How Much Driving Instructor Earn in United Kingdom: Driving Instructor Salary in UK 2024

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Driving Instructor Salary UK

Driving Instructor Salary in UK: A wonderful option to start a new profession and assist in educating the next generation of drivers is to become an approved driving instructor. You can complete the driving instructor training courses from top driving schools in a way that best fits your schedule, whether that means working through the tests quickly or gradually.


Whichever route you use to finish your driving instructor training, you will be able to charge a high rate of pay for your driving instruction. We’ve included some important information about the expenses of being a driving instructor below, along with the average salary for driving instructors in the United Kingdom.

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What is the Average Driving Instructor Salary in UK?

In the UK, the average compensation for a driving instructor is approximately 29,000 GBP annually; however, this can vary greatly, with the lowest average salary being around 13,900 GBP and the highest average salary being 45,600 GBP.

We have so examined the typical incomes that driving instructors in the UK will receive. The salary distribution is the next intriguing piece of information. 

Average Annual Salary29,000 GBP
Average Monthly Salary2,416 GBP
Lowest Annual Salary13,900 GBP
Lowest Monthly Salary1,158 GBP
Highest Annual Salary45,600 GBP
Highest Monthly Salary3,800 GBP

Driving Instructor Salary in the UK By Experience 

To give you an idea of how the average changes when you work for a particular amount of time, we have listed the average driving instructor’s income based on years of experience.

Driving Instructor Salary UK

Driving Instructor Salary in UK By Companies

Here is a list of the top UK companies that offer driving instructor salaries, however, the exact wage structure may vary depending on the type of business.

Companies Average Salary (per year)
Transport for Wales55,837 GBP
RED Driving School21,508 GBP
SelfEmployed.com40,122 GBP
Stagecoach27,048 GBP
Bill Plant Driving School31,048 GBP
How-2-Drive28,000 GBP
Acclaim Driving School26,000  – 47,000 GBP
Lloyds Banking Group45,000  – 55,000  GBP
The British Army29,000  – 35,000  GBP
Johnson & Johnson93,000  – 108,000 GBP
The AA37,000  – 43,000 GBP
Nones32,000  – 38,000 GBP 
Oxfam9,000 – 11,000 GBP
Tesco9,000  – 11,000 GBP

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Driving Instructor Salary in UK By Cities 

You may look at the statistics for each individual city we looked into in the image below if you want to compare the salaries of driving instructors in different parts of the United Kingdom.

Driving Instructor Salary UK

Driving Instructor Salary in UK By Education 

To determine how much more you can make at each education level, we have analyzed the incomes of workers in the same job and career level who have varying degrees of education.

Education Level Average Salary (per year)
High School 17,100 GBP
Certificate or Diploma26,100 GBP
Bachelor’s Degree40,700 GBP

Highest Paying Driving Instructor Jobs in UK

Salary data for positions comparable to a driving instructor in the UK is shown in the table below.

Positions Average Salary (per year) 
Truck Driver23,100 GBP
Transport Officer24,400 GBP
Shuttle Driver21,300 GBP
Delivery Driver20,400 GBP
CDL Truck Driver27,300 GBP
Car Driver23,000 GBP
Bus Driver23,400 GBP

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How much can you earn being a driving instructor in the UK?

You could make, roughly speaking, between £30-£40,000 per year working full-time. It’s possible that you could even surpass that. However, you will need to perform your calculations and take into account several factors. Let’s use the assumption that you work 35 hours a week on average and are employed for all but four weeks of the year.

Is there a demand for driving instructors in the UK?

Due to the massive backlog of driving lessons being developed as a result of the global pandemic, demand is currently at an all-time high. In addition, there is a countrywide scarcity of driving instructors despite a rise in demand as more individuals pick up driving as a way to save money on public transportation.

Is it difficult to become a driving instructor in the UK?

Officially you aren’t required to have any training before you take the ADI tests to become a driving instructor but, as with all specialist careers, most would find it very difficult to pass the tests without any bespoke training.

How quickly can you become a driving instructor in the UK?

Becoming a driving instructor can require several months of training. Both the application and verification processes and your test-taking performance may be hindered. The length of a course might range from six to twelve months, depending on how quickly you finish each module.

This was all the information about the Driving Instructor salary in the UK for 2024. For more such updated salary blogs follow Leverage Edu and our jobs abroad page. 

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