GATE Preparation Tips

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GATE Preparation Tips

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is one of the toughest exams in the world which is taken by Science graduates and is conducted by one of the IITs and IISCs every year. Every year, lakhs of students apply for the GATE entrance exam to apply for M.Tech and PhD courses at IITs and IISCs. It is a national-level exam and is also taken by international students from adjacent countries such as Nepal and Bangladesh. With the GATE scores, one can apply for varied engineering courses in India as well as for fellowships and academic programs abroad. Through this blog, we aim to bring a comprehensive list of GATE preparation tips that can help you ace the exam successfully and get shortlisted for your dream course and university! 

GATE Preparation Tips: An Overview

Before imparting you with some useful GATE preparation tips and tricks, it is important that you know the exam structure and pattern to get an idea of how to begin the preparation and how much time students have to devote to each topic. Take a look at the table below that denotes the major details of the GATE exam pattern:

ParticularsDetails for the GATE Exam
Duration of Exam3 hours
Number of Sections1. General Aptitude
2. Engineering Mathematics (Chemistry for XL Exams)
3. Stream Specific
Types of QuestionsMCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) &
NATs (Numerical Answer Types)
Number of Questions 65
Exam ModeOnline
Total Marks100
Sectional CutoffNone

GATE Exam Pattern 2024- Section Wise Breakdown

GATE Exam contains 3 sections- General Aptitude, Engineering Maths and Subject Specific Section. The marking scheme for the GATE exam 2024 was changed and here is the new marks breakdown.

For Paper Codes- AR, CY, EY, GG, MA, PH, XH and XL

SectionMarks Breakdown
General Aptitude 15%
Mathematical Engineering13%
Subject Specific72%

For Paper Codes-  AR, CY, EY, GG, MA, PH, XH, and XL

SectionMarks Breakdown
General Aptitude15%
Subject Specific85%

Scroll down to check the subjects and paper codes for GATE Exam 2024!

Types of Questions

The GATE exam contains three types of questions- Multiple Choice Questions, Numerical Answer Type and Multiple Select Questions


QuestionsMarks Per QuestionNegative Marking
For 1 markers questions11/3
For 2 markers questions22/3


QuestionsMarks Per QuestionNegative Marking
1 or 2 marker questions 1 or 2 None


Questions have 1 to 4 correct answers

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Helpful Tips & Tricks

Now that you know the pattern of the test, start gearing yourself for the exam. Below we have listed down some of the major GATE preparation tips that can assist you in successfully cracking the exam:

Start Your Preparations Early

Rather than kicking off your preparations hurriedly within a few months before the exam, it is always good to begin early and sort out the different subjects and topics that you need to cover. Segregate the topics you need to strengthen and those in which you have to start from the basics. Then, create a preparation chart that will assist you in preparing a strategy for the exam.

Have a Preparation Strategy

You should be informed of the syllabus and be aware of the subjects and themes for which you must prepare. Based on previous years’ question papers, determine the weightage of each subject and design your preparation strategy appropriately.

These are primarily subjects from your second and third years of engineering. As a result, we can conclude that you are fully aware of your strengths and shortcomings, which will provide you with enough knowledge to begin allocating time for each subject.

It is recommended to begin with simple and important disciplines such as engineering mathematics, general aptitude, and a fundamental technological subject. Subjects that have received much attention in previous years are also quite important.

Know the Topic-Wise Weightage

Knowledge about topic distribution in the question paper can be extremely helpful in forming a good strategy. One of the key GATE preparation tips given by those who have aced this exam with good scores is to go through previous years’ question papers to get an idea about weightage and the type of questions asked from each topic and subject.

Create a Time-Table

Amongst the important GATE preparation tips, preparing a timetable bifurcating the strategy for different sections is extremely significant. You can divide it as per hours and the topics you will be covering each day. Try to bring a suitable combination of subjects in a balanced way so that you can efficiently prepare for the varied sections. 

Take Help from Preparation Books

Another significant thing you need to keep in mind is to explore the best books for GATE that can assist you in studying the different sections of the exam. Generally, these competitive exam books have detailed explanations along with analysis of different sections to help students grasp the concepts easily. So, while exploring the list of GATE preparation tips, make sure that you check out the different books, references and online study material available for it.

Find your Strong & Weak Concepts

Once you are aware of the weightage and ready with the preparation material, locate those sections of the exam where you might need to devote more time and those where you just need revision. It is another key trick in our list of GATE preparation tips as you will able to comprehend your strengths and weaknesses and how they can be utilised and worked upon.

Revise, Revise, Revise!

The mantra of revision is an essential one amongst all the other GATE preparation tips. For every topic you complete, revise it thoroughly in between those days when you are working on other concepts. Don’t put it aside for long as the long syllabus can make you forget those concepts that you have strengthened in a hurry. So, it is always good to come back to those subjects that you begin with and revise them in a timely manner.

