Jobs After Masters in USA

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jobs after masters in usa

One of the most popular destinations worldwide for studying abroad is the United States. In the United States, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find work after MS due to the growing population. Strict immigration regulations and high living expenses exacerbate this difficulty. In the United States, MS graduates earn an annual salary of approximately 94,000 USD (70.4 lakh INR). In this blog, you’ll get an insight into the jobs after Masters in USA.

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Why Study MS in USA?

There are numerous reasons to pursue jobs after masters in USA; some of the major reasons include the following;

  • One major reason is the availability of numerous job opportunities across the USA with lucrative packages.
  • As the USA is well known as a study destination, many universities across the USA offer diversified degrees in science, technology, finance, business, arts, social sciences and much more. 
  • Another major reason for the popularity of a master’s in the USA is its precise curriculum and shorter duration. 

Note: After studying in the United States, students must have an H1-B visa in order to work. Despite the fact that no new H1-B visas are being accepted during this pandemic, it is typically simple to be accepted to work in the United States after completing one’s education.

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Top Universities for Jobs after Masters in USA

The USA is one of the main nations for top colleges across the world. The United States accounts for five of the top ten universities based on the Graduate Employability factor in 2022. The following are a few of the best colleges and universities, ranked highly on the graduate employability scale and offering competitive MS tuition and return on investment:

Name of the University Graduate Employability Rankings  Average Salary in USD 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 1 175000 (INR 1.43 Cr)
Harvard University 5 168000 (INR 1.37 Cr)
The University of California Los Angeles 3 150000 (INR 1.22 Cr)
Stanford University 2 184000 (INR 1.50 Cr)
Cornell University 9 145000 (INR 1.18 Cr)

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STEM programs have been observed to attract a greater number of international students due to their high return on investment and extended F1 visa stay period. When compared to other industries like wholesale & retail trade and leisure & hospitality, the unemployment rate in this sector also did not significantly rise during the COVID situation. The following is a discussion of the top five STEM MS programs in the United States with lucrative job opportunities:

Jobs after Masters in Finance

Popular Roles  Accountants
Budget Analysts
Financial Analysts 
Financial Examiners
Average Annual Salary  USD 81,000 (INR 6.25 Lakh)
Projected Job Growth  7%

Jobs after MS in Computer Science in USA

Popular Roles  Computer and Information Research Scientists
Support Specialists
Network Architects
System Analyst
Average Annual Salary  USD 79,793 (INR 65.26 Lakh)
Projected Job Growth  15%

Jobs after MS in Management in USA

Popular Roles  Project Manager
Financial Analyst
Human Resource Manager
Business Development Manager
Average Annual Salary  USD 77,000 (INR 62.98 Lakh)
Projected Job Growth  5%

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Jobs after MS in Data Science

Popular Roles  Data Scientist
Statistical Analyst
Data Analyst
Data Administrator
Average Annual Salary  USD 77,790 (INR 63.62 Lakh) 
Projected Job Growth  36%

Jobs after MS in Civil Engineering

Popular Roles  Construction engineers 
Structural engineers 
Geotechnical engineers 
Transportation engineers 
Average Annual Salary  USD 72201 (INR 59.05 Lakh)
Projected Job Growth  7%

Where to Seek Jobs after MS in USA?

Direct campus placement services are not offered by the majority of American universities. They have a Career Service department that helps businesses find interns or project assistants for students. All of the best universities in the United States strive for 100% placement, but the university’s placement services do not guarantee every student a position of their choosing.

Applying through the Career page of the organization you’re interested in is another option. However, this is a time-consuming endeavour because you must independently visit each organization’s page and track when job openings are posted.

There are a lot of websites on the internet that list job postings from various organizations on their pages to address this issue. Indeed, LinkedIn, Job2Careers,, CareerBuilder, Google for Jobs, SimplyHired, LinkUP, and others are some of the most well-known ones in the United States.

Post-study Work Visa for Jobs after MS in USA

Under the Optional Practical Training (OPT) scheme, international students who hold an F-1 visa are permitted to return for a year following the completion of their MS. For those pursuing an MS in a STEM field like computer science, engineering, or business management, this period can be extended by up to three years. To take advantage of OPT, students must find employment within 90 days of their US student visa expiration.

  • Employers of graduates can change F-1 visas into H-1B visas.
  • The three-year H-1B visa grants temporary work status and can be extended for an additional three years.
  • To keep their H-1B status, students must continue working for the same employer. If they change employers during their H-1B, they must reapply for this visa with the new employer’s information.

The United States is frequently regarded as the best location for MS study abroad. In the United States, post-MS students earn an annual salary of 94,000 USD on average. With an MS degree from the USA, a global understudy can get occupations at any place on the planet.

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Which pharmacy course is the best in the USA?

The best pharma courses in the USA are as follows 
MS in pharmacy 
MBA in Pharma business Management
MBA Pharma 

Which country is best for pharmacy and pharmacology?

The National University of Singapore is considered the best university for pharmacy and pharmacology across the globe. This university is situated in Singapore; thus, Singapore can be regarded as the best country.

What are the top 3 best pharmacy schools?

Ans. The top 3 best pharmacy schools across the globe are: 
The University of North Carolin
The University of Minnesota 
The University of Michigan

This was all about jobs after masters in USA. If you want to get into a high university, you’ll need more than just good grades; you’ll also need flawless application because the competition is fierce. You may enlist the assistance of Leverage Edu specialists to assist you with the application process so you can realize your goals. Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute consultation.

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