5 Amazing Post-Pandemic Careers

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Amazing Post-Pandemic Careers (1)

While considering future careers, it is vital to understand global economic trends. When COVID-19 hit different parts of the world in 2020, it created unprecedented disruptions globally. Disruptions to travel, access to consumer goods and services, education, and healthcare created uncertainties in the job market. Airlines went bankrupt, hospitality industry crashed. Jobs became Work from home, restaurants reinvented themselves to take online orders and E-commerce companies began to operate in large-scale doorstep-delivery mode. Everything seemed to turn to technology—work, banking, schooling, shopping, even ‘meeting’ family and friends. Also, The post-pandemic world has changed the scenario of employability options, almost irreversibly. Here is an example: In the United States, Las Vegas (known for its casinos and leisure resorts) and Orlando (for Disneyland) were thriving metros. The pandemic crashed this and even after two years, unemployment rates in these metros are among the highest in America. So, What about future careers in a Post-pandemic world? The Pandemic revealed that Technology is going to rule the future! So, will human beings become redundant? Not at all. It means that human beings will do DIFFERENT jobs. Let’s look at some post-pandemic careers that can help you advance your career.

Careers in Data Expertise 

Post pandemic humans will need different skills. While computers will reduce the time human beings take to calculate and compute, human expertise will be required for: 

  • Understanding new problems (related to the energy crisis, healthcare, or education) that the world has not faced before
  • Creating new technologies to solve those problems
  • Using Data that organizations are amassing to optimize business and solve complex problems. 

Data expertise will play a big part. Most importantly you will be working on:  

  • Understanding Data that is produced
  • Analyzing data for building strategies for businesses to minimize risk and optimize profits
  • Work on Big Data to support policy-making for governments and international organizations like UN agencies. 

The two main categories of professions relating to Data are Data Scientists and Data Analysts. They are NOT the same!

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Data Scientist

Today, almost all companies and their customers generate huge amounts of data. Organizations need the expertise of data scientists to help them use that data effectively and find data-driven solutions to optimize their business and efficiency and find solutions to complex business problems. But even before you can plan solutions from the data, you need data specialists to make the data understandable for everyone. 

Data Analysts 

To make the data understandable is what Data analysts do. As a data analyst, you will be responsible for making the complex data and its insights understandable to a general audience. 

What Aptitude do I Need for a Career as a Data Analyst or Data Scientist? 

It helps if you are good at maths. and statistics. You also need proficiency in multiple programming languages, including Python and SQL

Tip: In many industries, employability may not return to the Pre-pandemic levels 

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Careers in Cybersecurity 

If you have a background in Computer Science, Cybersecurity has immense potential as a future career option. Increased reliance on technology for every business and even on the personal needs of consumers for banking, and online shopping means that our world is very vulnerable to Cybercrime. Cybersecurity experts stay up to date with the newest advances in how cyberspaces can be kept secure from fraud and crime. You will study advances in cybersecurity, information technology, coding, and software development. This career has a great future.

Careers in Digital Marketing/Advertising 

Okay, so you are NOT passionate about data or Computer Science, so what are some other post-pandemic careers for you? Do you feel you are not savvy about computing and technology? Then Digital Marketing is a great option for you. Think about how businesses reach their clients in the digital space. Think of creative ways of building a brand through social media campaigns….That’s what a Digital marketer does. To be successful at digital marketing you need a  combination of technical proficiency and creativity. To understand search engines, content creation, and SEO. This field is growing at 20-30% annually in India. 

Careers in Business 

Remember that even if technology solves many complex problems and enhances productivity, businesses will be run by professionals. Business leaders will continue to strategize and be decision-makers. Thus, careers in business will not be outdated. You can choose courses in Economics, Finance, marketing, Strategy, Entrepreneurship and choose a career as Management Consultant, Financial Analyst, or begin a business of your own. 

I have focused here on careers that are less susceptible to pandemic-related uncertainties. The aftershocks of the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to pose significant economic risks globally as rising energy prices, supply chain disruption, and high inflation, and therefore, markets can be volatile. However, if you are qualified in handling data, finance, cyber risks, digital economy, and business you will find plenty of career opportunities. This was all about 5 Amazing Post-pandemic Careers We will be back next Friday with another amazing blog from Dr.Maina Chawla Singh. Till then, if you have any questions or suggestions, just drop us a comment and we will get back to you. 

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