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History, Affiliations and Rankings

Leipzig University (German: Universität Leipzig) is one of the world's oldest institutions and Germany's second-oldest university (by consecutive years of operation). It is located in Leipzig, the Free State of Saxony. The university was created on 2 December 1409 by Frederick I, Elector of Saxony and his brother William II, Margrave of Meissen, and originally consisted of the four scholastic faculties. Leipzig University is affiliated with the Utrecht Network and U15 (German universities). In the QS World University Rankings 2023, Leipzig University is ranked #447 and In the QS World University Rankings by Arts and Humanities Subject, it is ranked #202. According to the US News Rankings 2022, the Leipzig University is rated #350. And it is ranked between 126-150th as per Times Higher Education European Teaching Rankings 2018.

Infrastructure, Campuses and Courses

The University of Leipzig campus is home to the centuries-old University Library, the university archives, and three museums, making it one of Germany's oldest higher education institutions. The oldest botanical garden in Germany is situated on the University of Leipzig's campus. Leipzig University has an urban campus that is spread out over the city. In Leipzig, the University is spread out across 38 different sites. The main building is in the city centre, and it is in the same location as the other buildings. The university has a library, as well as a number of museums and a hospital. The botanical garden of the university is Europe's second-oldest botanical garden. The university features a museum dedicated to musical instruments. Leipzig University offers 150 undergraduate, postgraduate, master's, diploma, and PhD programs. There are 14 faculties in all. The majority of courses at the University of Leipzig are taught in German. As a result, foreign students must demonstrate a high level of reading and comprehension in German.

Accomplishments and Alumni

Professor Daniel Huster of Leipzig University's Institute for Medical Physics and Biophysics has been awarded the renowned Thomas E. Thompson Award for his groundbreaking work in the field of membrane biophysics. Also, the research qualities are primarily focused on the new order in a worldwide society, as well as intelligent techniques and materials, as well as life and health concepts that are sustainable. The University of Leipzig has a large and active alumni network with 2300 alumni located all over the world. Many prominent people have come from Leipzig University. Some of the notable alumni include August Ferdinand Möbius, a German mathematician and theoretical astronomer who is best known for his Möbius strip; Dr Fruzsina Muller – Freelance Journalist (Hungary), Zhang Xiaochen – Global Studies (China), Ana Beatriz Ribeiro – Lifestyle Blogger (Brazil) and Hayat Abed Ali Hashim – journalist (US).

Student Diversity and Visiting Companies

Leipzig University is one of Germany's most outward-looking higher education institutions due to its strong worldwide teaching and research profile. International students make up a substantial part of the student body at Leipzig University. In the winter term of 2017, international students made up around 11% (3,174) of the total 28,797 students. The University of Leipzig's career services staff provides a variety of services, including internship information and regular seminars on resume and cover letter writing job hunting, and pay negotiation. International students at the University of Leipzig have their own career services.

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