Myths and Facts for LSAT

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myths and facts for LSAT

LSAT Overview

LSAT stands for Law School Admission Test. It is a 3 hour and 30 minutes long test which includes logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, reading comprehension and a writing sample. The cost of the LSAT exam is $200 plus other fees and students can attempt the LSAT exam 7 times a year.  The score range for the exam is 120 – 180. 

Myths and Facts for LSAT

The following are the myths and facts about LSAT exams:

Myth: The writing sample does not matter.

Fact: Writing a sample is an integral part of the exam as it assesses your ability to present and write concise and logical arguments under stress. It judges your argument skills and if written poorly can give a bad impression to the admissions committee.

Myth: LSAT is similar to an IQ test and the score can’t be improved on practice.

Fact: You can improve your LSAT score upon practice by understanding the type of question asked and the suitable answer it seeks. These days many law schools prefer high LSAT scores from applicants.  

Myth: LSATs are only taken by Lawyers to get into better law schools

Facts: LSATs are given by thousands of students every year and according to statistics, engineers and science graduates are among the top scorers of the exam.

Myth: A high LSAT score guarantees a top law school.

Fact: High LSAT is undoubtedly an important criterion to get admission into top law schools however, it is not the only criterion. Also, many top schools like Harvard, Yale, and Columbia have a high number of applications and an extremely low acceptance rate which means your application can get rejected even with a score as high as 175. 

Myth: Even if you cancel your score the college committee can see your LSAT score.

Fact: If you cancel your LSAT scores and wish to not send that score to your dream college then they cannot see your score. However, they will know that you took an LSAT exam and cancelled the score. This may affect their decision because they understand the reason for cancelling the score to be a low score. 

Important Tips for the LSAT Exam

The following are the important tips for the LSAT exam:

  • Practice sample test papers and try to understand the type of questions asked
  • Analyze the answers you have marked and if you have answered any incorrectly, understand the explanation given for it
  • Sharpen your critical thinking and logical reasoning. Spend time studying and reading about logic, philosophy, critical writing and analysing complex theories
  • Attempt all questions as there is no negative marking on the test. Try to make an educated guess on questions you don’t know the answers to instead of not attempting them. 


Q. What is an LSAT exam?

A. The LSAT is an abbreviation for the Law School Admission Test, a standardized test which students have to take to get admission into prestigious law schools around the world.

Q. What is the average LSAT score?

A. The average LSAT score is 152. The LSAT score range is 120 – 180. 

Q. What are the components of the LSAT exam?

A. LSAT is a 3-hour and 30 minutes long test which includes logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, reading comprehension and a writing sample.

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