10 January: IELTS Speaking Topic- Describe an important lake/river in your country.

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Describe an important lake/river in your country.

Q- Describe an important lake/river in your country.

You should say- 

  • Which water body is that?
  • How do you know about it?  
  • Why does it impress you so much?

A- Today I am going to talk about the river that all Indians know about and worship- the Ganges. India is fortunate to have a huge network of rivers and lakes. My nation has several water bodies, but just one of them is noteworthy. The Ganges is said to as a holy river by the locals. The Ganges river flows past the city of Haridwar, where my family resides. I visit them during my summer breaks every year, and needless to say, every time I go to see them, I spend hours sitting on the river’s banks to examine them closely.

It greatly impresses me for a variety of reasons. First of all, it gives billions of people access to clean drinking water. It travels through many states and satisfies a substantial portion of the population’s thirst.

Additionally, a sizable portion of Indians believes that their country’s water is divine. Additionally, it aids farmers with irrigation. Many states’ farmers rely heavily on the Ganges to irrigate their lands. The nation’s economy, which is centred on agriculture, needs to be strengthened, and this river is essential to that. Additionally, this water source is the sole way for farmers to survive in the event of uneven rainfall. Thirdly, Hindus in India use this river as a place of prayer. The ashes must be submerged in the Ganges as part of the last ceremonies for any deceased individual. Additionally, I discover everlasting enjoyment and calm among these river banks. My time goes by more quickly, and all of my concerns are forgotten.

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