Accounting Courses at Thomas Jefferson University

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Accounting Course at Thomas Jefferson University

One of the highly demanding courses, accounting courses, are offered in many foreign universities. The popularity of these particular courses is mainly due to their precise curriculum and an array of career opportunities after completing their studies. Further, if you are planning to pursue accounting courses, then Thomas Jefferson University accounting courses are one of the major attractions in accounting courses. Thomas Jefferson University is not only considered among the best institutions across the globe but has had many remarkable rankings over the past few years. If you want to pursue Thomas Jefferson University accounting courses, entry requirements, documents required, and much more, then keep reading this blog!


Name of the courseThomas Jefferson University accounting courses 
Duration of the period3-4 years full-time 
Type of universityPublic 
Name of the institutionThomas Jefferson University 
Year of establishment1824

Thomas Jefferson University 

Established way back in 1824, the Thomas Jefferson University is one of the prestigious institutions across the globe. This famous institution is well-known as a part of Philadelphia University. The first known president of the Philadelphia University association was Theodore C, who claimed a search for higher tariffs paid on textiles. Since the university planned to extend its academic structure, there has been a rapid growth in the number of students pursuing higher education at Thomas Jefferson University. Further, Thomas Jefferson University features a great campus spread across 100 acres and is also home to over 50 buildings, hi-tech laboratories, exhibition galleries, digital classrooms, and a famous library that comprises more than a thousand books. Furthermore, the campus also provides students and faculty with accommodation facilities. Currently, the university is home to more than 3200 undergraduate students enrolled in various programs. Thomas Jefferson University provides students with a wider scope to choose the subjects and careers as per their interests. Some of the prestigious colleges at Thomas Jefferson University are the College of Engineering, College of Health and Liberal Arts, College of Professional Studies, College of Architecture and Built Environment, College of Design and Commerce, and College of Science.


There are an array of prestigious rankings achieved by Thomas Jefferson University over the years. These rankings had contributed to the popularity of this institution among students and further, Thomas Jefferson University has been considered one of the best institutions for higher education. Some of the remarkable rankings achieved by the university are:

RankRanked Among Ranked By
501-600Universities rankings ARWU Shanghai Rankings 2021
402Global universities US News and World Reports 2022
148National universities rankingsUS News and World Reports 2022

Thomas Jefferson University Accounting Courses. 

One of the major attractions at Thomas Jefferson University is Thomas Jefferson University accounting courses that are offered to students at affordable fees and features excellence in education and teaching. Other than tuition fees there are miscellaneous expenses involved in pursuing Thomas Jefferson University Accounting Courses. 

  • Real estate development
  • Accounting (CPA Preparation)
  • Biopharmauceutical commercialization
  • Fashion business 
  • Leadership
  • Marketing 
  • Finance 
  • Cannabis business 

Entry Requirements 

You are also required to qualify for the entry requirements to enrol in Thomas Jefferson University accounting courses. These entry requirements are


To enrol in undergraduate studies, you are required to 

  • Have a high school diploma with at least 50 % in English 30-1 or 30-2, maths 30-1 or 30-2. From an officially accredited institution.


If you want to get enrolled in Thomas Jefferson University postgraduate accounting courses then the basic eligibility criteria is to have an undergraduate degree in accounting, finance, or related subjects with relevant marks or equivalent from an officially recognized institution. Further, there are some course-specific eligibility requirements that you may need to qualify. You are suggested to check the official website of Thomas Jefferson University for further details.

Score Requirements 

As a part of the application process you are also required to submit language proficiency scores when your first language is not English. Some of the language proficiency tests accepted for Thomas Jefferson University accounting courses are as follows.

Language Proficiency TestScore Requirements 
IELTS 6.5 bands 

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Documents Required

As a part of the application process, you must submit a list of documents to enrol in Thomas Jefferson University undergraduate and postgraduate accounting courses. You are also required to pay an application fee of USD (INR 12,428), which is non-refundable as a part of the application process. Here is a list to help you with the documents required for the application.

There can be some more documents; you are suggested to check the official website of Thomas Jefferson University before applying.


Paying high fees in foreign universities can be a financial issue for most of us. An array of scholarships and financial grants are available for students who aspire to higher education at Thomas Jefferson University. Some prominently pursued scholarships available for students are 

Name of the Scholarship Awarded Amount Applicable Streams 
Harvey Fellowship INR 11,90,240Science, humanities, and business 
Narotam Sekhsarias Scholarships NAEngineering, science, computer, and accounting
Hani Zeni Scholarship INR 74,390Engineering, computers, accounting, and science
KC Mahindra Scholarships for post-graduate studies abroadINR 8,00,000Business, computer, engineering, and science.


What major is Thomas Jefferson University known for? 

There are numerous courses offered at Thomas Jefferson University; however, the institution is well known for its Design and applied arts degrees. After completing this degree, graduates get an average salary of $38,289.

What is the acceptance rate for Thomas Jefferson University?

Being a prestigious institution, Thomas Jefferson University is quite selective while taking admission enroll Thomas Jefferson University has an acceptance rate of 63.9%.

 Does Thomas Jefferson require an interview?

Yes, you are required to have an interview to get admission into the Law School, Thomas Jefferson University. These interviews are conducted by members of faculty and admission offices. 

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