How to Find Jobs in South Korea: Jobs in Korea for Foreigners

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Jobs in Korea for Foreigners

Studying in South Korea was just the beginning, young foreign graduates are now also interested in finding jobs in South Korea. When you see the young Gen Z going all mad over South Korea, you might conclude that it’s all K Pop culture. Well, it is one of the major driving factors but certainly not the only one. South Korean cities are well-developed and transformed, they have cutting-edge resources and Byzantine temples, lofty skyscrapers and also Asia’s third-largest economy. If jobs in South Korea are on your list as well, read along to make sure how you get it. 

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Why Work in South Korea?

With countries like the USA, Australia and the UK on your target list of working abroad, why would you choose South Korea? First of all, finding jobs in the countries mentioned above is not a piece of cake. 

Even if you study abroad in the USA or UK you might not get work opportunities in the country directly. So what’s the next step? Sulking? Never, your study abroad degree especially from such top destinations makes you ready for global competition. 

Now that you are open to options, why not consider South Korea? Here are some convincing reasons to find jobs in Korea for foreigners. 

  • A thriving economy is welcoming you. This means better standards of living and better opportunities. 
  • South Korea is home to brands like Samsung, LG, Hyundai, KIA, POSCO and Lotte.
  • As of 2023, it is also among the top 15 economies and also the sixth-largest exporter.
  • Of course, Korean culture and pop culture cannot be completely ignored on this list. 
  • You also get a chance to explore a new language. 

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Best Cities for Expats in South Korea

The purpose behind looking for the best cities is to consider judiciously where you will get the best opportunities. Cities with better standards of living and more job openings and flexibility for foreigners are considered on this list. 


Starting off with Seoul as it is the most popular city in South Korea. Seoul is bustling with foreign tourists and employees. The entertainment scene in the city is quite popular too. If you face jet lag you have some options to stay up all night. 


Let’s assure you that your experience here will be totally zombie-free (P.S. If you don’t get the reference, watch Train to Busan). Busan is the second largest city in the country. People in Busan are more interested in adventures and as for jobs tertiary sector jobs such as those in the fields of marketing and communications are ideal for this city. 


Suwan has many historical landmarks and is also famous as a tourist attraction for many foreigners. It has 10 great universities and is known for its academic community. Therefore, the city is ideal for teaching jobs in South Korea.

Bonus tip: If you are looking for lower costs of living, you better go for cities like Daejeon, Jeju, Gwangju, Ulsan and Suwon. 

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Major Job Sectors

Here are the major job sectors for jobs in Korea for foreigners. 

English Teaching Jobs in Korea

South Korea has an ESL (English as a second language) requirement, due to which a lot of people want to learn English from experts. If you are good at it, you can get plenty of opportunities to teach English in South Korea. 

Government schools such as EPIK, SMOE, GOE, GEPIK and TaLK as well as private institutes hire English language teachers. However, you need to prove your proficiency in English with tests like TEFL & TESOL, or CELTA to apply for the jobs. If you have studied in a native English-speaking country, your chances of getting these jobs will get better. 

Teaching Jobs in South Korea

Education is the core of building a strong community and Korea strongly believes in this idea. If you are an expert in a field then there are many places to give you offers for sharing your knowledge. 

You will still be required to sit the English language proficiency tests. Any other tests to evaluate your expertise might also be required. A degree in teaching and an understanding of the Korean Education system is also required, especially for school jobs. 

Jobs in Indian Companies

India also has multinational companies such as Tata Motors, Novelis, TCS, Wipro, Mahindra and Mahindra, Nucleus and L&T Infotech. To get experience of working abroad you can apply to the overseas offices of these companies in South Korea. 

These companies usually work on exchange programs sending their employees to India and getting Indian counterparts to work in South Korea. You can even work in Korean companies that also have offices in India under such programs. 

IT Jobs

India and South Korea have good ties in terms of employment exchange programs. As IT Professionals are in high demand in South Korea, one of the best and most secure jobs for Indians to move abroad to South Korea is IT. 

