Engineering Mathematics Books

Engineering Mathematics Books

Engineering Mathematics is a branch of applied mathematics that is aimed at solving complex real-world problems. The subject combines mathematical methods and techniques that are used in the engineering industry to cater to the problems. Being interdisciplinary in nature, the subject relies on Engineering Physics and Geology both of which belong to the wider category of engineering. An important part of GATE examinations, Engineering Mathematics covers a major portion of the exam. In this blog, we will explore some of the best Engineering Mathematics books. 

List of Engineering Mathematics Books

Here are some of the best books for Engineering Mathematics that you must check out:

1. Advanced Engineering Mathematics

One of the bestselling Engineering Mathematics books authored by Erwin Kreyszig offers more detailed and applied exercises to give students a stronghold on the subject. The author introduces students to advanced math topics and practical problems. The book is divided into six parts focusing on the Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs), Linear Algebra. Vector Calculus, Complex Analysis, Numeric Analysis, Optimization and Graphs. The 10th edition of the book has been revised to make it more comprehensive and easy to understand. 

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2. Advanced Engineering Mathematics by RK Jain

The Advanced Engineering Mathematics by RK Jain provides graded sets of examples and exercises and provides fundamental and theoretical concepts of engineering mathematics. The book has carefully planned chapters that make it highly effective for teaching applications of mathematics.

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3. A Textbook Of Engineering Mathematics

The Textbook of Engineering Mathematics by NP Bali and Manish Goyal provides students with thorough knowledge of engineering mathematics.The book covers the entire prescribed syllabus with no unnecessary sections in the book. There are several unsolved exercises that students can solve.

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4. Advanced Engineering Mathematics HK Dass

The HK Dass book has been especially for the students of I.E.T.E. but it also works greatly for other engineering courses. Some of the topics in the book include Partial Differentiation, Multiple Integral, Differential Equations, Vectors, Special Functions, Determinants and Matrices, Complex Numbers, Statistics, Probability, Fourier Series, Laplace Transforms, Z-Transforms, Fuzzy Sets.

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5. NP Bali Engineering Mathematics Engineering 

The NP Bali book offers thorough understanding of mathematical topics included in the syllabus for engineering students. The book follows the exact format as mentioned in the Engineering syllabus. The NP Bali Engineering book offers well graded examples with unsolved exercises of multiple varieties. NP Bali has written more than 100 books for the field of engineering.

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6. BV Ramana Higher Engineering Mathematics

BV Ramana Higher Engineering Mathematics covers the entire Mathematics papers that undergraduate students need. There are several solved questions in the book to help them understand the variety of problems and solutions. 

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7. John Bird Engineering Mathematics

Bird’s Engineering Mathematics explains Mathematical theories in a straightforward manner and offers practical engineering examples. The book also offers applications to ensure readers to relate theory with practical. There are more than 1300 engineering situations to help  demonstrate that engineering cannot be fully understood without a good knowledge of mathematics.

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8. Engineering Mathematics with Examples and Applications by Xin-She Yang 

Engineering Mathematics with Examples and Applications authored by Xin-She Yang provides a comprehensive and concise overview of the field, starting with the basics, and then cautiously pacing to the advanced level of mathematics that is necessary for all engineering branches. The book forms the foundation for engineering students, helping them to understand the subject and refresh their mathematical skills. The best thing about the book is that it offers stepwise examples that help students gain more insight into the problem-solving aspect of the subject. The book has been designed as an informal and theorem-free to allow students to focus directly on the important topics. 

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9. Engineering Mathematics by Dr Anthony Croft and Robert Davison

Pearson Publication’s Engineering Mathematics authored by Anthony Croft and Robert Davison is one of the most widely used books by engineering aspirants. The unparalleled undergraduate book in its 5th edition is revised to cover the new trends in the field. One of the most popular Engineering Mathematics books is the unparalleled undergraduate textbook for students of Electrical, Electronics, Communications and Systems Engineering. The book contains 29 chapters covering the vast range of topics which include Engineering Functions, The Fourier Series and Transform, Differential Equation, Vectors, Integration, etc.

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Also Read:

10. Understanding Engineering Mathematics by Bill Cox

The book aims to give students a thorough understanding of mathematics, by first strengthening their basics and then going in detail about each topic. The book follows a unique self-paced study style which allows students to review their strengths and leave a room for revision when needed. This Engineering Mathematics book is structured around a highly reputed ‘transition’ maths course at the Aston University which systematically takes students towards a clear understanding of the subject. The book in its first edition covers the concepts of Trigonometry, Coordinate Geometry, Techniques of Differentiation & Integration, Applications of Differentiation and Integration, Vectors, Complex Numbers, Matrices and Determinants. 

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11. Fundamental Engineering Mathematics by N Challis H Gretton

The book uses a combination of SONG-Symbolic, Oral, Numerical and Graphical approaches to address the mathematical problems. The book encourages students to become critical, reflective, and continuing learners. Just like other Engineering Mathematics books, it focuses on the use of self-assessment, the book helps students to develop key skills in written and oral communication, use of information technology, problem-solving and mathematical modelling. The book is a popular choice for engineering aspirants for its unique approach to problem-solving. The book covers topics like Numbers, Graphics and Algebra, Linking Algebra and Graphics, Complex Numbers, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus.

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12. Advanced Engineering Mathematics by Alan Jeffrey

The book authored by Alan Jeffer provides detailed coverage of key concepts of the subject for the students specializing in Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics. The book uses examples to make it easy for students to understand the subject. It provides detailed information on the topics and examples with each new idea. Majority of the chapters end with a set of computer projects that require the use of CAS to reinforce ideas and give more knowledge of the subject. Besides the common topics like Linear Algebra, Vector Calculus, Complex Analysis, Numeric Analysis, the book covers further has z-transform, Laplace and Fourier Transform Pairs and a separate section on Numerical Approximation.

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Engineering Mathematics Books For GATE

Here are some of the most important books for the GATE Exam for Engineering Mathematics:

  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics – RK Jain, SRK Iyengar
  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics – HK Dass
  • Higher Engineering Mathematics – B.S. Grewal
  • Engineering and Mathematics general aptitude – G.K Publications
  • Engineering Mathematics solved papers – Made easy publications
  • GATE Engineering and Mathematics – Nodia and company
  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics – Erwin Kreyszig
  • Higher Engineering Mathematics – Bandaru Ramana

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For those who have a head for figures and calculation, Engineering Mathematics can prove to add up to a rewarding and lucrative career. In order to pursue higher education, the first thing is to choose the right study material in order to gain subject clarity, build concept and have in-depth knowledge. When it comes to your career we at Leverage Edu take it seriously as much as you do. So we curated a list of best Engineering Mathematics books to give your preparation a boost. If you need assistance on admissions or career-related guidance, reach out to us now and book your free 30-minutes counselling session.

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