A Brief Comparison of Game Designer Salary in UK

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game designer salary in uk

If you find playing video games enjoyable, imagine being the person who gets to design them! It’s a challenging but rewarding role that takes determination, talent, and a unique skill set. If you are passionate about game creation and wondering if this journey involves a balanced mix of challenges and learnability with a good salary package, If you are not sure how much you earn on average working as a game designer in the United Kingdom, This guide is specially designed to help you make informed decisions about the game designer salary in the UK based on several factors like origin, experience, and level of education and training.


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What is the Average Game Designer Salary in UK

If you work as a game designer in the United Kingdom, the average yearly salary you can earn is around 60,000 GBP, and the average monthly salary is 5,000 GBP. If we discuss the salary from the highest to the lowest range, the lowest annual salary is around 29,300 GBP, and the lowest monthly salary is 2,441 GBP. On the other hand, the highest annual salary is around 95,000 GBP, and the highest monthly salary is 7,916 GBP. 

Experience Wise Game Designer Salary in UK

The Glassdoor salary average for game designers at various experience levels is shown in the table below so you can see how your earning potential could rise as your career progresses. 

game designer salary in uk

Education Wise Game Designer Salary in UK

If you work as a game designer in the UK, your earning potential may vary depending on your educational background. Here, we’ve discussed the UK salary for game designers.

Education Level Average Salary Per Year 
Certificate or Diploma43,100 GBP
Bachelor’s Degree60,100 GBP
Master’s Degree93,800 GBP

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Organisation Wise Game Designer Salary in UK

The needs of various organizations for animators, visual artists, and game designers are not the same. These are the various compensation packages for video game designers offered by different companies, as reported by Glassdoor.com.

Organization Average Salary Per Year 
Splash Damage34,660 GBP
Mediatonic46,433 GBP
Fusebox Games30,500 GBP
Gram Games47,756 GBP
Electronic Arts37,000 GBP
Immersive Gamebox47,333 GBP
Flavourworks31,667 GBP
Bally’s Interactive23,000 GBP-35,000 GBP
Sports Interactive34,000 GBP-45,000 GBP
Tripledot Studios55,000 GBP-69,000 GBP
Space Ape Games77,000 GBP-89,000 GBP
DREST57,000 GBP-63,000 GBP
Netspeak Games36,000 GBP,41,000 GBP
Preloaded53,000 GBP-54,000 GBP
Kuato28,000 GBP-38,000 GBP
Mrs Wordsmith25,000 GBP-37,000 GBP
Blue Duck Education23,000 GBP-35,000 GBP
Play‘n GO50,000 GBP-61,000 GBP
Psycho Hound21,000 GBP-38,000 GBP
Scopely30,000 GBP-52,000 GBP

City Wise Game Designer Salary in UK

One such factor is where you work and reside. The average earnings for video game designers in the UK, broken down by city, are provided by Glassdoor. 

game designer salary in uk

Positions Wise Game Designer Salary in UK

In the UK, there are some of the highest-paying positions for game designers. Here is a list of the best game designer jobs available in the UK, based on data from Glassdoor.

Positions Average Salary Per Year 
Associate Game Designer43,222 GBP
2D Game Artist39,580 GBP
Game Programmer40,368 GBP
Game Developer42,412 GBP
Designer35,000 GBP
Design Engineer42,070 GBP
Video Game Designer 45,000 GBP
Programmer32,500 GBP
Graphic Designer 35,000 GBP

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How much do Video game designers get paid in the UK?

The salary range for level designers is estimated to be between 20,000 and 35,000 GBP. A game designer can make up to £45,000, although the average pay is 30,000 GBP. It is possible for a senior game designer to make up to 65,000 GBP.

How do I become a game designer in the UK?

Typically, you’ll need some relevant work experience or an IT qualification. Your skill and inventiveness will catch the attention of employers. Having an A level or diploma in related fields like media production or computing may also be beneficial.

Is game design high-paying?

The average yearly salary for a game designer in the US is 149,118 GBP as of March 26, 2024.

Is game design in demand?

Game developers are highly sought after globally due to their high compensation. A lot of people are drawn to the career path of game creation, especially gamers. 

This was all the information about Game Designer Salary in the UK. If you are interested in reading more such articles on salary by different professions, follow Leverage Edu and our official Page Jobs Abroad. 

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