The annual earnings of an IT specialist in South Korea are similar to those in countries like the USA and UK. The country is fast developing and matching its standards to world-class competition. Nevertheless, an elementary knowledge of Korean is required to get such jobs. 

Jobs for Indians in South Korea

You must be aware that India is the hub of traditional medicine. Now that the world is recognising the importance of traditional medicine over synthetic counterparts, concepts like Indian Yoga, meditation and Ayurveda are becoming popular. 

South Korea is also utilizing Indian talent in the field of medicine and hence such fields are popular for Indians to seek jobs in South Korea. Another Indian-specific job in South Korea is that of an Indian Chef. If your cooking can stir the taste buds, use it. 

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Be wise while choosing an occupation as you will also be required to communicate your skills fluently with people who you do not share native languages with. Though English is the common medium of communication, certain jobs will require a basic knowledge of the Korean language.  

Here are some popular job types along with a company name to describe the type of companies offering such jobs. 

Jobs Companies
Creative Direction PUMA
Television ProductionThomson Reuters
Project ManagerPersona
Language Expert HYBE
PR Manager Fendi
English TeacherGlobal LT
Communications L’OCCITANE Group
Editor Edelman
ProducerMoongate Design Studio 
Search Analyst TELUS International


As the cost of living in South Korea is higher as compared to other Asian countries, the salaries are offered to keep that in mind. South Korea is a country that employs its employees well. The minimum wage in the country has also been revised to ₩9,620 per hour at the beginning of 2023. 

The average pay for foreign employees in the country is between ₩958,000 to ₩3,890,000 or USD 740 to USD 2,947 per month. Salaries are competitive and also depend on the job experience and expertise of the employees. 

How to Get a Job in South Korea?

Here are short pointers to getting a job in South Korea. 

  • Get a university degree, school passouts are not considered for jobs. 
  • Select a job related to your degree and specialization. 
  • Get the right certifications and clear the required exams for the job. 
  • Extra skill-based certifications are an added asset. 
  • Make short CVs with the right keywords. 
  • Display etiquette and great work ethic at the interview. 
  • Dress appropriately. 

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Here are some popular job websites to consider in South Korea.

  • Saramin
  • Job Korea
  • Craigslist
  • LinkedIn
  • Global Korea Center
  • Work-Net
  • People N Job

Rules and Regulations 

Here are some rules and regulations that you need to follow after getting job in South Korea. 

  • Koreans have extended working hours. They work around 52 hours a week. A 40-hour regular and a 12-hour overtime. 
  • You get 10 to 16 leaves per year. The paid annual leaves are also added for long-term employees. 
  • There are vacations for regular employees provided by the company. 
  • Moreover, you need to pay income tax and health and pension insurance. 
  • Foreigners can either pay a progressive income tax of 8 and 45 per cent or a fixed income tax of 19% on gross earnings. 
  • Have an appropriate Visa: (i) Professor- E-1 Visa (ii) E-2 Foreign Language Instructor Visa (iii) Guidance on Technological Issues- E-4 Visa (iv) Special Profession – E-5 Visa (iv) Activities with a Unique Design- E-7 Visa (V) Study Abroad visa (vi) F-Type Visas.


Can a foreigner get a job in South Korea?

Yes, if they fulfil all the requirements for the job, foreigners can get jobs in South Korea. 

How can I settle in South Korea from India?

To settle in South Korea, it is better to choose cities that have a lower cost of living so that you can save better. Daejeon, Jeju, Gwangju and Ulsan are ideal choices. One must have a job offer in hand to settle. The job offer will help you get the residence permit which you can extend on expiration and after a while apply for more permanent options. If you have an F-Type long-term visa you can apply for permanent residence after its expiration. 

What is a good salary in South Korea?

₩3,500,000 or USD 2,586 to ₩4,500,000 or USD 3,325 is considered a good salary in South Korea based on the cost of living in the country.

This was all about jobs in South Korea and how you can find them. Follow our Jobs Abroad page for more information on careers, international part-time and full-time jobs and internships. 

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