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top universities in italy

Italy is home to some of the top universities in the world. For an international student studying in Italy, the experience isn’t limited to education but is an enriching blend of knowledge about diverse cultures, an amalgamation of various societies, and a rich history of various nations. A trademark of universities in Italy is that it imparts knowledge without any discrimination. Established in the core of southern Europe, the nation of Italy has snow-capped pistes in the north and the golden Mediterranean seashores in the south.

With all these fascinating prospects in sight, Italy has become an educational hotspot for international students. Each significant Italian town has a college, a part of which is state-funded. However, there are private colleges just as unique which are explicitly centered around instructing and exploration in different fields. Scroll down this blog to learn everything there is to know about the top universities in Italy and their academics and get immersed in the fascinating prospects they have to offer.

Country Italy 
Capital Rome 
Currency Euro 
Student Population 1,800,000
Foreign Students 4.3%
QS Ranking Universities 41
Top University The Polytechnic University of Milan
Average cost of studying €900 and €4,000 per year
Average cost of livingBetween 700 and 1,000 EUR/month
Top study fields Social Sciences, Management & Business, Chemistry, Economics, Computer Science, and Engineering  

Top Universities in Italy 

Universities in Italy have a lot to offer to international students helping them excel in the world of academia. In addition to being a great place to pursue any course, the state-of-the-art facilities offered by the universities, a reasonable fee structure, and an affordable cost of living together all make Italy a popular education destination amongst international students. Given below are some of the best universities across Italy that are known worldwide.

Top Universities in Italy QS World University Rankings 2024
The Polytechnic University of Milan123
University of Bologna=154
Sapienza University=134
Università di Padova219
University of Milan=276
Politecnico di Torino252
University of Pisa=349
Vita-Salute San Raffaele University=595
University of Naples=335
University of Trento=429
University of Milano-Bicocca=481
University of Florence=358
University of Turin=364
Tor Vergata University of Rome=489
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore=505
University of Pavia=469
University of Genoa=530
University of Siena731-740
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano641-650
University of Trieste691-700

Let’s closely review some of the above-mentioned universities in Italy!

University of Florence

The University of Florence is situated in the breathtaking city of Florence and has been in existence since its inception in 1321. A public research university, it’s the oldest and best research university in Florence even today. The university gives access to high-technology research labs with the latest equipment for better learning of students in an environment conducive to learning. Academically, it has published more than 4000 research papers in Economic Times and other prominent platforms.

The university comprises 12 departments offering 38 different courses ranging from medicine to agriculture to law. Universities in Italy like the University of Florence have partnerships with various international universities that provide joint degree opportunities to the students. The University of Florence is ranked as a top university in the QS rank table in Italy making it one of the prominent universities of the country.


The courses offered by the University of Florence at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels are wide-ranging and offer several specializations to prospective students. Listed below are some of the top courses offered by the university-

BA in LiteratureMSc in Economics
BSc in Architectural DesignMSc in Finance and Risk Management
B.Des in Fashion MerchandiseMaster of Architectural Design
BTech in Mechanical EngineeringMasters of Communication and Telecom
HumanitiesMasters in Robotics
BSc in Hotel Management Masters in Computer Science

University of Milan

One of the topmost universities in Italy is the University of Milan. It is an institution of higher education offering various courses in management studies, arts, science, and fashion. The University of Milan was founded in 1924 to open space for the education system and make it overreaching so that excellent educational opportunities were available to all citizens of the nation and could help in gaining knowledge.

It is one of the most prestigious universities having been placed at a top rank in the QS rank chart and recognized by various international ranking organizations. The university is dedicated to providing quality education and infrastructure to its students. Moreover, It is one of the members of the European University Association (EUA), and the League of European Research Universities (LERU).


The University of Milan is a leading centre for education in the world. Innovation and development are the visions that Milan University has been following for ages. It has 31 medical departments and offers 128 study programs and other vocational-oriented courses. Below is a list of some of the popular courses provided by the University.

Undergraduate level Postgraduate level
Bachelor’s in EconomicsMasters in social science
Bachelor’s in Law and Social SciencesMasters in Civil Engineering
Political HumanitiesMasters in Social Science
Language Mediation and Intercultural CommunicationMasters in Pharmacy
Bachelor’s in Healthcare Management Masters in Agricultural and Food Sciences
B.tech in Product EngineeringMaster in veterinary medicine
B.Des in Fashion and Merchandise DevelopmentM.Des in Fashion and Merchandise Development

University of Bologna

The University of Bologna is ranked among the top 5 universities in Italy. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Italy that was established as early as 1088. Bologna University has multidisciplinary departments offering 79 courses across various streams. The University of Bologna is a major establishment attended by more than 78,000 students from every nook and corner of the world. The college has about 6% of international students from around the world who all come together in a unique blend of diversity to call the University of Bologna their home. 


There are various PG and UG courses offered by the university. These courses are aimed at helping the students master the skills needed in their specializations and help the world move towards becoming a better place to live in. The list of some of the top courses at the university is given below.

