How to beat academic burnout?

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How to beat academic burnout (1)

Can’t cope with your studies anymore? Feeling exhausted and done with studying? Have your final exams next month but feeling tired already? This is nothing but academic burnout. Academic burnout can be clearly defined as a mixture of work and personal life pressures. Being exhausted and feeling anxious are some of the most common symptoms of academic burnout. A clear understanding of academic burnout can help you prevent it and live a life stress-free, at least for some time. So, here are some tips that will help you beat academic burnout.

Know What Causes Academic Burnout? 

Burnout wasn’t an official term until recently, during the pandemic, World Health Organization (WHO) recognised burnout as an occupational phenomenon by adding it to their International Classification of Diseases known as ICD-11.

Academic Burnout doesn’t have a complex definition. Its symptoms are very easy to recognise as almost every person experiences it once in his/her lifetime. 

Being unable to keep up, feeling exhausted, anxious, fatigued and not motivated are the major symptoms of Academic Burnout. 

It is unlikely that Academic Burnout is caused by a particular reason. As many things contribute to stress, which further leads to academic burnout if not looked after properly.

There are several factors that affect a student’s life, especially during the pandemic when the world witnessed a transition from traditional teaching to digital teaching. For example, spending half of your day staring at the computer screen and neglecting exercise or sleeping.

Learn How to Beat Academic Burnout 

If you’re already experiencing some academic burnout symptoms, don’t worry, we got your back. Here are several preventive techniques that can help you beat Academic Burnout.

Take Breaks

How to beat academic burnout - take a break
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This is not even a technique but a general thing to consider when working or studying. Breaks are always important, even in our lives. Taking regular intervals for 15-20 minutes is extremely beneficial when spending all day staring at the computer screen. This will reduce eye-strain headaches that eventually lead to stress and fatigue.

Drink Lots of Water

How to beat academic burnout?
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Drinking water is often neglected as people fail to recognise how important it is. 

Especially when you’re stressed out, dehydration plays a villain contributing to academic burnout. Drinking a little to no water makes you feel dizzy, lightheaded and tired. This is why you should always drink lots of water, not only does it prevent Academic Burnout but guess what? It is also a secret ingredient to glowy skin.

Understand the Cause of Stress

Identify what is causing all this stress. Is it a general problem or are you thinking too much? Sometimes it’s a normal problem but overthinking leads to stress. Understanding the cause of your stress can really help you. 

Say No To Comparisons

Please don’t compare yourself to others. Comparing yourself has never been a good option, instead, it causes unnecessary pressure. Students generally have a tendency to compare themselves with other students who usually score well. You can always work on yourself and get good grades but comparing yourself doesn’t do any good but puts you in a catastrophic situation.

Break Down Your Tasks

How to beat academic burnout - break down tasks
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One of the most beneficial techniques to prevent Academic Burnout is to divide your tasks. Doing all the tasks in one go is sometimes impossible and overwhelming. You can just break down your tasks into 2-3 tasks per day, or as per the situation. This will reduce your stress levels and will also produce a better result, as smaller tasks are easy to manage.

Remember that it is okay to experience Academic Burnout as it is a human tendency to feel stressed. But reducing it is always a good option. We hope that this blog will help you. Follow Leverage Edu for more such information. 

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