Best Books for NEET

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Best Books for NEET

Shifted into the hands of the National Testing Agency from 2023, the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is a national-level medical examination taken by those seeking admission into medical programs, primarily MBBS. Additionally, the NEET exam has been made compulsory for those looking for overseas education in medical-related courses as well. As for the eligibility criteria, a prospective candidate needs to have passed the 10+2 examination having at least Physics, Chemistry and Biology. As you may know, the NEET exam is a highly competitive examination which requires working through a goal-oriented with the right resources at hand. If you are wondering about how to go about your preparation for this test, this blog aims to make things easier for you by listing down some of the best books for NEET that will help ace the varied sections of this exam.

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Before diving into a discussion on the best books for NEET, you must take note of a few vital pieces of information related to the NEET Entrance Exam which has been tabulated below.

Exam Date August
Exam Mode Pen & Paper
Duration  180 minutes
Type of Questions Multiple Choice Questions (Objective)
Marking Scheme Each correct answer: (4 marks); Each incorrect answer: (-1 mark)
Eligibility Must have Physics, Chemistry and Biology as subjects in 10+2neel
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NEET Preparation Books for NEET

Trusted by experts, the NCERT Class XI and XII Physics, Chemistry and Biology books are considered the gold standard when it comes to choosing the best books for NEET. Qualified students frequently point to the fact that revising these books two to three times is a significant ingredient in getting hold of major concepts tested during the exam. Check out the following NCERT books that can guide you in prepping up for the sections of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Class 12 Physics Part 1 Check NCERT E-Book Here
Class 12 Physics Part 2 Check NCERT E-Book Here
Class 12 Chemistry Part 1 Check NCERT E-Book Here
Class 12 Chemistry Part 2 Check NCERT E-Book Here
Class 12 Biology  Check NCERT E-Book Here
Class 11 Physics Part 1 Check NCERT E-Book Here
Class 11 Physics Part 2 Check NCERT E-Book Here
Class 11 Chemistry Part 1 Check NCERT E-Book Here
Class 11 Chemistry Part 2 Check NCERT E-Book Here
Class 11 Biology  Check NCERT E-Book Here

Best Books for NEET: Reference Books

While NCERT books should be your major source of information, reference books form a pivotal resource for solidifying gained information. Since the writers vary from Indian to International publications, students have a huge repository of options to choose from. You can take a look at the following lists of best books for NEET.

Best Physics Book for NEET

Best Chemistry Book for NEET

Best Biology Book for NEET

NEET: Exam Structure

Before listing down the best books for NEET, let’s first comprehend the structure of this exam. The pattern of the NEET exam immensely emphasizes on Biology along with requiring a sound understanding of Physics and Chemistry concepts. In particular, the Biology section consists of two subsections on Botany and Zoology, each carrying 45 questions and 180 marks and amounting to 360 marks in total. Further, the Physics and Chemistry sections are also of 45 questions and 180 marks each taking the total marks of the NEET exam to 720. The following table condenses the given information, in a tabular form.

Subject No. of Questions Total Marks
Biology (Zoology + Botany) 45+45=90 180+180=360
Chemistry 45 180
Physics 45 180
180 720

Why are best books for NEET 2023 important?

NEET exam is one of the most competitive exams in India and preparing for them is a crucial part of the exam. By simply preparing with NCERT for NEET exam, you won’t be able to reach the best goals that you have.  A large part of NEET exam comes from NCERT books. But preparing with NEET, you can clear the conceptual knowledge but with good reference books, you can deeply understand the concepts.

How to Prepare for NEET Exam

In order to prepare for the exam, you need to have a proper study plan and follow these:

  • Understand the Exam Pattern
  • Identify your Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Create a Top-notch Timetable
  • Begin with NCERT Books
  • Practice, Practice and Practice!
  • Solve Full-length Mock Papers

All you need to know for NEET 2023

Preparing for competitive entrance examinations goes beyond learning from the best books for NEET and requires consistent motivation and efforts. Therefore, a carefully planned approach as well as its execution is paramount to ensuring your shining performance in the exam. Take advantage of the 30 minutes free counselling session at Leverage Edu and construct your personalised plan with the consultation of our experienced counsellors so that you can successfully ace this exam.

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