Sahapedia Fellowship

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Sahapedia Fellowship

One of UNESCO’s conventions is aimed at preservation of intangible cultural tradition which is of utmost importance. In fact, UNESCO has taken various steps for the same, such as the collaborative fellowship with Sahapedia to raise awareness about the importance of preservation of various cultures. Sahapedia Fellowship is one of the most famous Fellowships in India and this blog covers everything about it, so keep reading.

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What is the Sahapedia Fellowship?

The Sahapedia-UNESCO fellowship is an attempt to raise awareness about UNESCO’s convention. It is available at local, national as well as international levels. It has full support from the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. This fellowship is offered to post-graduate or higher qualification holders in the streams of Social Sciences or Humanities. It is available in various languages like – Hindi, Bangla, English, Tamil and Malayalam. The Sahapedia Fellowship provides the candidates with an opportunity to observe India’s rich culture and heritage. Candidates will have the chance to perform an extensive investigation and documentation in different cultural areas.

The Fellowship is a way of both helping examine India’s arts and cultural diversity, and supporting field practitioners and new researchers to identify what needs to be recorded from their views. The Fellowship is awarded annually and supports individuals with cultures and traditions in their work that typically do not get the recognition they need.

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Important Dates for Sahapedia Fellowship 2020

Here are the important dates for the Sahapedia Fellowship 2020 –

Application start date20th May 2020
Application end date30th June 2020
Results12th August 2020
Contracts and Acceptance emails13th August – 25th August 2020
Research and Submissions1st September 2020 – 15th March 2021

Eligibility Criteria for Sahapedia Fellowship

  1. The fellowship is available to postgraduates and those who are above-qualified in the most detailed sense of the Humanities and Social Sciences standards, or those with similar experience.
  2. Preference may be provided to applicants with previous professional or academic experience with the subject under application.
  3. Only applicants holding an Indian bank account are open to the Fellowship.
  4. Applicants who have earlier been awarded the Sahapedia-UNESCO Fellowship are not qualified to apply.

Duration of the Sahapedia Fellowship

A period of 28 weeks will be given to the candidates enrolled for the Sahapedia Fellowship to finish the fellowship. It starts from 1st September 2020 and will continue till 15th March 2021. If any candidate is unable to submit the specifications within time, then it may lead to the cancellation of the fellowship.

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Benefits of the Sahapedia Fellowship

All the selected candidates will receive a monetary award of INR 40,000 (after deducting Income tax at the source) in three installments depending on the completion of certain deliverables. Candidates who opted for the fellowship in regional languages will get an extra INR 10,000 for translation purposes.

Sahapedia Fellowship Deliverables

Fellowships are categorized into study, paperwork, or a combination of the two classifications. Applicants can select their deliverables from the list given below, depending on their choice of a category. All deliverables must be accompanied by a resource list. The fellowship consists of three elective deliverables. The candidate can define three types of deliverables during the time of application.

Deliverable I: Choose one

  • A 3000-word introductory article with 5-10 images.
  • A 15-20 short documentary film with subtitles in English as well as a 500-word synopsis.

Deliverable II and III: Choose two

  • A 1500-word allied article with 3-5 images
  • A 30-50 images image gallery with captions or a photo essay i.e. 20 images with captions accompanied by a short 500-800 words essay.
  • A text interview with an expert/scholar/practitioner of 1500 words, with minimum 10 questions.

In addition, it will be important for selected candidates working in regional languages to provide the content translated into English –

  • Articles with translations.
  • Transcripts and subtitles in English for documentaries.
  • Translation for text-based interviews

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Application Procedure for Sahapedia Fellowship

The procedure begins with the submission of the following documents –

  1. Resume
  2. A proposal of about 1000 words, along with an abstract of about 250 words. The scope of work, including a set of deliverables, methodology, timeline and familiarity with existing literature/work on the subject, should be indicated by the proposal. The idea should be applicable to the field of work of Sahapedia.
  3. Writing sample, a previously published essay or study paper of at least 1500 words, or a 5-10-minute URL link to a video clip demonstrating the filmmaking/videography abilities of the candidates (for documentation); or both, depending on the collection of deliverables.
  4. List of current literature or work on the subject through bibliography. There are no more than 15 items/titles expected.

Selection Criteria for Sahapedia Fellowship

The applicant will be selected on the basis of the proposal submitted and the following points will be kept in mind –

  1. The language of the proposal submitted by the applicant and the writing sample.
  2. Evaluation of sample videos on the basis of camera function, visuals and storytelling abilities.
  3. Comprehension of the sources, completeness and variety of references provided.
  4. Brevity with respect to the goal of the project.
  5. Clearness with respect to the project’s preferred deliverables.
  6. The coherence of the whole proposal and the study field.
  7. The research topic and its significance.

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Terms and Conditions of the Sahapedia Fellowship

Once the applicant is selected, he/ she would be required to do the following –

  1. Applicants chosen must complete the Fellowship Project within 28 weeks, i.e. between 1 September 2020 and 15 March 2021.
  2. The fellowship is categorized as research, documentation, or a combination of both.
  3. They must pick their deliverables, based on the classification chosen by the fellows, as defined.
  4. All deliverables must be accompanied by a resource list.

The Sahapedia Fellowship is an excellent opportunity to create awareness about Indian culture and heritage. Similarly, there are various fellowships which cover different fields and areas such as Young India Fellowship, Gandhi Fellowship, Ramanujan Fellowship and many more. Looking for scholarships to study abroad? Reach out to our Leverage Edu experts and we will help you find the right scholarship program which aligns with your chosen course and university! Sign up for a free session with us today!

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