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Food Stylist

If you are a foodie and love documenting food, you can mould your passion for food into a successful career. With the advent of social media as a chief platform for advertising and promotion, there are diverse opportunities for students interested in the field of Social Media Management. You can make a career out of clicking pictures and posting them on social media and this does not entail only small businesses, but even multinational corporations who are looking for those with strong social media skills. Hence, as a food stylist, you will be required to be creative, artistic as well as an out-of-the-box thinker. This blog will familiarize you with the intricacies of what a food stylist does and how you can pursue a career in this incredibly innovative field. 

Career of a Food Stylist: An Overview

A food stylist is someone who makes food look appealing for the purpose of a photograph. It is their job to ensure that the food appears visually striking in pictures. One needs to have a knack for designing as well as aesthetics in order to become skilled in this field. They collaborate with chefs who prepare aesthetically pleasing cuisine. One thing to keep in mind is that the food prepared for a photoshoot may not be edible, as the purpose of styling these cuisines is to make them look pleasing for the photographs. They have to use creative substitutes that will make the food look aesthetically pleasing which might involve using motor oil instead of maple syrup.  The food pictures that you see on various billboards, magazines and videos look because of the creativity and imagination of a food stylist and the photographers.

How to Become a Food Stylist?

With the ever-growing food industry, a food stylist is becoming an essential part of the industry, especially for social media promotions. For becoming a successful food stylist, you need to pursue a professional course to learn about this field. A degree in Culinary Arts can provide you with the required knowledge of food preparation as well as styling processes. There are several culinary schools that offer degrees, diplomas and certificates in Culinary Arts.

In order to learn how to make food look appealing as well as various styling techniques such as colour composure, substitutes, etc. you need to be professionally trained. An interest in photography is an additional skill that can help you capture food in all its glory. Moreover, there are many courses in Culinary Arts that are available all around the world for those interested in food styling. 

Here are the top institutes in the world for pursuing a degree in Culinary Arts:

Job Prospects

The demand for a food stylist in the market has exponentially increased with multinational food chains trying to expand their reach on social media. Although it is still a lesser-known career, a food stylist can enjoy incredible job opportunities in different sectors. Here are the different areas where a food stylist can explore career prospects:

  • Hotels: A lot of international hotels hire food stylists in order to promote their latest dishes and for the pictures to feature in their menu as well as for other promotional purposes. 
  • Publishing Houses: Many food journals and magazines look for food stylists in order to click pictures for various articles, cookbooks, etc. Publishing houses that focus on books related to culinary arts have a great demand for food stylists.
  • International Food Chains: Another field where a food stylist can thrive is in the various international food chains. Food companies hire food stylists to make their food look more appealing on various billboards and other places of advertisements. 

You will get to discover the visual aspects of food photography and how it has become important in the world of social media. If you are searching for courses to build a career in food styling, Leverage Edu experts can assist you in finding an ideal course that can equip you with the right skill set required to become a food stylist.

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