BSc Allied Health Science

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BSc Allied Health Science

The three-year graduate degree in Allied Health Sciences is called BSc Allied Health Sciences. Allied Health Research is a newly developed trend in human services that establishes the inclusion of medical services to a separate stream of wellness experts. In addition to clinicians and attendants, partnered well-being specialists are a fundamental part of the holistic community, applying their expertise to the patients’ prevention, remedial and rehabilitative consideration. We will discuss BSc Allied Health Science in this blog in detail. To know more, read on! 

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About BSc Allied Health Sciences

Bachelor of Science Allied Health Science is an undergraduate program offered for a duration of 3 years for those aiming to pursue a career in the specialisations under Allied Health Sciences. This field of study is quite a separate and specialised one for those health professionals who are an essential part of teams of nurses and physicians. Studying BSc Allied Health Science, you will get to know about the crucial role of allied health professionals in the medical sector as they ensure the curative and preventive care of patients.

Why Study BSc Allied Health Sciences?

  • The Bachelor of Science in Allied Health Sciences programme is a great way to gain an in-depth understanding of the health sciences and the theoretical groundwork required for further studies or careers in a variety of health fields.
  • Graduates are prepared for positions in management, education, or supervision.
  • Additionally, after completing this programme successfully, students are able to enrol in graduate programmes in the healthcare industry.
  • In order to advance in the allied health profession, meet societal expectations for healthcare delivery, and work in a variety of settings with different patients, families, and communities, it provides graduates with new knowledge, skills, and values.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for BSc Allied Health Science are:

  • A pass degree in 10+2 or higher secondary examination or other similar examination in the science stream
  • You should have subjects such as physics, chemistry and mathematics with a minimum of 60 per cent marks from a recognised college or university.

Many universities carry out an entrance test for entry to this undergraduate BSc Allied Health Sciences degree.

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Allied health sciences course curriculum as set forth by various universities and colleges.

Sr. No. Subjects to Study
3Basics in Medical Physics & Electronics
6Principles of Nursing
1Community Medicine
2Computers Related to Medical Care
1Basic Life Support & Trauma Life Support
2Cardiac Life Support
3Medical Ethics
5Elective: Anesthesia & Emergency Medicine
Forensic Medicine
1Fundamentals in Research
2Internship & Project Work

Course Duration

The length of the B.Sc Allied Health Sciences course is 3 years, separated into six semesters, with a duration of six months for each semester.

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Top Universities In India

There are numerous universities and medical schools offering a plethora of Allied Health Science courses across the country. Mentioned below are the top universities in India for BSc Allied Health Sciences:

  • Chettinad Hospital and Research Institute – CHRI
  • Chitkara School of Health Sciences
  • Chitkara University
  • Christian Medical College – CMC Vellore
  • Manipal Academy of Higher Education – MAHE

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Top Universities Abroad

Mentioned below is a list of top universities abroad for BSc Allied Health Sciences:

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Employment Scope

The employment scope for candidates after pursuing this degree is vast. The demand for paramedical and allied health professionals has increased recently due to the global pandemic where preventive and curative care has become incremental. Here are the popular jobs you can explore as a BSc Allied Health Sciences graduate:

  1. Systematic Scientist
  2. Biostatisticians
  3. Development Chief for Company
  4. Coordinators for Health Evidence
  5. Director with Health Data
  6. Director of Clinical Programs

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Tabulated below is the salary scope for candidates after pursuing a degree in BSc Allied Health Sciences: 

Registered Nurse Rs. 2.90 Lakh and above
Medical Researcher Rs. 7.20 Lakh and above
Medical Science Liaison Rs. 7 Lakh and above
Physiotherapist Rs. 3 Lakh and above
Medical Officer Rs. 5.80 Lakh and above
Medical Laboratory Technician Rs. 2 Lakh and above
Environmental Health and Safety Manager Rs. 9 Lakh and above
Healthcare Manager Rs. 6 Lakh and above

The course, BSc Allied Health Sciences is beneficial to develop an in-depth knowledge of health sciences and the theory base required for future studies or careers in a range of health disciplines.

It prepares graduates with the additional knowledge, skills, and values to advance in the allied health profession; meet societal and healthcare delivery demands; and work in a variety of settings with diverse patients, families, and communities. Graduates are prepared to assume supervisory, management, and/or educational positions. In addition, successful completion of this program allows students to pursue post-graduate education in the healthcare field.


What is B.Sc allied health sciences?

The course offers a broad background in ethical and legal concerns, health promotion and disease prevention, evidence-based practice, allied healthcare research, management of healthcare systems, and healthcare-based informatics.

Is an allied health Science a doctor?

They aren’t the same, no. The study of disease diagnosis, transmission, treatment, and patient rehabilitation is a focus of allied medical courses.

What is the salary for B.Sc allied health science in India?

The Allied Health Sciences industry pays an average of INR 3.4 lakhs per year.

We hope we gave you all the answers to any questions related to BSc Allied Health Sciences. Confused about finding the right university for this program? Get in touch with our experts at Leverage Edu experts and we will guide you in finding the best university as per your preferences. Sign up for a free session today!

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