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University of Rostock

Rostock, Germany


Industrial Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Agriculture, Biotechnology

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Tradition and innovation are the hallmarks of our 600-year history. Education and research began in Rostock 73 years before Columbus discovered America when the university was founded in 1419. A lot has changed since then. Founded as a technical faculty in 1951, the first to be established in a classical university. The University of Rostock is a public university in Rostock, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Germany. It is the third oldest university in Germany, the oldest university in continental Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea region and the eighth oldest in Central Europe. It was the fifth university established in the Holy Roman Empire. In 2007, the University of Rostock bundled its research competencies into three profile lines, Life, Light and Matter (LLM), Marine Systems and Ageing of the Individual and Society. A fourth called Knowledge-Culture-Transformation was founded in 2010. Life, Light and Matter develop new concepts for future technologies based on atomic and molecular processes in relation to laser optics and life sciences. It is affiliated with EUA, DFG and DAAD. It is ranked #736 in Best Global Universities, #303 in Best Global Universities in Europe and #45 in Best Global Universities in Germany. 

Infrastructure, Campuses and Courses

The campus of the University of Rostock has a huge library, which consists of three departmental libraries and several specialist libraries and provides scientific literature and information for research, teaching and study. In addition to the university choir and orchestra, there are many other options for promoting young students with the Volkstheater, the Freie Theatre and the Hochschule fĂĽr Musik und Theatre offering an extensive programs. There are seven cafes in different locations around the city. The food has been awarded several times with the "Golden Tray" for the best canteen in Germany. The University of Rostock offers more than 100 courses across its nine faculties. They offer all types of courses, from Bachelors to PhDs, in a wide range of subjects. The university has nine faculties, the most popular of which are the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Marine Technology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, etc. Some of the courses offered here are Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Economics, Mathematics, History, Business Analytics, Business, Computer Science And Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Physics.

Accomplishments and Alumni

The University of Rostock has undergone significant conceptual and organisational changes in recent years, including the bundling of competencies and research activities in the interdisciplinary and interprofessional departments of the Interdisciplinary Faculty. The academic focus of the faculties has improved through the inclusion of interdisciplinarity. The University of Rostock is a combination of class and academic excellence that moulds  students in the perfect way to tackle any problems they may encounter professionally and personally. A great place to study and experience the culture, the University of Rostock has vibrant city life and great architecture. Students from all over the world feel welcome here as it celebrates diversity. There is no doubt that this university has consistently secured excellent ranking positions and is a coveted choice among international students looking to study abroad. Some of the notable alumni are Karl Von Frisch (Nobel laureate in medicine), Otto Stern (Nobel laureate in Physics), and Joachim Gauck (11th president of Germany). 

Student Diversity and Visiting Companies

There are about 14,000 students and 2,933 staff members. Also, the population of international students is about 7% from different corners of the world. The Student Council (StuRa) and the General Student Committee (AStA) work permanently in the interests of the student body. The StuRa is made up of elected representatives from all faculties and meets approximately once a month. Every year, usually in the summer semester, students can be selected for the StuRa with the will. The AStA, on the other hand, consists of students from a wide variety of disciplines, each of whom has their own work area and is available to all students as a contact person. 

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