Know About Aeronautical Engineering Salary in USA 2024

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Aeronautical Engineering Salary in USA

Aeronautical engineers are the superheroes of the sky who make everything fly. The roles and responsibilities of an aeronautical engineer are quite similar to those of a US aeronautical engineer. This field of aeronautical engineering is becoming one of the most rewarding careers in the USA. Due to the aggressively increasing demand for aeronautical engineering in the USA, the scope of aeronautical engineering is expansive and exciting, offering a variety of career paths with excellent job prospects, competitive salaries, and the opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge advancements in aviation and aerospace.


Average Salary for Aeronautical Engineering in the USA

Aeronautical engineers in India and the USA have comparable work characteristics. That being said, the beginning wage for aeronautical engineering in the United States is higher than in India.

  • In the United States, the average compensation for an aeronautical engineer is $129,167 per year or $62.10 per hour. While most experienced individuals make up to $172,599 annually, entry-level employment starts at $102,394 each year.
  • The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 3,800 job opportunities annually, making the US one of the most attractive regions for aspiring aeronautical engineers. Despite estimates of 58,800 employment in 2021, several positions in the field will become available due to retirements and professional transfers. 
  • Between 2021 and 2031, the employment growth rate in this domain is predicted to reach a maximum of 6%.

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Aeronautical Engineering Salary in the US by Experience

The following lists the typical income for an Aeronautical engineer in the United States based on experience.

Aeronautical Engineering Salary in USA

Aeronautical Engineering Salary in the US By Specialisation

Some of the most popular job profiles in the US with expected salaries include the following.

Specialisation Average Salary 
Aerospace Design Engineer$1,18,465
Entry Level Engineer$83,095
Aerodynamics Engineer$90,049
CFD Engineer$1,16,910
Test Engineer$102,500
Operations Manager$79,824
Materials Engineers$95,095
Bioengineers and Biomedical Engineers$88,095

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Highest Paying Companies for Aeronautical Engineering

In the USA, a few well-known businesses employ aeronautical engineers. 

Company Average Salary 
Lockheed Martin$111,574
Northrop Grumman$115,574
U.S. Department of Transportation$107,805
Maxar Technologies$115,854
Northrop Grumman$115,574
US Air Force$100,176
L3 Harris$102,073
Sierra Nevada Corporation$111,251
Frasca International$106,317

Aeronautical Engineer Salary in USA By Education Level 

Here is a graph that shows the salary of aeronautical engineers in the United States based on their level of education. 

Aeronautical Engineering Salary in USA

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Aeronautical Engineer Salary in USA By Location 

Certain American cities are well-known for having a strong aerospace sector presence and for paying competitive salaries. The US salary for Aeronautical engineers in the following cities, which are well-known for having high-paying jobs:

Location Average Salary 
West Virginia$154,900
New York$118,333 
Washington DC$141,178
San Diego, CA$108,580
Los Angeles, CA$158,159


Q1: How much does an Aerospace Engineer make?

Ans: The average Aerospace Engineer in the US makes $96,878. Aerospace Engineers make the most in San Jose, CA at $191,274 averaging total compensation 97% greater than the US average.

Q2: What can I do after 4 years of aeronautical engineering?

Ans: In government organizations, aeronautical engineers can function as space scientists, assistant technical officers, flight mechanics, assistant aircraft engineers, assistant production engineers, race car designers, and graduate engineering trainees.

Q3: What is the highest salary of an aeronautical engineer in NASA?

Ans: Aeronautical  Engineer salary at NASA India ranges between ₹64.1 Lakhs to ₹181.0 Lakhs.

Q4: Which country pays the highest salary for an aeronautical engineer?

Ans: The United States is the nation that pays aeronautical engineers the most, with an average annual compensation of $93,000, per a Payscale analysis from 2021. Canada is among the other nations where aeronautical engineers may expect to earn high income; the average annual compensation there is $80,000.

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