Part-time Jobs in USA

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Part-time Jobs in USA

For Indian students who study abroad, having a part-time job is essential. Students from all over the world can earn extra money in the USA in a variety of ways. You can gain a thorough understanding of student culture, US work laws, and daily life through a part-time job. You are only permitted to work on campus and for a maximum of 20 hours per week under the terms of your American student visa. To know more information about part-time jobs in USA read this complete article. 

Country  United States of America 
Most Employed Job sector  Retail, Finance, Education, Transport, Health Care 
Average Weekly Pay  $629 a week
Total Working hours per week  30 hours per week
Minimum wage per hour  $15 per hour

Why should students consider the USA for Part-time? 

When Indian students travel USA to study, they value having part-time work. Part-time employment not only lowers expenses but also gives you work experience and social connection. In the USA students can earn some of their tuition back, develop new skills and experiences, master time management, and work in a variety of occupations.

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Types of Part-Time in USA 

The classification of part-time jobs in USA is in two different categories; here we have mentioned both categories below:


Here is the list of some off-campus part-time jobs in USA 

  • Research Study Assistant 
  • Teaching Assistant 
  • Catering Assistant and Food Runner 
  • University Campus Tour Guide
  • Department Assistant


The category of job most liberally permitted by USCIS regulations—and one that is not subject to USCIS approval—is on-campus work. An F-1 student must fulfil the following regulations for on-campus employment in the USA:

  • You must keep your F-1 status current.
  • While school is in session, you can work up to 20 hours each week.
  • If you plan to enrol in classes the following semester, you are allowed to work full-time on campus during breaks and holidays.
  • The employment cannot “displace” (take a job away from) a citizen of the United States.

On Campus 

Here is the list of some on-campus part-time jobs in USA 


When it comes to on-campus employment, which is allowed without previous USCIS clearance, the standards are the least stringent. For F-1 students looking for on-campus employment in the USA, the following rules apply:

  • You must maintain your F-1 status.
  • You are allowed to put in up to 20 hours per week of work while classes are in session.
  • You are allowed to work full-time on campus throughout breaks and vacation periods if you intend to enrol in classes the following semester.
  • An employer cannot replace (take away) a citizen of the United States.

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List of part-time jobs in USA 

Jobs Roles  Average Salary per Hour 
Barista $11.59 per hour
Campus ambassador $10.94 per hour
Research study assistant $15.48 per hour 
Teaching Assistant $11.85 per hour
Sales assistant $20.00 per hour
Department Assistant $16.44 per hour 
Library assistant $13.24 per hour
Food runner or catering assistant $16.81 per hour
Tutor or peer mentor $21.31 per hour

Brief about Top Highest paying On campus Part time jobs In USA 

Here is the information about some of the highest-paying part-time jobs in the USA.

Peer Tutor

You will be assisting another student in their studies who may not be doing well. With course material, homework, and other things, you must assist the tutee.

Catering assistant and Food Runner 

You must assist in the kitchen, deliver food to clients, uphold cleanliness, and other comparable duties.

Assistant in Department

It is among the top part-time jobs in USA for students. Your primary duty is to support the specified department’s administrative and secretarial needs.

Campus Tech support 

You can apply at the tech support campus if you have computer skills. The opening might be accessible in departments, classrooms, labs, and libraries.

Some Online Part-time Jobs in USA 

In addition to part-time jobs, there are several online part-time jobs in the United States for overseas students. Among them are:

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Q1. What does a Part-time earner earn in the United States? 

In the USA, the average part-time wage is $15 per hour, or $31,200 annually. The starting salary for entry-level jobs is $27,148 per year, while the average yearly salary for experienced workers is $48,435.

Q2. Is working a part-time job lawful in the USA?

You are only permitted to work on campus and for a maximum of 20 hours per week under the terms of your American student visa. When classes are in session, students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week, and when classes are not in session, they are allowed to work a full 40 hours per week.

Q3. Is $20 per hour a fair wage in the USA?

A job that pays $20 per hour is terrific compensation even if you don’t have a college degree. Additionally, it gives job seekers an edge over individuals who are just starting their job search. With this pay, people might anticipate employment offers with high salaries and beneficial career advice.

This was all about the part-time jobs in the USA, For more such informative blogs reach out to Leverage Edu

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