Toughest Courses in India

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toughest courses in India

Indian universities offer a variety of courses across streams at the higher education level. Students who have completed their schooling or any higher degree thus often find themselves in the midst of confusion regarding which course to go for. Most of these popular courses which offer diverse career opportunities also fall within the category of being the toughest courses in the world. The reason for these courses being difficult range from the syllabus to the competition levels for admission to these courses. In this blog, we have listed down some of the most popular and toughest courses in India. 

List of Toughest Courses in India

  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
  • CA Course
  • Bachelor of Law (LLB)
  • Engineering Courses
  • Journalism
  • Pharmacy Courses
  • Psychology
  • Fine Arts Courses
  • Nursing Courses
  • Finance

Why are these courses so tough? The reason behind why these courses are tough is because of academic factors as well as the job responsibilities later. But, fret not! These courses are one of the best career perspectives in the nation. Read on to find out more about these courses:

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

An MBBS is an undergraduate degree in medical science which enables a student to become a certified medical practitioner on completion of the course. Generally for a span of 5 and half years, this is one of the toughest courses in India since the students pursuing this course need to study different complicated topics like anatomy, surgical procedures, general medicine, paediatrics etc. as part of the MBBS syllabus. An internship or professional training of 12 months is also included as part of the course.  

Career Opportunity for MBBS in India 

A medical professional doesn’t require an explanation to our community. If you really can fix a people’s issue, that’s the biggest economic growth and employment success. There are numerous government and private hospitals, still searching for effective medical specialists. There are a lot of common MBBS specialties, some of them are:  

  • General Medicine 
  • Ophthalmology 
  • General Surgery 
  • Orthopedics 
  • Pediatrics 
  • ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) 
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology

CA Course

One of the most popular courses in India for commerce students, CA or Chartered Accountancy courses opens up a plethora of career options after its successful completion. A CA course in India generally takes 5 years and is divided into three different levels. One of the toughest courses in India, it is very difficult to become a CA because a student needs to qualify the different levels and also complete an articleship of 3 years before receiving their certification.

Career Opportunity for CA in India

The Chartered Accountant does have a very strong name in the corporate community. CA is not just one of the toughest courses in India, but it is also one of the perfect options of careers. It is a perfect career potential. Government and private commercial banks and businesses are still searching for a Chartered Accountant for federal loans as well as financial administration.

Bachelor of Law (LLB)

Law courses in India at the bachelor’s level are generally of either 3 year or 5 years duration. A student interested in making a career in the legal field can either opt for a three year LLB degree after completing graduation, or go for a 5 year integrated course directly after their 10+2 exams. Law students need to engage in extensive study of different topics such as criminal law, family law, environmental law etc., which makes it one of the toughest courses in India.

Career Opportunity for LLB in India

From studying in schools, consulting with NGOs and pursuing other law sectors, there seem to be a number of resources for law school graduates that are not limited to only serving as court advocates or large corporations. The salary of LLB students depends mostly on the sector in which they work and the employment requirements. A Legal Service Chief can receive four to five times as much as a Legal Support Officer or a Legal Attorney. 

Any of the sectors that offer work openings to LLB students are: 

  • Colleges & Institutions
  • Courts & Cases 
  • Law Company 
  • Telecoms 
  • MNC’s 
  • Banking (Legal Dept) 
  • House of Business 
  • Judicial Consulting Services

Engineering Courses

Engineering courses such as a BE or a BTech are among the toughest courses in India not only because of the tough syllabus but also because you need to qualify a very competitive state-level or all India level engineering entrance exam to gain admission to these courses in the top colleges. These courses are generally of 4 years duration and open up lots of job opportunities in India and abroad.

Career Opportunity for Engineers in India

As of now, India is the strongest growing world on the planet, and the Government of India is dedicated to make India the very next growth market in the global economy. As the technology industry continues to expand, there will be a large market for engineers in India. There are also several specialisations in mainstream engineering, such as 


One of the toughest courses in India, Journalism Courses after 12th include different courses like Bachelor of Journalism, Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication etc. These courses prepare a student for the challenging work of a journalist which includes investigating, collecting and presenting information through various media and equips them with all the necessary skills required to make a successful career in the field.

Career Opportunity for Journalism in India

Studying journalism prepares students to a multitude of opportunities where your innovation, publishing, leadership and observational skills are indispensable. Almost one-fifth (17%) of students in journalism operate as authors, newspaper editors and publication editors. Other positions in the top five involve public relations, communications associates and arts agents, producers and executives. You can also discover jobs by calling TV production houses, radio stations, magazines and books. Display passion for their topic and question when they have any arrangements of professional experience. Writing on a volunteer basis for blogs, print magazines or other media sources can also contribute to your resume and showcase your talents.

