CMA India vs CMA USA

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CMA India vs CMA USA

When you pursue CMA or Certified Management Accountant courses from reputed universities in India, you can prepare yourself to handle a superior level of accounting and different types of roles in terms of business leadership. The CMA course in India is issued by the Institute of Management Accountants, which has global popularity. If you want to establish yourself in the top positions of financial leadership, pursue either a CMA India or a CMA USA degree. This blog will thoroughly discuss and compare CMA India vs CMA USA.

Name of the Course CMA (Certified Management Accountant) IndiaCMA (Certified Management Accountant) USA
Course Duration 3 years6 months
Top Recruiters Accenture
Larsen & Toubro
Grant Thornton
Johnson & Johnson
Fees INR 95kINR 73k

Why CMA Course is Great?

The Certified Management Accountant course is undoubtedly great for candidates who are looking for world-class opportunities. There are a couple of advantages to pursuing this course. Here’s a list that you need to know:

  1. One of the best advantages of CMA India vs CMA USA is that you’ll receive great career development and growth opportunities. Whether you become a senior or a middle-level professional, you can gain knowledge about accounting and financial management.
  2. CMA is a global certification course. When you acquire your degree, you can receive job opportunities in America as well as India.
  3. If you’re someone who’s looking for great financial success, the CMA course will prove beneficial for you. As per reports, the demand for CMA professionals in America and India has increased by more than 40%.

CMA India vs CMA USA Syllabus and Subjects

CMA India Syllabus

The CMA India course is divided into three different levels. Here’s a table that would help you understand the syllabus and subjects. 

Foundation CourseIntermediate Course Group 1 Intermediate Course Group 2Final Course Group 1 Final Course Group 2 
Fundamentals and Economics and Management Financial Accounting Operations Management & Strategic Management Corporate Laws and Compliance Corporate Financial Reporting 
Fundamentals of Accounting Laws and Ethics Indirect Taxation Strategic Financial Management Indirect Tax Laws and Practice 
Fundamentals of Laws & Ethics Cost Accounting Company Accounts & Audit Strategic Cost ManagementCost and Management Audit
Fundamentals of Business Mathematics and Statistics 

CMA USA Syllabus

The CMA US course is as complicated as the CMA India course. This is why students who are searching for CMA India vs CMA USA take a closer look at the syllabus. Here’s the syllabus for CMA US:

  1. Technology and analysis 
  2. Internal controls 
  3. Cost management 
  4. Investment decisions 
  5. Decision analysis
  6. Corporate finance 
  7. Professional ethics 

Colleges for CMA India Course

If you’re going through CMA India vs CMA USA and decide to pursue your CMA certification course from India, here’s a list of colleges you should know:

Name of the University Duration 
Adamas University 3 years
Amity University Patna 3 years
Banaras Hindu University 3 years
Bhavnagar University 3 years
CMR University 3 years
Christ University 3 years
IFMR3 years
ITM University 3 years
Punjab University 3 years
Sardar Patel University 3 years

Colleges for CMA USA Course

One of the best benefits of US CMA course is that it’s accepted globally. Apart from global recognition, the fees for the US CMA are also lesser than Indian CMA. When you’re comparing CMA India vs CMA USA, the prices as well as the placement will have a solid impact on your decision. Here’s a table of the best CMA USA colleges. 

Name of the University Duration 
NDCB-Nagarjuna Degree College Bangalore6 months 
AMMDC-Annapurna Memorial Modern Degree College6 months
JIBA-Jivkaran Institute of Business Administration6 months
Gandhi Shanti Niketan Mahavidyalaya6 months
SMJC-Sri Medha Junior College6 months
CMES-College of Management and Economics Studies6 months
SC-Superwhizz college6 months
ICAT-Image College of Arts Animation and Technology6 months
Jivkaran Institute of Business Administration 6 months
College of Management and Economic Studies 6 months

Registration Process

The registration process for the CMA India vs CMA USA is different from one another. We’ll discuss this matter in form of a table to help you understand properly.

For CMA India

  1. Go to the university website and choose the CMA course.
  2. Fill in the relevant details and proceed to the next step.
  3. Upload the relevant documents.
  4. Make a payment of the course fees.
  5. Don’t forget to print the application form for future purposes. 


  1. You must be a member of IMA; If not, you need to fill out a registration form as per your career.
  2. After that, you need to pay the tuition fees. When you become a member of IMA, make sure you pay a one-time fee so that you can be eligible for the exam.
  3. As the exam is taken in two parts, you need to pay the exam fees twice.
  4. After paying the fees and completing the registration process, you’ll receive a confirmation mail.

Documents Required

The list of documents that you need for the CMA exam is:

  1. Signature 
  2. Passport-size photo
  3. Class 10th results 
  4. Class 12th results 
  5. Graduation degree and additional certificates (If applicable)
  6. CMA intermediate pass 

Eligibility Criteria 

Before you apply for the CMS course, you need to know the eligibility criteria.

For CMA India

Foundation Course Eligibility

  • The candidate needs to complete their class 10th exam.
  • The candidate must pass their 10+2 exam or Diploma in the respected field.

Intermediate Course Eligibility

  • 10+2 exam as well as a foundation course is mandatory.
  • ICAI or intermediate ICAI is required.
  • The candidate also needs to pass the foundation course.

Final Course Eligibility

  • The candidate needs to pass the intermediate course.
  • The candidate needs to pass 15 months of training.


  • The candidate must be a member of the IMA.
  • The candidate must have a UG degree from a well-known university.
  • The UG degree of the candidate needs to be relevant.
  • The candidate must have prior work experience of at least two years in financial accounting or management accounting.
  • The candidate must adhere to the Statement of Ethical Professional Practice of IMA.

Scholarships for CMA USA

Many students who are comparing CMA India vs CMA USA also consider the scholarships before choosing. Here are the different types of scholarships:

Scholarship Name Awarded to
IMA Century Scholarship Award Applicable for UG senior and junior students with IMA student chapters 
CMA Scholarship Program Students with outstanding qualifications 
IMA Doctoral Scholars Program Students who want to pursue research and accounting 

Jobs and Salaries

Whether you complete CMA USA or CMA India course, you will have various job opportunities, especially when you have a CMA USA degree as it’s recognized worldwide. Keep in mind that your opportunities will be bigger when you complete the CMA USA program. Here are the jobs you can get after completing your exam:

Job Roles Salary per Year 
Certified Public Accountant  USD 60,000 (INR 49 Lakhs)
Senior Finance Analyst USD 70,000 (INR 57 Lakhs)
Finance Manager USD 75,000 (INR 61 Lakhs)
Accounting Manager USD 65,000 (INR 53 Lakhs)


Q. Why CMA USA is better than CMA India?

Unlike CMA India, CMA USA has worldwide recognition. Hence, you can approach large companies without any hesitation.  

Q. Are the career prospects great?

Yes, of course. The career prospects will become sharper after you pursue the CMA USA exam. 

Q. Is CMA valid in the United States?

Yes CMA is valid in the USA. Not to mention, the demand is also increasing. 

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