BSc Languages and Literatures, Interpreting and TranslationMasters in Civil Engineering
Bachelors in EconomicsMaster in Economics
Bachelors in Quality ManagementMaster in Quantitative Finance (QF)
Bachelors in Social ScienceMasters in Telecommunications Engineering

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University of Rome La Spienza

As indicated by the worldwide evaluations, the University of Rome La Sapienza is a leading pedagogical institution in Italy and an alluring spot to study for students from every part of the world. It was established in 1303 as a public institute and instructs students through a process of collaborative teaching and learning.

The University is among the 5% of the best universities around the world, ranking at 182 in worldwide evaluations. Graduates from the University of Rome La Sapienza are regarded by international companies and are highly employable. It is an instructive organization, attended by a gigantic number of 115 thousand understudies.


Undergraduate level Postgraduate level
Bachelors in ArtsMasters of Science in Business Management
Bachelors in Risk ManagementMasters of Science in Engineering in Computer Science
Bachelors of EconomicsMasters of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Bachelors in PhysiotherapyMasters of Science in Advanced Economics

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Top Universities in Italy: MBA 

Want to pursue your MBA in Italy? Then there are some amazing and highly renowned universities you can check. 

  1. The Polytechnic University of Milan
  2. University of Padua
  3. SDA Bocconi School of Management
  4. Rome Business School
  5. ESCP Europe Business School, Torino Campus 
  6. University of Bologna
  7. University of Pisa
  8. Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
  9. LUISS University
  10. St. John’s University

Top Universities in Italy: MIM

If you are planning to pursue a course or a degree in MIM in Italy, then here are some top-ranking universities that you may consider:

  1. The Polytechnic University of Milan
  2. Sapienza University
  3. University of Padua
  4. University of Bologna
  5. SDA Bocconi School of Management
  6. University of Rome Tor Vergata
  7. Rome Business School
  8. University of Siena
  9. University of Naples “L’Orientale’’
  10. ESCP Europe Business School – Torino Campus

Top Universities in Italy for Masters

Enlisted are some of the top universities in Italy for international students to pursue their MS course from:

  1. The Polytechnic University of Milan
  2. University of Bologna
  3. Sapienza University
  4. University of Padua
  5. Istituto Marangoni 
  6. University of Rome Tor Vergata
  7. University of Siena
  8. Istituto Europeo di Design
  9. Scuola Politecnica di Design
  10. IULM University

Benefits of Studying in Universities in Italy  

After going through a plethora of universities in Italy, let’s now highlight some of the advantages and main USPs of these universities. Here are some of the advantages that we have mentioned below:

  • Low tuition fees: An international student’s annual tuition at an Italian public university is around USD 4,722. Private institutions may charge a greater fee for the course, ranging from 17,707 USD to 23,609 USD. 
  • A plethora of scholarships and grants: All students in Italy are eligible for public financial aid and scholarships to study in Italy. There are numerous financial aid schemes, particularly for international students, that allow a foreigner to study in Italy virtually for free. The amount of support is determined by the household income of the student.
  • Easy entry requirements: Italian universities are very loyal to international students and do not impose exorbitant GPA standards. It is sufficient to have a certificate of finished secondary education (12 years of school or its equivalent) to be admitted to the Bachelor’s programme. Alternatively, after eleven years of higher education, one might consider enrolling in the Foundation programme. There aren’t many of these programs yet, but they’re on their way.


Are universities in Italy free?

Tuition costs at public universities in Italy are determined by subject and degree type (bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate). Tuition costs between 0 and 5,000 EUR each academic year on average. Some study programmes may charge considerably more tuition if you are a non-EU/EEA student.

Are there English-speaking universities in Italy?

Yes, some universities in Italy like The University of Rome Tor Vergata offers more than a dozen foreign degree courses taught in English. Currently, there are over 500 English-taught study programmes accessible in the nation. And, with each passing year, there are more and more opportunities to study in Italy in English.

Is Italy free for international students?

Many international students study in Italy for free or at a lower and affordable cost of study. Thanks to some incredible scholarships, some of which pay full tuition, housing, and board. Scholarships in the form of grants are also available at certain institutions, while others provide them in collaboration with other entities such as private banks or other governmental agencies.

How much does it cost to study in Italy?

Undergraduate programmes at public universities in Italy can cost between €900 and €4,000 per year, with the average being about €1,500. Private university annual costs generally vary from €6,000 to €20,000.

Is studying in Italy cheap?

Italy is an appealing study location due to inexpensive tuition prices, an amazing Mediterranean environment, and a distinct culture and history that allows you to appreciate historical ruins and monuments. Although the majority of colleges charge the same tuition to all foreign students, some do not.

We hope this blog has provided all the information needed to have an understanding of the universities in Italy. Are you planning to enroll in one of the top universities in Italy? Experts at Leverage Edu will help you with your admission formalities. They will review your applications and guide you through all the processes involved. Register today for a free session and get ready to become a part of the lively lifestyle of Italy! 

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