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A dissertation is an academic piece of writing based on a student’s independent research. Being a student of M.Ed, you are supposed to submit a dissertation based on education. It takes a lot of time to complete a dissertation research project, so choosing a relevant dissertation topic is the first step you take for getting a Master’s Degree. This blog provides you with the best dissertation topics in education.

How to structure an Education dissertation?

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Before starting your dissertation on any topic in the Education sector, it is important to be familiar with the universal structure of writing a dissertation. Here is a basic structure for further reference. 

  • Title – The title for your M.Ed Dissertation must focus on your research objective.
  • Abstract – The abstract part must include a summary of the research problem or objective of the research, research design and summary of the results.
  • Introduction – The introduction must be included in a precise manner. It should reflect your research in a way that the audience already gets to know what the research is going to include. 
  • Review of Literature – The Review of Literature Section must include a theoretical rationale of the problem, the importance of the study, and the significance of the results.
  • Methodology – Methodology Section must include the description of the subjects, research methods used in the data collection and any limitations issues involved.
  • Significance/Implications (Results of the Discussion)
  • Overview of Chapter (Conclusion)
  • Recommendation
  • References – This section must include an alphabetical listing of all referenced text used in the M.Ed dissertation
  • Appendices

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How to choose a Dissertation Topic in Education?

If you are confused about choosing a topic for your dissertation, here are some simple methods that might simplify what you can put your focus on while writing your dissertation.

Choose a Relevant Topic

It is extremely important to select a relevant topic for the dissertation as it contributes to your future. To obtain a masters degree in education, you need to find interesting topics for a dissertation. The topic must hold your interest and include the potential to provide you with a significant amount of content.

Don’t Be Vague

A dissertation is supposed to be a lengthy piece of research work. So the dissertation must be broad enough to explore the topic. It must follow a clear structure to contribute to the argumentation you are going to include in the dissertation.

Research Questions

Do not select narrow questions which are supposed to be answered with a Yes or No. Choose questions that provide you with relevant answers such as

  • Can parents expectations affect a student’s life?
  • Does giving students homework really contributes to their academic improvement?

Ask for advice

Students who are writing a dissertation are always provided with guidance. Teachers or supervisors are assigned to guide students throughout the duration of the dissertation. So remember to ask for feedback or a piece of advice. Your supervisor will have years of academic experience, so their recommendation will only add to your research.


Before choosing a topic, make sure you research thoroughly about the chosen topic. Be aware of the content provided by the topic. You may not get enough information to complete the dissertation, so make sure you find and get enough sources to expand and support your arguments.

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Where to find Dissertation Topics in Education?

Finding a dissertation topic can be very challenging. When you are looking for an M.Ed Topic, you must be clear with your thoughts. Mentioned below are some sources from where you can come up with a Dissertation Topic in Education:

  1. Try to study the most recent published piece of work to find out what kind of issues are open to further exploration and discussion
  2. Thoroughly check out the work examples done by other scholars.
  3. Research the recently published work regarding your subject that is education, find out what is prevalent in today’s time.

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How to choose the right title for M.Ed Dissertation?

A good title is very important while writing a dissertation. So when you are done with choosing the topic, you must look forward to its relevance. Make sure your title does justice to your research. The title itself should communicate the topic or objective of your dissertation

Best M.Ed Dissertation Topics

In these crucial times of pandemic, education is one of the things that has suffered the most. Educational institutes are shut for more than 2 years now. All we get to do is online now. Be it work or study. So the dissertation topic in education in the view of a pandemic can be relevant to choose from. Mentioned below are the best topics you may want to choose:

Topic 1: Maintaining social distancing in schools

Topic 2: Increased screen time or Online Education

Topic 3: Impact of Covid-19 on students

Topic 4: Impact of Covid-19 on teachers

Topic 5: How did the Coronavirus pandemic reshape education?

Topic 6: The impact of Coronavirus on international students

Topic 7: Classroom evaluation in the pandemic

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Research Dissertation Topics in Education

To start your dissertation you can choose from a wide array of topics such as:

  1. Impact of the Internet on the social life of students.
  2. Educational assessment of students using virtual reality technologies
  3. Interaction between students of different ethnicities based on a differentiated approach
  4. Harassment prevention of younger students in school
  5. Illegal behaviour of students in high-school 
  6. Importance of self-studying for students
  7. Development of Time management for students
  8. Personal development of teachers in educational institutions
  9. The role of sustainability in educational institutions
  10. The rising cost of academic education

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Dissertation Topics in Education for M.Ed in India

In order to write an advanced dissertation on any topic related to Education here are some examples:

  1. How does the education system address the problem of teachers’ shortage in private schools?
  2. A case study of gender issues in Indian educational institutes
  3. A critical analysis of  the teaching method used in schools
  4. Analyze the depression phase of students for taking admission in the medical field
  5. How does the government address the problem of rising fees in private schools?

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Students who are pursuing an M.Ed degree must be very careful while writing a dissertation as it contributes a lot to their skills and it is the only way they’ll be able to obtain a Masters Degree. Choosing the right topic for the M.Ed dissertation submission on time, all the above-mentioned aspects must be given equal importance. This blog has included the best dissertation topic in education you can choose while writing a dissertation. 


How long should an M.Ed dissertation be?

An M.Ed dissertation must include over  60,000 words and should not exceed the limit of 80,000 words.

How can I pursue an M.Ed in India?

You must have scored a minimum Percentage of 50% to 60% in B.Ed and the admission varies for different universities. You may be required to take an entrance exam.

How long does it take to complete M.Ed?

It takes around 2 Years to complete an M.Ed Degree.

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