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Books for GATE

A highly sought-after exam, Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an entry-ticket for the students aspiring to pursue the masters and Ph.D. programs at some of the most prestigious and top engineering institutes in like IISc, IITs, NITs, etc. But clearing the GATE exam with flying colours is not a piece of cake and so does getting the right books and study material for preparation. After you have decided to appear for the exam and have familiarised yourself with the GATE aptitude syllabus, it is important to make sure that you have the best study guides and preparation books that perfectly meet your requirements and help you improve your weak points. In this blog, we will discuss the best books for GATE and why you must have them in your study pile.

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Best Books for GATE: Civil Engineering

Being one of the oldest and broadest disciplines of engineering, the scope of civil engineering is vast. It involves designing, planning, building, supervising and maintaining the infrastructure. Given below are some of the best books for GATE to prepare for this paper: 

Soil Mechanics and Foundation EngineeringB.C. Punmia
Strength of MaterialsB.C. Punmia, U.C. Jindal and R.K. Bansal
Highway EngineeringKhanna and Justo
Structural Analysis- Theory of StructuresS. Ramamrutham and R. Narayan
Environment 1 and 2S.K. Garg
Fluid MechanicsR.K. Bansal
Construction Material and ManagementS.C. Rangwala, M.L. Gambhir and B.C. Punmia

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Best Books for GATE: Chemical Engineering

One of the famous engineering branches, this discipline deals with the production of chemicals and the manufacture of products through chemical processes. The Chemical engineering syllabus equips students with the techniques to design systems, equipment, and processes that are needed to refine raw materials and mixing and processing the chemicals to produce valuable outputs. Given below are some of the best books for GATE for those who want to appear for the exam with this paper:  

Chemical Engineering for GATE Principles Solved Problems and Objective Type QuestionsRam Prasad
Unit Operations of Chemical EngineeringMc Cabe- FPM and MO
Heat TransferJ.P. Holman
Introduction to Chemical Engineering and ThermodynamicsJ.M. Smith
An Insight into Chemical EngineeringM. Subbu
Principles of Mass Transfer and Separation ProcessB.K. Dutta
Essentials of Chemical Reaction EngineeringFogler

Computer Science Engineering

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With a special focus on basic elements of networking and computer programming, Computer Science engineering imparts knowledge in designing, implementing and managing the hardware and software Information systems. Tabulated below are some of the best books for GATE (Computer Science Engineering): 

Books Authors
TOC- Theory of ComputationUllman
Operating SystemsGalvin
Discrete Mathematics and Its ApplicationKenneth Rosen
Data Communication and NetworkingForouzan
The C Programming LanguageBrian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie
Computer Systems ArchitectureMorris Mano
Modern Digital ElectronicsR.P. Jain

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Best Books for GATE: Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering deals with designing, developing, building and testing mechanical devices. Mechanical engineers analyze the principles of motion, force, and energy that ensure the reliability, safety, and effectiveness of a device at a minimal cost. If you have opted for this paper, then here are the best books for GATE preparation: 

Books Authors
Fluid MechanicsR.K. Bansal
Mechanical VibrationG.K. Grover
ThermodynamicsP.K. Nag
Strength of MaterialsS.S Ratan
Production Technology: Manufacturing Processes, Technology and AutomationR.K. Jain
Theory of MachineS.S Ratan
Industrial EngineeringO.P. Khanna
Production EngineeringAmitabh Ghosh

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Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is a technical field of science that deals with the study and application of electricity, electromagnetism, and electronics. The electrical engineers work in an array of industries like large manufacturing companies and power plants to design, manufacture and operate industrial machines, computer chips, ignition systems, electrical motors, etc. The table below shows the best books for GATE to prepare for this paper. 

Books Authors
Fundamentals of CircuitsNagrath and Kothari
Solution of Network Analysis G.K. Publications
Control SystemNagrath and Gopal
Power ElectronicsP.S. Bhimbra
Signals and SystemsOppenheim Wisky
Electrical MachinesP.S. Bhimbra
Electrical Circuits (Networks)Alexander and Sadiku
Graph TheoryNarsing Das

Hopefully, with this blog, you are now aware of the best books for GATE. If you are preparing for the GATE exam but are not sure about how to get started with it then the experts at Leverage Edu will help you build a strategy based on your strengths and weaknesses to ace the exam. From career guidance to help you land into your dream college, our counselors help add wings to your dreams!

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