Political Science Careers

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Political Science Careers

Political Science can be defined as the study of varied government as well as different political policies. Sound knowledge of this subject is mandatory to become a future leader. After studying the basics of Political Science at the school level, many students switch to its advanced level by pursuing higher education in this particular field. After completing the study, there are many prospective political science careers for a student of this stream to choose from. For all those, who aspire to set up a career in Political Science, this blog aims to elucidate some prominent ones.

Public Relations Specialist

The primary job of a Public Relation specialist, representative or officer is to shape the public perception and opinion about the clients or the organisations they work for. It is largely done through the media. Any political science student learns how to have a stronghold on the craft of writing as they are expected to develop daily press releases that are persuasive enough to benefit their client and boost their image in public opinion. As a professional, they have to organise public events and press conferences to grab the attention of the media in order to disseminate positive information about their client as they are equipped with how the opinions of the general public are formed.

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Campaign Staff/Manager

In today’s times, Campaign Manager has become one of the most sought after political science career options. With more and political parties and big banners looking for highly intelligent campaign staff to establish their own brand name among the general public, a majority of political science graduates tend to choose this path. As a member of any political campaign, they manage to devise strategies and formulate ideas to build a positive image of the political candidate in the eyes of the public. It is majorly done by crafting speeches by choosing a correct language that consequently helps build a strong platform for the political leaders. They analyse the current social and political scenario to assess the people’s inclination to each issue so that they can raise the required fund for the political campaign.

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Policy Analyst

Political Science students are well-versed with the whole process of creating public policies that are not vulnerable to legal loopholes. They have to count on their vigorous and critical thought process to draft a public policy. As a Policy Analyst, you will be expected to analyse the global or national trends to craft your own public policy through evaluating the current ones as well as suggesting valid alternatives to it.  They also have to develop strong arguments in favour of adopting a certain policy and critically enumerate the impact of that policy.

Marketing Research Specialist

Marketing researchers have to develop insights by analysing the reaction of customers or consumers to a particular product as well as a service along with examining the current trends in the domain of marketing. It often requires MR Specialists to carry out a survey of consumers to make the needy changes in their marketing styles. Listed amongst the political science careers, this field is barely different from analysing the reaction of the public regarding the political candidates which students of political science are taught in their classrooms and workshops. 

Here is a list of Political Science Courses for you!


Major law firms and lawyers who are associated with political groups and frequently hire political science students to use their acute research skills to analyse and research about policy-related issues. Being a paralegal, you will be drafting and editing the bills to be tabled in legislative assemblies or councils. Lawyers are often in need of those who have graduated from the political science background to create favourable pathways in cases when political issues emerge during any trial.


Even though journalism is a major field of study of its own. But this field has also emerged as an eminent option amongst the political science careers. Students of political science are efficiently familiar with issues related to politics. During their course, they also develop strong writing skills which are covered by the journalism industry. Their critical understanding of political issues can be a major help for the editors and newspapers who thrive extensively on the news related to such issues. Many of these students also work as freelance journalists nowadays.

Thus, we hope that after examining the above mentioned major prospective political science careers, you are all set to kick start a career in this field. Are you struggling to decide which Political Science course is best for your dream job? Let the experts at study abroad be your helping hand in selecting the right course and university abroad. Book your free 30 minutes of e-counselling with the team and discover new educational possibilities

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