Take Mock Tests

The list of GATE preparation tips will surely be incomplete without mentioning how important mock tests are. While revising those concepts that you have covered, you can test your knowledge through the sample papers and mock exams provided in the preparation books and you can find them online as well. While taking a mock test, make sure that you time yourself and assess how many minutes you are devoted to each section. This way, you will be able to locate those concepts that you need to buckle up for and the sections that only require revision. 

Last Minute Tips

Do not attempt to learn any new topics in the last few days; instead, concentrate on revising the concepts you already know. Eat well, drink plenty of water, and maintain a regular sleeping pattern. Keep away from negativity.

Never believe that it is impossible for you to perform well in GATE. Stay positive and consider the wonderful future you’ll have if you get into one of your dream colleges and acquire the career you’ve always wanted.

All work and no play, as we all know, made Jack a boring boy. So, add appropriate pauses in your study routine.

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Section-Wise Preparation Tips

Here are the section-wise preparation tips for the GATE exam to sort out your approach to preparing. Read the tips given below:

Numerical Ability Section

  • The Numerical Ability section is a scoring section that should be cautiously approached.
  • All of the fundamental subjects and concepts should be thoroughly explored.
  • Practice problem-solving since this will help you save time.
  • Please make a copy of the formula and review it daily to ensure that you remember and can apply it when needed.
  • When practising problem-solving skills, be consistent.
  • Take online mock tests and solve previous year’s question papers and sample papers to identify your weak points and strong ones.

Verbal Ability Section

  • You must enhance your vocabulary to perform well in the verbal abilities portion. Begin focusing on your verbal skills.
  • Begin speaking in English and begin reading English newspapers and magazines.
  • Listen to English news as well.
  • Improve your English grammar by learning tenses, active and passive voices, adjectives, and other terms.
  • Before answering, pay close attention to the questions and make sure you understand them completely.

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How to Manage Time in GATE Preparation?

Exam preparation can be substantially aided by devoting time to solving the previous year’s question papers and taking mock examinations. Setting aside at least three hours for each paper and using a virtual calculator will assist in enhancing speed and accuracy. Mock tests are also useful for time management because they include timers to track progress.

Because the exam is just three hours long, applicants must be able to manage their time effectively according to their GATE Preparation Strategy. If time is not managed properly, it is common for not all of the questions to be addressed by the end of the exam.

  • The best way to master time management is to complete the GATE 2024 sample paper test within the time limit.
  • This will allow you to practice finishing the exam within the time limit.
  • By acquiring effective time management skills, you can ensure that this does not interfere with your chances of performing well on the exam.

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Best Books for GATE Preparation

The GATE exam will be conducted in 2024 and the best study strategy is to start your preparation early. The GATE exam is conducted for 27 subjects and the syllabus and study material for every exam is different. Courses like Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Here is a list of books for the major courses under the GATE exam- Click Here 

Tips from GATE 2023 Topper – Suban Mishra AIR 1

YouTube-Made Easy

GATE Subjects and Paper Codes

Aerospace EngineeringAE
Agricultural EngineeringAG
Architecture and PlanningAR
Biomedical BM
Civil EngineeringCE
Chemical EngineeringCE
Computer Science & Information TechnologyCS 
Electronics & Communication EngineeringEC
Electrical EngineeringEE
Environmental Science & EngineeringES
Ecology and EvolutionEY
Geology and GeophysicsGG
Instrumentation EngineeringIN
Mechanical EngineeringME
Mining EngineeringMN
Metallurgical EngineeringMT
Petroleum EngineeringPE
Production and Industrial EngineeringPI
Textile Engineering and Fibre ScienceTF
Engineering SciencesXE
Humanities and Social SciencesXH
Life SciencesXL

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Q1. How should I start my gate preparation?

Ans. Starting GATE preparation early is the best study strategy for cracking one of the toughest exams in India. Starting early, making a timetable, studying the weightage and asking questions are some preparation tips for GATE 2024.

Q2. How much time is required for gate preparation?

Ans. Candidates generally devote 5-6 hours daily to prepare for the exam.

Q3. Is GATE tougher than JEE?

Ans. GATE and JEE are considered amongst the hardest exams in India. Candidates often take gap years to prepare for GATE and JEE exams.

Q4. Can I sit for multiple GATE 2024 papers?

Ans. Yes, candidates can sit for 2 different subject papers covered under the GATE exam.

Q5. Is GATE an offline exam or an online exam?

Ans. GATE is an online computer-based exam conducted at a national level for candidates interested in pursuing post-graduation and doctoral programmes at top engineering colleges.

Q6. Is there a negative marking in GATE?

Ans. Yes, there is a negative marking in GATE.

Thus, we hope that you found the above-mentioned GATE preparation tips useful. If you are gearing up for any such competitive exam and want professional guidance, reach out to our Leverage Edu experts and we’ll equip you with essential tips and tricks that can assist you in qualifying your test with flying colours.

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