How to Study in Class 10

How to Study in Class 10

If you are reading this right now then you probably are a student who is looking for tips on How to Study in Class 10. Well, you have come to the right place! Touted as one of the most important exams of your life, you can score well on boards with the right strategy and patience. Without further ado, let us go through some valuable tips and strategies on How to Study in Class 10. 

How to Study in Class 10 for Mathematics?

Students often ask for tips on How to Study in Class 10 for mathematics. You need to practice immensely for the most feared yet scoring subject. Let us quickly go through some tips and tricks : 

  • Jot down the important formulas and go through them every morning. 
  • To save time, remember the values of the square and cube roots of numbers till 20. 
  • Double-check every step while solving the question. It is better to be sure than to regret later due to a silly mistake. 
  • Math is all about speed and accuracy. For this, practice as many mock papers as you can. 
  • And lastly, Keep calm and do the math.

Preparing English for Class 10

The English paper has 3 sections. While Section A has Reading comprehension, writing and grammar are included in Section-B. In Section-C, literature-based questions are asked. Here are some tips on How to Study in Class 10 for English :

  • Stay well versed with the syllabus and stick to the format and the word count. This will help you save on a lot of time. 
  • Section A of the paper has unseen passages. This is one of the most scoring topics in the English Subject. It is advisable to first go through the questions and then read the passage. This way you can find the answers quickly. To ace in this section, practice at least 2-3 passages daily. 
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  • To score well in Section-B, Go through the formats of letters, notices, essays, posters, etc. When it comes to grammar, practice the jumbled sentences, fill in the blanks, and omission based questions. 
  • When it comes to Section-C, a well-structured answer with a proper introductory statement, the main context and concluding part can fetch you good marks. Also, instead of cramming the answers, try to understand the moral of the chapters or poems. By jotting down the summary when explained in class and solving previous year question papers, you can score well. 

How to Study for Science?


Your efforts will reflect well on your Physics paper if you take out time and practice ample of questions on a daily basis. Not only will it improve your speed and accuracy but will also save a lot of energy during the exam. When it comes to How to Study in Class 10 for physics, then here are some tips which will help you accelerate your exam preparation:

  • Go through previous year question papers to know the pattern and the topics from which most of the questions are asked. 
  • Stick to NCERTs to build a strong foundation. Ask questions, clear the doubts.
  • Follow the 3Rs: Read, re-write and revise the formulas on a regular basis. 
  • Go through diagrams like image formations by mirrors, prisms, AC-DC Generators, etc.
  • Practice derivations and numerical based questions daily. 


  • Jot down the important chemical formulas and revise them regularly. 
  • Remember common names and preparation techniques of various compounds. 
  • Practice balancing the equations and at least 5-6 chemical reactions or numerical every day. 

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If you are wondering on How to Prepare for Class 10 for Biology then below are some tips and tricks that can help you score well in this section. 

  • The focus should be placed on practicing complex diagrams like that of the respiratory system, flower parts, female and male reproductive organs, etc. 
  • Make note of important terminologies and revise them on a regular basis. 
  • To make your studies less monotonous, try remembering complex terms and processes using mnemonics. 

Example: A way to remember the Mitosis stage is-  PROperly place the MAT

(PROphase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase)

How to Prepare for Social Studies in 10th Class?

Due to the vast syllabus, Social Studies is one of the most dreaded subjects. So here are some tips and tricks on How to Study in Class 10 for Social Studies:

  • Identify the important chapters by going through last year papers. 
  • Since there are many topics to read, stick to the principle of fewer books, more revision. 
  • Read NCERTs thoroughly an make notes for every chapter. This will help in quick revision during the exams. 
  • You can make mnemonics, tables or charts for topics like dates, important events, crops, minerals, etc. 
  • The easiest way to remember oil, copper, or other fields is to practice them on the map. The brain can retain visuals for a longer time in comparison to crammed up information. 

Hopefully, the tips and tricks on How to Study in Class 10 will help you ace the exam with flying colors. If you require any help in exploring career opportunities after class 10th then feel free to contact the mentors at Leverage Edu.

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