Pharmacy Courses

Pharmacy courses are popular in India especially for students who want to pursue alternative careers in medicine instead of being a doctor or a nurse. A bachelor of pharmacy course in India is generally of a duration of 4 years and offers diverse career opportunities in the pharmaceutical field. This is one of the toughest courses in India because of the vast syllabus, in which the student is expected to attain mastery of different topics such as prescriptions, effects of different drugs etc.

Career Opportunity for Pharmacists in India

Pharmacy deals with the planning, delivery and analysis of medications (medicines). As a result, a trained and professional pharmacist will be interested in pharmaceutical research, drug production, pharmaceutical distribution and delivery, and so on. In India, clinicians need to focus on a medical recommendation. But pharmacy stores will operate as semi-clinics to resolve common health problems. You should become a bulk pharmacy dealer or be a pharmacist. Again, there are ways for federal departments to serve as substance experts or drug regulators. The most recent innovations in pharmacy will be the increasing application of data mining in multiple market activities.


To start a career in Psychology, an up-and-coming applicant has to follow an undergraduate degree [3 to 4 years in duration] either in Psychology or even a curriculum where he or she is an easy course. It exposes students to main areas such as social psychology, evolutionary biology, forensic psychology, epistemology, mathematics, analysis techniques, forensic medicine, clinical practice, etc. But it’s important to keep in mind that getting an undergrad degree can’t prepare you enough to have been a clinical psychologist.

Career Opportunity for Psychology in India

Psychology is growing in India, with several candidates choosing for this specialty to pursue practise with psychiatrists, psychologists, medical practitioners, among many others. The average wage of a psychologist in India is 2 Lakhs INR to 3 Lakhs INR each year and according to Payscale, a psychologist with 1-4 years of expertise can earn between 317,617 whereas a mid-career psychologist with 5-9 years of professional experience can anticipate around 511,934.

Fine Arts Courses

Fine arts courses are among the toughest courses in India, which cover both performing arts and visual arts. The reason why these courses are considered tough is that a student of fine arts needs to have perfect skills in their area of specialisation such as drawing, dance, sculpture etc., in order to make a successful career in this field.

Career Opportunity for Fine Arts in India

Graduate students for this area have the option of entering tech firms, publishers, art galleries, freelance businesses, etc. There are a number of people who are self-employed within that sector, so this leads to increased productivity on the components and jobs of their choosing. Candidates  can begin practicing as a reviewer or art expert too though, but this choice will entail some prior expertise in the area and also some hands-on experience that introduces you to art so that you really can then have the time to discover what you are questioning or reflecting about. There are several artisans that construct their own lives on the grounds of the job they undertake.

Nursing Courses

Nursing courses in India are increasingly popular due to the high demand for skilled personnel in the healthcare industry. Nurses assist doctors in treating patients and take care of their health and medication. One of the toughest courses in India, a 4 year BSc nursing degree needs immense dedication to learn about the different skills required to become a trained professional in the field. 

Career Opportunity for Nursing in India

With a growing emphasis on patient services, nursing career opportunities look better than it has ever been. Ever more hospitals, care facilities and emergency facilities are opening up. The administration, for its role, is thinking about giving momentum to the nursing industry in the region. As per the new trends, upwards of 130 ANM and GNM institutions each have been established by the administration of India. Nursing courses without any need for these organizations to set up similar graduate degrees. The requirements for entry to nursing programs have already been modified so that married women can then be admitted to different nursing education programs.


Generally speaking, financing is mostly about learning the handling of capital and how that can be obtained and compounded. It manages the allocation and operation of assets, credit, acquisition and financing. Finance is a large topic, technically and functionally, for the person to be very well knowledgeable in the field. The force that stimulates us to interpret, interpret, and implement the universe of statistics so that capital is never a concern. If you’ve a job in finance, you could have the possibility of assuming several positions that could be likely to correspond to the development of capital, but the key goal of any job in finance may stay the very same: optimum returns on the money utilized.

Career Opportunity for Finance in India

A profession in banking is thrilling and fulfilling, and is typically very profitable. It draws young individuals who are extremely optimistic and who now have a leading role in finance, accounts and the ability to rapidly and instinctively understand and analyze complicated financial principles and details. Finance is mostly about money control. This description will be further separated into two parts – financial administration and investment banking. Financial management is about trying to allow the much more effective use of corporate finances, whether in a commercial establishment, a non-profit corporation or a government agency. Here, financial analysts create and execute plans to improve organizational effectiveness.

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