Study Beautician Course: Top Courses, Syllabus, and More

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Study Beautician Course: Top Universities, Syllabus, and More

Remember those family functions, when your mother would get ready in a stunning saree and leave you awestruck with her glistening makeup? As a kid, did you sneakily take her lipsticks and blush to brighten up your face and look like a diva? If you are someone deeply passionate about makeup and beauty products, then the career path of a Beautician is the right one to discover. The beauty and grooming industry is evolving progressively and has witnessed global trends such as digital makeup as well as shifted to organic and natural products. Through this blog, we will be listing down some major Beautician courses provided by top universities around the world along with exploring the career scope and colossal opportunities that this rapidly emerging field entails. 

About Beautician Course

The worldwide cosmetology sector is worth $382 billion each year, according to estimates. There are about 63,000 cosmetology training programs in the United States. The job growth rate for cosmetologists is expected to be 13% through 2026, which is faster than the national average for all occupations. Personal grooming, make-up, skin treatment, hair styling, nail arts, and other topics are covered in detail in beautician courses. Beautician courses are available in both online and offline formats as certificates, diplomas, and degrees. Cosmetology, beauty care, hairstyling, airbrushing, stage makeup, and other fields are among the most popular specializations in beautician courses.

Who can Pursue a Beautician Course?

There is no upper age limit for studying beautician training, but one must possess the necessary abilities. Being a beautician is more than a job; it’s an art form. It is necessary to understand what will suit whoever to properly counsel their clientele. Self-employed hairstylists and cosmetologists account for 44% of all hairstylists and cosmetologists, and 75% of barbers, which means they spend long hours advertising their salons, stores, and companies.

Full-time work is common in these professions, while part-time positions are also available. Working evenings and weekends are frequent in many fields, and these are typically the busiest periods. After the 10th and 12th grades, students can enrol in beautician courses. As a result, students can pursue bachelor’s and master’s degrees in beauty therapy.

Why Beautician Courses? 

Why not take beautician classes if the individual wants to become a beautician? Beauticians have a work profile that is available in all nations. Apart from the knack for doing makeup or hairstyling, there are other great opportunities in this field.

  • You get to show off your skills.
  • You may also experiment with different forms of inventiveness when it comes to cosmetics.
  • You’ll be able to meet new folks as well as celebrities.
  • When your conduct with your clientele is Sobre, they will prefer to come to you regularly.

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What do Beauticians do?

Beauticians are artists in their own right. The beautician is the one who prepares a bride for her most important day. They make you seem flawless for your occasion. Beauticians are responsible for more than simply making their clients look good. They have some more jobs and they need to be perfect in their job role.

  • When their customers come, they are greeted.
  • Techniques for Hair Removal
  • Advising them on the best haircut for their appearance
  • Using hair care products
  • Manicures and pedicures are two of my favourite things to do.
  • Provide clients with accurate advice on their skin and hair.
  • Ascertain that the workstation and the location where the customer is serviced are both clean.

Types of Beautician Programs


The duration of most programs is between nine months and a year. Anatomy, physiology, hygiene, safety, and business management, as well as hair, nail, and skincare, are all topics covered by students. A comprehensive cosmetology education might cost anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000, depending on the institution. Federal financial help is available to accredited schools. There are various types of Beautician Programs, and here we have explained in detail the types of courses.

Course on Hairstyling 

The hairstyling course is the most popular among beautician courses. Most young men and women are proud of their hair and want to learn how to style it. The hairstyle may be learned on several levels.

Course on Airbrushing

One of the most well-known methods of applying colours to the skin is airbrushing. This is one of the most recent technologies to be introduced in beauty schools. Bridal makeup makes extensive use of airbrushing.

  •  Airbrush makeup stays on the skin all day; there is no need for makeup or touch-ups if airbrushing is done.
  • Because the majority of airbrushes are silicon-based, they last the longest on the skin.
  • The make-up is immaculate thanks to the airbrushing method. If the bride despises a thick layer of foundation, an airbrush application might be employed.
  • The airbrush is customisable; it delivers the skin’s precise colour tone without seeming overdone.

Course on Stage Makeup 

Cake makeup, HD makeup, grease paint, and special effects are examples of stage makeup.

