PhD in Political Science

PhD in Political Science

The vast field and subfields of political science offer students the opportunity to delve deeper into myriad issues related to international politics, governance, public administration, international relations, history and much more. In particular, the PhD in Political Science program caters to interests of those individuals who wish to venture into advanced fields such as Area Studies, Public Policy, Law, Human Rights, political psychology, violence and war studies and even topics related to Business, Globalisation, Financial Economics, etc. It provides individuals the necessary flexibility and background to develop and express ideas, conduct research through quantitative and qualitative method and analyzes cross-effects among socio-economic-cultural factors. In this blog, we will share some important details pertaining to this doctorate program.  

Degree Options

Owing to the diverse range, subdivisions, and specializations, there are different types of degree options of PhD in Political Science [3-8 years] one can pursue. This includes the traditional PhD program which includes comprehensive coursework curriculum, research projects, electives, practical training, fieldwork, and teaching practicum along with a host of other elements. In addition to that, one can also go for an integrated PhD, an MPhil/PhD as well as dual PhD degrees amalgamating two different disciplines such as communication and political science, international relations and journalism, diplomacy and communication, etc. All of the above courses gear up an individual for a career in research in capacities of research assistant, teaching assistant, a researcher in academic institutions, international research organizations, political consultancies, and governments, amongst others.

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PhD in Political Science: Eligibility

While the PhD in Political Science program is largely subjective and the department/university may implement varied eligibility conditions, but in general, to enter such PhD courses, one is required to possess a high-standing MA in Political Science or master’s degree in related discipline, for instance MA History etc along with prior research, paper publication, assistantships under professor or even professional experience. Relevant teaching exposure is also encouraged. In a fair amount of universities worldwide, one can also enrol directly after completing a BA Political Science with strong credentials.

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PhD in Political Science: Universities

As you may already be aware, institutions in the Ivy League(USA), London School of Economics & Political Science(UK), University of Toronto(Canada), etc have cemented themselves as household names when it comes to pursuing a PhD in Political Science as well as other Political Science Courses. However, there are many emerging study abroad destinations and options which have steadily gained up rankings, have internationally recognized faculty and offer vibrant avenues of building a strong career in political science, amongst others. Here we mention a few of them.

Name of UniversityLocationTHE Rankings 2021Courses
Duke UniversityUSA=20thPhD in Politics, Public Life & Governance
University of EdinburghUK30thPhD Politics & International Relations
King’s College LondonUK35thMPhil/PhD in International politics Economy
MPhil/PhD Politics Research
MPhil/PhD Political Economy Research
PhD in Russian & Eurasian Studies
University of Texas-AustinUSA44thPhD in American Politics
Georgia Institute of TechnologyUSA38thPhD in History & Sociology of Technology & Science-US Society and Politics/Policy Perspectives
Australian National UniversityAustralia59thPhD in Diplomacy
PhD in International Politics & Strategic Studies
PhD in Political Science & International Relations
University of ManchesterUK=51tPhD Politics
The University of QueenslandAustralia=62ndPhD Government
PhD Government/History

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Application & Admission

As for application procedure, universities offering a PhD in Political Science conduct admissions through two routes namely, the general online application as well as through approaching professors directly. To gain admission through the latter route, your research interests must align with that of your potential professor. Application materials may also include GRE and IELTS/TOEFL scores, Research Proposal, Statement of Purpose (SOP), Letters of Recommendation (LOR), official transcripts and CV, amongst others.

A PhD in Political Science, being a heavily research inclined program requires consistent efforts towards one’s R&D goals and interests. If you wish to pursue it or any other PhD programs, consult the experts and mentors at Leverage Edu who will not only help you complete the admission related formalities but will also help you prepare for the VISA interview. 

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