Know How Much You Can Make: Prison Officer Salary UK in 2024 

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Prison Officer Salary UK

Being a prison guard in the United Kingdom is a very unique experience. You must be strong, self-assured, and an excellent speaker. Prison guards work in a setting unlike any other, fulfilling a crucial function in society. You’ll collaborate with a diverse group of individuals and carry out a range of duties, including maintaining the jail’s safety and security and assisting those in need during trying times. If your jail allows overtime, you may also be able to make more money. Along with a host of fantastic civil service benefits, you’ll also take use of one of the greatest pension plans in the UK.

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What is the Average Prison Officer Salary in UK?

When you begin working as a jail officer, your annual salary should range from 30,000 GBP to 40,000 GBP. Salary ranges for London are £38,697–£40,726. The range of earnings in the South and South East is 34,800 GBP to 38,300 GBP. Operations prison officer trainees in Scotland receive a starting salary of 24,705 GBP, which increases to 28,491 GBP after three years.

Salaries may vary according to your working hours, the area of the country you work in and the individual prison, as well as whether you are employed by HMPPS or a private prison. Pension schemes may also vary in private prisons.

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Experience Wise Prison Officer Salary UK

The level of experience also determines your salary range. Here we have added the experience-wise salary of a production officer in the United Kingdom. 

Prison Officer Salary UK

Education Wise Prison Officer Salary UK

Here’s a breakdown of Prison Officer salaries in the UK based on educational qualifications:

Education Level Average Salary Per Year  
Certificate/No Degree24,000 GBP
Bachelor’s Degree35,000 GBP

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Organisation Wise Prison Officer Salary UK

The salary range of a prison officer varies among companies. Here we have broken down the prison official salaries in the United Kingdom based on different companies: 

Organisation Average Salary Per Year 
HM Prison Service30,000 GBP
HM Prison and Probation Service31,732 GBP
Ministry of Justice UK30,000 GBP
Unlocked30,000 GBP
Civil Service United Kingdom31,987 GBP
Serco Group30,000 GBP
HMPS33,000 GBP
HMP Downview30,000 GBP
Metropolitan Police Service33,000 GBP-39,000 GBP
HM Prison Service28,000 GBP-33,000 GBP
Footasylum23,000 GBP-27,000 GBP
TBC29,000 GBP-33,000 GBP
Greene King26,000 GBP-31,000 GBP
Dandara23,000 GBP -27,000 GBP
HMP Properties28,000 GBP -33,000 GBP
Isle of Man Government36,000 GBP -42,000 GBP
Brixton Prison30,000 GBP -34,000 GBP
Ministry of Justice UK35,000 GBP-42,557 GBP

City Wise Prison Officer Salary UK

The salary of a prisoner in the United Kingdom also differs from city to city. Here we have mentioned the updated range of salary of a probation officer in the United Kingdom based on some top-paying citations. 

Prison Officer Salary UK

Job Role Wise Prison Officer Salary UK

There are various job roles that you can apply for in the United Kingdom. Here we have mentioned the various job opportunities that are related to prison officers in the United Kingdom: 

Job Role Average Salary Per Year 
Solicitor44,995 GBP
Social Worker39,782 GBP
Representative27,500 GBP
Supervisor28,028 GBP
Officer28,503 GBP
Deputy 34,628 GBP
Police Officer33,146 GBP
Probation Officer29,691 GBP
Juvenile Correctional Officer25,672 GBP
Prison Custody Officer (PCO)28,236 GBP

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How much do UK prison officers get paid?

As a jail officer, your starting salary should range from GBP 30,000 to GBP 40,000 annually. The salary range for London is 38,697–40,726 GBP.

Are prison officers doing a good job in the UK?

Prison work is a diversified and fast-paced environment. From maintaining prison security to assisting inmates in acquiring new skills, you will receive training for a wide range of scenarios. As a jail officer, you will have both good and bad days.

Is it safe to work in a prison in the UK?

Recognize the dangers associated with the work. The possibility of inmate aggressiveness or violence is constant. It is your responsibility to be aware of the safety protocols in place and to know how to defend yourself. Gain proficiency in communicating.

This was all the information about the prison officer’s salary in the UK in 2024. If you want to know more about salaries for different professions, follow Leverage Edu and our official page, Jobs Abroad.

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