Cake makeup is a type of dry makeup that comes in a powder form; when these items are blended with water, they take on a whole other appearance.

HD makeup is a brand name for high-definition makeup. The name HD Camera refers to the fact that persons who are photographed with HD Cameras must have perfect skin. The HD Makeup conceals pores and gives the appearance of airbrush makeup.

Greasepaint is the oldest and most accessible type of make-up. Applying grease paint is simple, but removing it may be challenging; yet, this type of makeup can be harmful to your skin.

Theatrical Effects This makeup may appear to be anything; it can age a person or make them appear damaged. Special effects are those that alter one’s appearance from that of a typical person.

Top Beautician Courses in India

Wondering “which beautician course is best? There is a wide range of makeup and beautician courses offered in India, especially in major cities like Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai, amongst others. You can choose from professional beauty academies like Lakme, VLCC, etc. or pursue a degree or diploma in Cosmetology if you are interested in Beauty and Skincare as a science.

Here are the best beautician courses in India:

Institute Beautician Course Duration
Lakme Academy Delhi Courses in Cosmetology, Skin, Hair, Makeup, Salon Management Varies
Pearl Academy Delhi Professional Certificate in Fashion Media Makeup

Professional Certificate in Celebrity and Bridal and Hair Makeup

Certificate in Image Make Over

11 months
Asian Academy of Film & Television (AAFT) Certificate in Makeup and
6 months
ISAS International Beauty School, Pune Certificate in Beauty and Hair

Certificate in Professional Makeup

Certificate in Artistry Makeup

1.5 months to 2 months
International School of Design, Kolkata Self Makeup Course

Intermediate Makeup Course

Advance Makeup Course

1 month to 6 months
JD Institute of Technology, Hyderabad Diploma in Makeup and Hairstyle Artist 6 weeks
Panache International School of Design Bridal Makeup,
Makeup Pro,
Fast Track Makeup
2 days to 5 weeks

Beautician Courses Online

Top learning platforms like Skillshare, Udemy, and Shaw Academy, amongst others, also offer a wide range of free and paid beautician courses online. Here are the top online beautician courses that you can pursue from home:

Beautician Course Syllabus

Here is an overview of the different subjects you will get to study in the Beautician Course:

Grooming, Hygiene and Safety  Men’s Hair Cuts  Straightening 
Hair Spa/ Hair Oil Massage Exfoliation and Extraction  Blow drying and styling with heat rods
Basic Haircuts  Keratin  Bridal Hair Styling and Hair Art
Hair Treatment and Hair Spa  Creative Haircuts and Coloring  Hand and Feet Massage 
Hairfall Treatment and Dandruff Treatment Anti-Pigmentation Treatment  Toning and Cleansing Practice 
Perm  Grey Coverage and Touch up of Roots  Manicure and Pedicure 
Massage Skin Analysis and Skin Type
Source: Neha Beauty Hub

Top Degree in Beautician Courses

For those wanting to pursue a radiant career as a make-up professional, there is a vast variety of Beautician courses on offer. These programs train students about various cosmetic treatments and equip them with extensive knowledge of grooming and styling techniques. You will also get to study entrepreneurship development programs during the course as it also aims to prepare you for starting your business ventures as an independent make-up professional. Below are the different beautician courses offered as specializations:

Diploma-Level Courses

Given below are diploma-level programmes for aspiring beauticians:

Average Fees (INR 15,000-  INR 30,000)

  • Beauty Therapy and Make-up
  • Hairdressing
  • Hair Beauty and Make-up Management
  • Certificate III in Malke-up
  • Specialist Make-up
  • Special Effects and Creative Media Makeup 

Undergraduate Courses

Here are some of the most sought-after undergraduate beautician courses:

Average Fees (INR 80,000- INR 2,00,000)

  • Hair and Make-up for Fashion
  • Make-up and Hair Designing
  • Hair, Make-up and  Prosthetics for Performance
  • Aesthetic Practitioner
  • Cosmetic Science
  • Cosmetic Aesthetic
  • Media Make-up
  • Make-up Artistry
  • Specialist Make-up Design
  • Media Make-up
  • Advanced Prosthetic
  • Wig Making
  • Special Effects Make-up Artistry
  • Creative Makeup and Design and Practice
  • Media Make-up and Hair Design 

Graduate Courses 

Listed below are beautician graduate courses:

Average Fees (INR 30,000-50,000)

  • Advanced Cosmetic Science
  • Fashion Stylist and Communication
  • Fashion and Luxury Marketing
  • Flavour & Fragrance Industry 
  • Cosmetics Branding and Promotion

Beautician Courses After 10th

The majority of beautician courses are available after 12th grade, although there are a few that are available after 10th grade. After 10th grade, students who desire to start a career as a beautician can enrol in courses.

