How to Calculate SGPA?

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GPAs, marks and percentages are all markers of the performance of a candidate in education systems across the world. Students are often confused about a variety of issues on how to convert CGPA to Percentage, how to calculate SGPA, the Difference Between GPA and CGPA, and How to Calculate CGPA in Engineering, among others. Further, as the evaluation systems [semester vs annual based] and marking schemes vary from one university to another, throwing some light on the specifics is absolutely crucial. In this blog, we attempt to give you all the relevant information with respect to how to calculate SGPA and the other details pertaining to it. 

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What is SGPA?

Before we delve into the discussion on how to calculate SGPA, let us first understand what exactly it is. Sessional Grade Point Average or Semester Grade Point Average [SGPA] is individually calculated at the end of the term/session/semester to evaluate the obtained scores and credits taken. It usually contains details like the institution’s name and official seal, total marks, grades and any other information worth relevant. Given below is the formula for SGPA calculation:

SGPA = Points secured in the semester/Credits secured in the semester

For example, if you are total grade points are 200 out of 25 credits, you need to divide them by your total credits, i.e. 200/25= 8 SGPA

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How to Calculate SGPA?

Calculating SGPA is a fairly easy process. Let us learn calculating SGPA in easy steps:

1. Write down all your credit points for each subject,

Credit ScoreGrades
Subject A – 4Subject A – 9
Subject B – 2Subject B – 8.8
Subject C – 3Subject C – 8
Subject D – 2Subject D – 7

2. Multiply the credit point of each subject by the grade that you achieved in that subject. Each grade covers a range, so you can take the median,

Subject A – 4 x 9 = 36
Subject B – 2 x 8.8 = 17.6
Subject C – 3 x 8 = 24
Subject D – 2  x 7 = 14

3. Add all the scores that come,

Subject A + Subject B + Subject C + Subject D= 36+17.6+24+14 = 91.6

4. Next, divide the total score that you got by the sum of all the credit points,

SGPA formula = Points secured in the semester / Credits secured in the semester

Points secured in the semester = 91.6
Credits secured in the semester (add all the credits from the individual subjects) =

4 + 2 + 3 + 2 = 11

SGPA = 91.6 / 11 = 8.32

5. The number that you get is the SGPA,

SGPA = 8.32

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Calculate SGPA Through Examples

Owing to the variegated ways of calculation adopted by institutions and colleges, it is important to understand the process through different cases and scenarios. The following tables show how to calculate SGPA in two semesters as well as the overall CGPA calculation.

To calculate your SGPA, you need to add all the grade points and divide them by the total credits. Let’s see it through an example:

Semester 1: The table below shows how to calculate SGPA for someone who has studied 7 subjects with varying credits. 

Course CodeTotal
[Credits Earned
*Grade Points]
TWU COM44B+832
TWU LIB44C+624
TWU POL44A+1040
TWU HIS44A-936
TWU PAI33C-515
TWU REW22B-714
TWU GTR22A-918


In the above case, the SGPA of the student is calculated by: 

Total Grade Points/Total Credits= 179/23 = 7.78

Semester 2: In this case, we assume that the student did not appear for or failed in one of the subjects.

Course CodeTotal
[Credits Earned
*Grade Points]
TWU COM44B+832
TWU LIB44C+624
TWU POL44A+1040
TWU PAI33C-515
TWU REW22B-714
TWU GTR22A-918


*In the above table, ‘F’ signifies failure.

For this student, the total SGPA will be 143/19=7.52

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Now that you know how to calculate SGPA, you can also convert it into CGPA with this formula:

CGPA= (SGPAs of All semesters in an academic year)/Number of semesters

For example, if you have 9 SGPA in 1st semester and 8 SGPA in 2nd semester, the CGPA for your first year will be:
CGPA= [SGPA of 1st Semester + SGPA of 2nd Semester] Divided by Number of Semesters
= (9+8)/2
= 8.5 CGPA

Here is a free online calculator to convert your SGPA to CGPA:

SGPA to Percentage

Other than CGPA, you might also be required to calculate total percentage from your grades while submitting academic scores. The formula to convert SGPA to Percentage is also simple to calculate.

[(SGPA * 10) – 7.5 = Percentage]

Now, you can either use this formula to convert SGPA to Percentage, or you can calculate CGPA from your SGPA and then easily calculate your percentage.

For example, you have 7.5 SGPA and to convert it into percentage, you need to multiply your SGPA to 10 and then deduct 7.5, i.e. 7.5*10= 75-7.5= 68.5%

Here’s a free online calculator to convert CGPA to Percentage:

How to Calculate SGPA from Marks

  • Write down all your marks for each subject.
  • Add all the marks.
  • Next, divide the total score you got by the sum of all the marks.
  • The number that you get is your SGPA.

Learn How to Convert Marks into CGPA!

How to Calculate SGPA in VTU

Visvesaraya Technological University also has its own SGPA calculator for candidates applying for admission or for its students. Here’s how you can calculate your SGPA for VTU:

SGPA = Σ(Ci×Gi)/ΣCi Sum of (Credit Points*Grade Points)/Sum of All Credit Points

SGPA to CGPA Free Calculator

CGPA Calculation

At the end of the two semesters, you can calculate the Cumulative Grade Point Average [CGPA] through the following method:

CGPA=Cumulative Points Scored/Cumulative Credits Earned

Therefore, in the above case, 

Total Points in Semester 1179
Total Points in Semester 2143
Total Credits in Semester 123
Total Credits in Semester 219
Total Points [1+2]322
Total Credits [1+2]42

Important Points on How to Calculate SGPA

Now that you are familiar with the process of how to calculate SGPA, here are some of the points you must keep in mind while doing your calculation: 

  • Always go through the rules and regulations adopted by the university you have enrolled in to get a proper idea about the mechanism of scoring, conversion methods implemented and so forth. In general, engineering departments or colleges have grading scales different from other departments/colleges. 
  • Think twice before converting your SGPA. Be it the percentage of point system, almost all universities accept your scores the way they are. Further, if this can’t be avoided, consult the admissions office for further information.

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How CGPA is calculated from SGPA?

To calculate the CGPA from SGPA one needs to find add up the SGPA for all the semesters and divide the sum by the number of semesters. The obtained number is your CGPA.

How much is 7.5 SGPA to a percentage?

7.5 SGPA is 67.5%

Is SGPA and CGPA same?

No, CGPA means Cumulative Grade Point Average and is the measuring grade for your overall performance during an academic year while SGPA is Semester Grade Point Average adds all the CGPAs together at the conclusion of an academic program.

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