CBSE Class 10th Results 2020

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Class 10th Results

After much anticipation, CBSE finally released class 10th results for the year 2020 on 15th July. The results came as a breath of respite to most students with the coronavirus pandemic disrupting normal life. More than 90% of students cleared their exams, while the average scores were also higher than in previous years. The pandemic led to the cancellation of some exams, but luckily all the core exams for class 10th students were conducted. Let us take a detailed overview of CBSE class 10th results 2020 and go through the list of toppers.

Class 10th Results: Result Overview

For the year 2020, class 10th result statistics were quite positive. Out of the 18,73,015 students who appeared for class 10th boards with CBSE, 17,13,121 passed without any compartment. The overall pass percentage drew out to be 91.46% (before any revaluation or rechecking), witnessing a rise of 0.36% as compared to last year. This is a great improvement considering the number of students who appeared for the exam. The number of students placed in the compartment is 50,198 (8.02%), making the overall failure rate as low as 0.52%. If we review the result based on gender, girls managed to trump boys again with a pass percentage of 93.31%, while the boys came out second with the percentage at 90.14%. Transgender students also got a fairly high pass percentage, with 78.95% of students clearing their exams. 

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Class 10th Results: Regional Statistics

If we evaluate the results by region, the heart of Kerala, Trivandrum registered the highest pass percentage, with a whopping number of 99.28% students clearing their class 10th exams. It is followed by cities like Chennai and Bengaluru, with a pass percentage of 98.95% and 98.23% respectively. Here are the top cities in terms of their pass percentage in CBSE class 10th results: 

CityPass Percentage
Pune             98.05%
Ajmer            96.93%
Bhopal            92.86%
Patna       90.69%

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Class 10th Results: Star Performers

Although CBSE has not issued an official merit list this year owing to the Coronavirus pandemic, students with the highest aggregate marks are identified as toppers from different cities. There are numerous students who have managed to score a mind-boggling 499 out of 500 in their class 10th CBSE exams. Here is a list of all the students who scored an aggregate of 99.8% in their exams, crowning the class 10th results of 2020:

Student NameCity
Siddhant PangoriaNoida
Divyansh WadhwaNoida
Yogesh Kumar Gupta Jaunpur
Ankur MishraGhaziabad
Vatsal VarshneyMeerut
Aryan JhaJamnagar
Tarun JainJaipur
Bhavna N. ShivdasKerala
Isha Madan Ghaziabad
Divjot Kaur JaggiAmbala
Apoorva JainGhaziabad
Shivani LathNoida

Preparation Tips by Toppers

Many of us wonder what kind of preparation enables students to score this high in their board exams. However, as it turns out there is no big secret to their success. Instead, here are a few pointers which can aid the preparation strategy of aspiring class 10th students:

  • Never Compromise with your Sleep Schedule: It has become a common practice among students to neglect some of their sleep to cover up a bit more of their syllabus. This practice especially intensifies during exams, where some students do not sleep for the whole night prior to an exam. However, all top scorers think otherwise. They reckon that while intensive hours are important, they must never come at the loss of physical requirements. A good sleep goes a long way for a high-functioning brain.
  • Do not Slack at the Beginning of a Session: A common habit among students these days is that they slack off during the inception of a class, hoping to cover the syllabus in a lump at the end of the session. However, most toppers concede that they maintain a consistent studying pattern for the whole year. While extra efforts are required during the fag end of the year, it can really hurt your chances of scoring well if you leave it all for later. The increased workload can also work adversely for students, making the crucial concepts faze out of the brain due to information overload.
  • Self-study is Vital: It is seen almost every year that students who score the highest believe in self-study. While tuitions can be helpful in revision and ingraining of concepts, they must not be the only source of study other than the school. Self-study enables self-evaluation, which is vital when it comes to revising the syllabus and allotting time for different topic and subjects.
  • Meditate for a Few Minutes Daily: The additional stress of an exam can put a lot of unforeseen burden on a student’s brain. If unchecked, it can develop into mental ailments like anxiety and stress. Meditation is an easy and effective solution to this problem which is opted by many toppers from all levels. Just a few minutes of meditation or even deep breathing exercises can help you isolate your mind from all its worries. It is easy to do and good practice to permanently inculcate in life.

Note: Although we tend to look at the top performers and appreciate their success, it is important to acknowledge the efforts of each and every applicant. While hard work is the key to success in every field, marking and test evaluation also have a sparkle of luck connected to them. If you find your scores underwhelming, getting demotivated is the worst plan to move ahead with. You must always remember to take these results in stride and remain focussed while moving towards your goal.

This concludes the nuances of CBSE class 10th results in 2020. In case you are confused about the prospects of different streams, we are here for you. At Leverage Edu, we have a team of career experts from all professional fields who can guide you with the nuances of academics all the way through your higher education. Sign up for a free e-meeting to avail all these benefits today!

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