A Complete Guide: Lawyer Salary in Dubai 2024? 

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Being a lawyer in Dubai is a fulfilling and difficult career that calls for perseverance and devotion. To become a lawyer in Dubai, you must finish the required coursework, acquire the required credentials, register with the Bar Council, pass the AIBE, acquire real-world experience, and finally decide on a professional path that fits your interests and objectives. A lawyer is a certified practitioner who can provide legal advice and represent clients in court. They are often referred to as advocates, attorneys, or counselors. Attorneys practice law by offering their services to the government, corporations, non-profits, and private citizens. 


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How Much a Lawyer Can Make in Dubai? 

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, lawyers make an average of 75,000 AED a month. In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, additional cash compensation for a lawyer ranges from 50,000 AED to 60,000 AED, with an average of 55,000 AED.

In Dubai, the average compensation for a lawyer is approximately 514,800 AED per year, with the lowest average salary being roughly 239,000 AED and the highest average salary being 818,100 AED. 

Average Annual Salary 514,800 AED
Highest Annual Salary 239,000 AED
Lowest Annual Salary 818,100 AED
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Lawyer Salary in Dubai By Experience Level 

Here is a picture that you can refer to learn more about lawyer salaries in Dubai by experience level.

Lawyer Salary in Dubai By Different Companies 

The salary range of a lawyer in Dubai can vary from company to company. Here is a list of the salaries of lawyers in Dubai for different companies: 

Company Average Salary 
Awatif Mohammad Shoqi Advocates & Legal ConsultancyAED 6,000 -AED 16,000 per month 
AL TayerAED 23,000 -AED 27,000 per month 
Standard Chartered BankAED 34,000 -AED 40,000 per month 
SelfEmployed.comAED 46,000 -AED 54,000 per month 
UAE ExchangeAED 46,000 -AED 54,000 per month 
Johnson & JohnsonAED 15,000 -AED 17,000 per month 
MetitoAED 18,000 -AED 22,000 per month 
Sarah CannonAED 37,000 -AED 43,000 per month 
Saif Al Shamsi Advocates & Legal ConsultantsAED 6,000 -AED 8,000 per month 
Galadari Advocates & Legal ConsultantsAED 9,000 -AED 11,000 per month 
Isaac OperationsAED 28,000 -AED 32,000 per month 
Azhari Legal ConsultancyAED 17,000 -AED 19,000 per month 

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Lawyer Salary in Dubai by Education Level 

In the picture, you can see the lawyer’s salary in Dubai by education level and the level of difference the salary has due to the difference in educational qualification. 

Here are some similar jobs and professions in Dubai that you can opt for and kickstart your legal journey in Dubai.

Job Title Average Salary 
CounselAED 11,186 per month
AttorneyAED 15,804 per month
AssociateAED 4,885 per month
SolicitorAED 11,002 per month
Corporate CounselAED 12,257 per month
Corporate LawyerAED 14,377 per month
General CounselAED 16,700 per month
Associate LawyerAED 18,000 per month 

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How much does LLB earn in Dubai?

The average salary for a Lawyer is 75,000 AED per month in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The average additional cash compensation for a Lawyer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is 55,000 AED, with a range from 50,000 AED- 60,000 AED.

What is the average salary of a lawyer in Dubai?

The average Lawyer salary in UAE is 3,500 AED per month, going up to 8,500 AED based on industry, job location, and candidate profile. The highest-paying industry in UAE for Lawyers is Law. Compared to UAE cities, Dubai offers the highest salaries for lawyers. Salaries in the UAE are tax-free.

Can Indian lawyers work in Dubai?

The UAE does not impose any restrictions on the admission of foreign lawyers, and some of the greatest international legal services operate offices here that hire employees from across the world.

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