CCIE- Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Certification

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It is very infamously and yet famously said that you have to do anything for 10,000 hours to be expert at something. But what if we say, that doesn’t hold true anymore for those pursuing CCIE certification? Although greatly difficult and yet quite intellectual, CCIE certificate holders are now accepting any and all offers they are getting ranging from penny to a dollar. Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert is a series of professional networking certifications for senior networking personnel who aim at designing, building or implementing the complex codes for an enterprise. Do you know, it is also listed in the Toughest Courses in the World? We aim to set away from all the hubbubs pertaining to the CCIE program, through this blog! 

What is CCIE?

As per its name, this certification program is conducted by the networking hardware company, ‘Cisco Systems’. It is a multinational networking corporation whose headquarter is in Silicon Valley. The CCIE certification was first started in 1993. It doesn’t fail to challenge the exam takers and at the same time fails them too. According to the recent statistics, only 3% of the applicants are able to clear the final examination, make it one of the toughest exams in the world. And worldwide, there are less than 1% of engineers who achieved the certification. 

The exam is always revised to make it more challenging but it seems like the “expert” engineers are not getting the attention that they should, after achieving such a huge step. It is still believed that there are more than 50,000 active CCIE  holders working around the globe out of which it is believed that around 3000 are working in India. If you plan to study a Networking Course that can level up you career then this one could be your one stop solution. 

Eligiblity Criteria for CCIE

As of now, there are no prerequisites for applying for a CCIE certification. You just have to have some knowledge, huge guts and some money and a lot of time; the general prerequisites. After passing the written exam, the candidate has to complete the lab exam within 18 months. The lab exam is the next and final step, but, if failed, the candidate has to take the test again and pass it within the next three months. The huge time gap, months skip, seems easy and approachable but it still knocks down the greatest engineers. Currently, it is the highest respect that can be bestowed upon an engineer. 

Required Skills 

Candidates wanting to signup for a CCIE certification must possess the right skill set for the same. Enlisted below are some of the essentials to make pass this exam:

  • Networking Creating Skills
  • Latest Technologies
  • Hardware and Systems Maintenance 
  • Internet Work Protection 
  • Team Work

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CCIE Certification Series

The CCIE certification is divided into six separate areas or tracks and they are briefly described below. 


CCIE Collaborations

This is designed for the engineers that are or are wanting to specialize in voice, video or real-time communication. To be certified, the candidate has to pass a 2-hour written exam and then an 8-hour lab practical. This is practical and never-ending because communication is such a wide spectrum but once certified, the CCIE stamp speaks for itself. 

CCIE Data Center

This certificate program is specially designed for the individuals who are actually in web designing, planning or implementing the infrastructure of the data or the codes written for a program. This is a data-based field and the said engineer has to give shape to those data. To become an expert, the engineer has to pass a 2-hour written exam on data infrastructure and then also it is followed by an 8-hour lab exam which assesses the individual’s practical skills in structuring the data and even troubleshooting complex codes. 

CCIE Routing and Switching

The CCIE routing and switching are exactly what the name suggests. It is more practical and electrical and the works associated with the routers, hubs, modems and switches. Here also there is a 2-hour written exam that consists of all the theories and the practical troubleshooting related to the routers and switches. Then it is also followed by an 8-hour lab exam where the engineers have to configure the routers and switches to pass the test. High knowledge of networking equipment is required to be even able to stand in the room.

CCIE Security

The CCIE Security certification requires the engineers to be adept at the security procedures that a big conglomerate such as Cisco, should follow. The engineers are given a security network of the Cisco building, which they have to architect, engineer and configure in the 8-hour lab exam time. 

CCIE Service Provider

CCIE service provider doesn’t have a written exam but it has an 8-hour lab exam like everyone else. In order to pass the exam, the engineers have to successfully configure service provider equipment. 

CCIE Wireless

Wireless networks have now eaten up the world very successfully. So, in this exam too, the candidates are expected to be adept with the knowledge of wireless networks. The engineers are made to go through an 8-hour lab exam in which they are asked to successfully configure a wireless network. 

Eight hours seems a long time to complete a task, but if it was that easy, everyone must be doing it or better yet, everyone doing must be getting out victorious right? No. Hard no. This exam is tough as nails and is very hard to follow through. The candidate spends a good amount of money and time to be able to be called a CCIE certification holder. 

How To Prepare For The Certification

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Cisco’s official website has an area to learn about the certification and to enrol in the preparation. It is the only platform approved by the Cisco Systems to teach the aspirants how to finally be victorious. Check out Leverage Edu to get to know more about the preparations and influential information about all the other types of exams.


In the states, a CCIE can expect an average salary of $80,000 a year and go upwards to $200,000 a year. Still, there is less demand as the numbers are increasing. The salaries can even drop down and $200,000 is not a fancy figure in itself. But an Indian received a meagre salary of 12 lakh Rs/year and he was sent to Dubai. He was reportedly happy but he calculated his salary in Indian terms. Living in Dubai would still be harsh for him.

CCIE is a focused and reputable field of study. There is a need for encouragement and proper recognition to the ones who have passed or are dreaming to pass. Check out Leverage Edu for more such information on the exams and how to prepare for them. Our mentors can provide you with the necessary guidance to ace such certification!

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