EducationSpecial Education (MS and Ph.D.),
Rehabilitation Counselor Education

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Is University of Wisconsin Madison Good for international students?

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is consistently listed among the top 15 universities in the United States with the highest number of international students, drawing over 4,000 students from over 120 different countries to study there.

What percentage of UW Madison students are international?

According to UW-Madison, 13.2% of the student body is made up of foreign students.

What is the minimum GPA to get into Madison?

University of Wisconsin – Madison demands a GPA of 3.86, which means you must be at or near the top of your class and significantly above average. Your transcript should primarily reflect As. To demonstrate that you can handle academics at a college level, you should ideally have taken a number of AP or IB classes.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is one of the top universities globally. It is difficult to get into the university but if you have all the necessary requirements and qualifications then you would not find any difficulty in getting accepted into the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We hope that this blog gives you all the information about the acceptance rate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Increase your chances of getting accepted into the University of Wisconsin-Madison with the help of our experts and counselors at Leverage Edu.

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