Certifications in Beautician Courses 

Given below are different certification courses:

Course Fees
Herbal Beauty Care Course INR 6000
Beauty Parlour Course INR 10,000
Beauty Care Course INR 15,000
Ayurvedic Beauty Care Course INR 12,000
Beauty and Make-up course INR 20,000
Certificate in Cosmetology INR 15,000
Certificate in Makeup INR 18,000
Certificate in Hair Styling INR 15,000
Certificate in Beauty Therapy INR 20,000
Certificate in Beauty Technician INR 30,000

Diploma in Beautician Courses 

Here are diploma programmes for aspiring beauticians:

Course  Fees
Diploma in Cosmetology INR 20,000
Diploma in Professional Makeup INR 25,000
Diploma in Hair Styling INR 18,000
Diploma in Beauty Therapy INR 30,000
Diploma in Beauty Technician INR 25,000
Advanced Diploma in Cosmetology INR 20,000
Advanced Diploma in Beauty Therapy INR 15,000

Workshops for Beautician Courses

Future beauticians can enrol in the following workshops to excel in their careers:

Workshop Name  Fees
Hair Cutting Workshop INR 18,000
Professional Makeup Workshop INR 25,000
Waxing Workshop INR 10,000
Hair Coloring Workshop INR 18,000

Top Universities and Courses Abroad

Professional courses in the topic of beauty may be found at a variety of institutions and colleges throughout the world. Here is a list of some of the best institutions in the globe that offer a variety of beautician courses:

University/CollegeBeautician CourseAverage Fees 
Charles Darwin UniverityCertificate in Hair Dressing$14,700.00 – $16,200.00
TAFE Western AustraliaDiploma of Beauty Therapy $6,240  
Sheridan CollegeDiploma in Makeup for Media and Creative Arts$19,155.53
University of the Arts LondonBA Fashion Styling and Production£9,250 per year
University of ReadingBSc (Hons) Chemistry with Cosmetic Science$22,145.53
University of SalfordBA (Hons) Fashion Image-Making and Styling£12,250 per year
University of CincinnatiMSc Cosmetic Science$7,980.00
University of SunderlandMSc Cosmetic Science$14,980.00

Top Colleges in India for Beautician Courses

Listed below are the top beautician colleges in India:

Colleges  Fees
International School of Design  INR 15,000 – 50,000
Srimati Techno Institute  INR 30,000
Lakme Academy  INR 20,000 – 60,000
Pearl Academy  INR 1,00,000 – INR 5,00,000
JD Institute of Fashion Technology  INR 50,000 – INR 3,00,000
LST  INR 90,000 – INR 1,00,000
Vah Vah Institute  INR 60,000
JD Institute of Fashion Technology  INR 50,000
International Society of Fashion  INR 7,50,000
ICE Balaji Telefilms INR 50,000

Note: This is not an exhaustive list

Eligibility Criteria for Beautician Course

The eligibility criteria for the Beautician course are mentioned below.

  • For admission into diploma or certificate courses, they can be taken directly. The fees have to be paid on time. 
  • Institutes like Lakme and VLCC have a simple exam as a prerequisite for shortlisting candidates. 
  • Certain courses such as an advanced diploma or a PG Diploma require candidates to have a basin work experience in the field. 

