Esteban Granero: From Football Player to Entrepreneur in Artificial Intelligence

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Esteban Granero From football player to Entrepreneur in Artificial Intelligence

Gone are the days when it was believed that there’s only one set path for everyone in life. Esteban Granero, the former Spanish football player, is now also an entrepreneur in Artificial Intelligence. His company, Olocip, works at an international level, and that helped support the minimisation of the effects of the coronavirus crisis in Spain. This is a clear example of a man who carried his innovative curiosity alive while being active in the world of sport. Rather, the world of sports helped him cultivate his other talents. Here, the birth of a career further helped the development of another for an individual person. The scope of career opportunities is immense for anyone, including football players

Esteban Granero: Player Profile 

To start off with things, let’s have a look at the profile of the football player, Esteban Granero, first. 

Age 35
Nationality Spanish 
Youth Career Real Madrid 
Football Position Midfielder 
CEO and Founder Olocip

Esteban Granero, who was a professional football player, has played for clubs such as RCD Espanyol, and Getafe Club de Fútbol. He was one of the graduates of the youth academy of Real Madrid. La Liga is where he made a name for himself, continuing to win titles such as the Spanish League, Copa del Rey, and the Spanish Super Cup. He further also represented Spain at European Under-19 Championship. 

Esteban Granero: Reinvention

Transcending from the realm of football to the realm of business, yet specialising in professional sport, Esteban Granero founded the company Olocip, a pioneer in applying Artificial Intelligence. The man was praised for his skills in the field, which he made use of to pursue the world of business and become the founder of Olocip. Olocip, to say the least, is a company that provides predictive sports analysis. But that’s not all. It also uses artificial intelligence, and played a major role during the COVID-19 pandemic, using its specialisations to minimise the impact of the crisis. 

Esteban Granero is someone who is visionary and understands the correlation of different fields, be it sports or business. This also shed light on the overlap of STEM and STEAM fields.  

The aforementioned can be realised through the example of the use of his company using artificial intelligence (which is a field of science and technology), in a world of business, using the technology to predict health problems and sports. This, coming together of all the fields together, has been cultivated to its maximum potential by the football player and brings truth to the reality of the world, wherein all facets of science and humanities co-exist with each other. Clearly, the career opportunities for students are unlimited. 

Career Opportunities for Football Players

To discuss the career opportunities we discussed above, let’s share with you some of the most common career opportunities for football players. 


Once the career of being a football player is over for many, retirement waiting at the end of the steps, many professionals go on to become a coach in the same field. Coaching badges are not easy to earn though, which is why it is advised to prepare for a specialisation in the same while they are continuing their career as a football player, helping them experience a smooth transition from a player to a coach. 

Brand Ambassador

Another career option for football players who are planning their future after retirement could be being a brand ambassador. For that, the player must have a high profile being a professional in the field of football. The likes of David Beckham come to light under this aspect. The man has earned millions being the ambassador of several high-end brands. 

Sports Media Presenter

There are several football players who have turned to the road of being a presenter in the media. Gary Lineker is one example. He is one of the leading presenters of BBC’s football commentary, making his name a reliable source after his retirement from the game. But do note, that being a presenter in the media is just as hard as being a football player on the field, for it needs precision and hard work, just as any other job does. There’s also a lot of scope in remuneration even after football players retire. 


When was Esteban Granero born?

Esteban Granero was born on 2 July 1987. 

Who are the football players who turned to entrepreneurship? 

Iker Casillas, Juan Mata, and Laureano Sanabria are the names of some of the football players who turned to entrepreneurship. 

How old is Esteban Granero?

Esteban Granero is 35 years old.

That was about a not-so-common turn of events for the football player Esteban Granero, who had an unlikely transition from being a football player to saving the life of people in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. 

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