Mapping Your Study Abroad Journey in 2022

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study abroad journey

Knowing what to do is the first step in mapping your study abroad journey. Despite the rising Omicron cases across the world, the vigour for study abroad has not died down in 2022! Many universities have pushed their spring intake to accommodate admissions for international students while students are flying to their universities in advance to ensure their attendance! To make sure you don’t miss out on all the relevant details, we have curated a video with Dr Maina Chawla Singh, a study abroad expert with Leverage Edu to help you prepare for your future armed with the latest changes in admission processes!

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Do Your Research 

The first step in planning your study abroad journey is to perform some preliminary research on your own, such as which colleges would be the greatest fit for you, what course or degree to pursue, and which country would be the greatest pick for you. Research about accommodations, application procedure, eligibility, and documents required cost of living and studying, etc. After all the research you have done just be sure that you have a backup plan, or a plan B, in case something goes wrong or something doesn’t go the way you have thought of because life isn’t predictable. Let’s go through plan B in more detail in the following section below.

Always Have a Backup Plan

Many people believe that having a backup plan or a plan B is a waste of time and energy because it can interfere with our plan A, but you never know what life has in store for you. For example, no one could have predicted that Covid 19 would have such an impact that it has been almost two years, and things are still not going well, so always have a plan B in your study abroad journey. What is a plan B, you might wonder? Plan B can be anything; it could be a Plan B university, course, or destination. For example, you might have planned to study in a European city but then discover that you’ve been offered a fantastic scholarship at a smaller university in the UK or Canada, giving you a variety of options to consider. If your preferred university doesn’t work out, your plan B might change the course of your life for the better. As a result, always have a backup plan and think of it as a different option.

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Build Strength To Confront A Closed Door 

During your study abroad journey, you may encounter many closed doors, but you must have the strength and courage to confront each one. When faced with a closed door in your study abroad journey or life, you must have the courage to say, “OK, it didn’t go as planned, but I’m ready to push towards an open window.” I’m not going to pass up another chance simply because one closed-door has shattered me,” so gather your strength. Maintain a backup plan and tackle a locked door by pushing toward an open window.

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Be On Top Of Your Game 

Being on top of your game entails staying educated about global politics from abroad. But why global politics, you may wonder. It’s because it’s been linked to the spread of pandemics, and policies toward immigration are all intertwined with that. Many aspects of studying abroad will shape your life at an overseas university, and that will eventually lead to developments in science, law, public policy, and politics. So stay on top of things and keep an eye on what’s going on in politics and the economy. Your work possibilities will be determined by changing markets and economics, so keep an eye on what’s going on in the world markets. Just keep in mind that you must be up to date on international and global affairs to see what is truly going on.

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By now, we hope you’ve mapped out your study abroad plan. Join us or DM us for more information. at Leverage Edu or visit us on YouTube where you can discover a variety of sessions that will undoubtedly assist you. We also provide a full-stack service where you will receive a 30-minute free counselling session, so now is the perfect time to join up!

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