Skills Required to Become a Beautician

To become a beautician, an individual must acquire the below-listed skills:

Make-up artist Hairstylist
Cosmetologists Salon Sales consultants
Nail care artists Retail and wholesale consumers
Business Management Skills  Decision-Making Skills

Beautician Course Duration and Fees

The duration of a beautician course depends on the type of degree. It can range between 6 months to 2 years depending upon the institution, degree, and student preference. A Beautician and Makeup course fees can be anywhere between Rs. 10,000 and Rs 50, 000 in India. The fee structure depends on the institution and courses. Here is the average cost of some popular makeup and beauty courses in different countries:

University Course Course Fees
Sheridan College, Canada Diploma in Makeup for Media and Creative Arts $19,155.53(INR 14,39,449)
University of Cincinnati, USA MSc in Cosmetic Sciece $7,980.00
University of Reading, UK BSc in Chemistry with Cosmetic Science with Industry Year £23,700
Torrens University, Australia Diploma of Beauty and Spa Practice $27,100

Most of us assume that the job of a beautician is the only one available in the field of beauty and grooming. There are several specialized career paths that you can pursue after completing a beautician course and some of these major job areas are given below:

Job Position Average Salary (in USD) Description 
Make-up artist 35,457 (INR 26 Lakhs) Makeup artists deal with a variety of customers to help them enhance their image creation. A makeup artist’s areas of expertise include prosthetics, high fashion, airbrushing, high definition, and light blending.
Cosmetologist 36,246 (INR 27 Lakhs) Beauticians are facing medicine experts who may provide different treatments for different skin problems based on skin type.
Hair Stylist 62,052 (INR 46 Lakhs) Beauticians perform a variety of services, including hair colouring, cutting, blow drying, and style, among others. They also provide consumers with advice on how to take care of their hair.
Nail Technician 20,000 (INR 14 Lakhs) Customers can get nail treatments and medications from nail care experts. This includes things like nail trims and pedicures, as well as how to apply fake nails.
Manufacturing Sales Representative 48,000 (INR 35 Lakhs) Retail and discount customers are offered maker’s wares by salesmen.
Salon sales consultant 44,333 (INR 32 Lakhs) Salon deals professionals are in charge of selling things to salon customers. They must have strong negotiating skills as well as in-depth knowledge of great products.

Top Beauty YouTubers Tutorials!

Now that you know about the best beautician courses in India and abroad, you must also check out free online beauty, makeup, and skincare tutorials by some of the best beauticians and makeup artists. Here are the top Beauty bloggers:

Top Recruiters in India

There is an immense scope after completing beautician courses in India and abroad. Here is the list of top recruiters:

  • L’Oréal
  • Unilever
  • VLCC
  • Fair & Lovely
  • Proctor and Gamble
  • Body Shop
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Clinique
  • Forest Essentials
  • Fabindia
  • Maybelline
  • MAC
  • Nykaa

Beautician Salary Offered in India

The average pay scale of different job titles are tabulated below:

Jobs Average Salary 
Salon Manager  INR 3,00,000
Senior Hair Stylist  INR 2,60,000
Makeup Artist  INR 2,00,000
Hair Stylist  INR 2,50,000
Hairdresser  INR 2,80,000

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How many months-long is a Beautician course?

Based on the level of education, a beautician course can vary anywhere between 6 months-2 and years. While vocational courses like a diploma/certificate run between 6-12 months, professional courses like BA/BSc/MSc can take 1-2 years to complete.

What are the qualifications required to become a Beautician?

To become a beautician, you can pursue short-term courses. However, to advance in the field, you can also consider studying full-time degree programs. Furthermore, having work experience in this field is highly required. From working at parlours/spas to doing Apprenticeships, you need to gain substantial experience.

What are the subjects taught in a Beautician course?

1. Skin Disorders
2. Beauty Salon Management
3. Nail Disorder and Structure
4. Basic Facials
5. Aromatherapy
6. Manicure, Pedicure, and Spa Treatments
7. Business Ethics

So, this was all about the beautician course. Many Indian students dream of pursuing education in foreign nations due to the exposure and career growth they offer. Consider joining a free counselling session with Leverage Edu if you plan to study abroad.

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  1. Hi Leverage Edu,
    I have gone through your article, it gives the whole information about how to starting your career as a beautician. I was not aware that some graduate courses are also available for doing beautician courses. Thanks a lot for writing such an informative blog for us.

  2. Becoming a makeup artist is as amazing career that has a wide array of possibilities and challenges, but it is also important to know everything in detail about it before enrolling into it. Beauticians have to use different skills, experimentation to create stunning & beautiful looks.
    The information that you have shared with us through this article will be very helpful for someone looking up to becoming a beautician. Thank you for listing every small detail together and sharing it with us.