Explore Medical Assistant Salary in Canada 2024

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Medical Assistant Salary in Canada

The healthcare field offers a variety of rewarding career paths, and medical assisting plays a crucial role in keeping things running smoothly. Medical assistants are entry-level healthcare workers who support other staff by performing a wide variety of clinical and administrative tasks. But with any career choice, understanding salary expectations is important. So, if you’re interested in becoming a medical assistant in Canada, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will go over everything you need to know about clinical medical assistants, including the average salary based on various factors such as experience, education, organization, and location. 

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How Much a Medical Assistant Can Earn in Canada?

Based on the reports of a few sources, such as Glassdoor and Indeed, the average annual salary of a medical assistant in Canada is around 68,900 CAD, the average monthly salary is 5,741 CAD, the lowest annual salary you can earn is around 35,500 CAD, and the lowest monthly salary is 2,958 CAD. On the other hand, the highest annual salary is around 105,800 CAD, and the highest monthly salary is 8,816 CAD. 

The salary range of a medical assistant can be different depending on some factors we have mentioned in the below details. Along with the salary, medical assistants also take advantage of other benefits such as accommodation and transport. 

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Experience Wise Medical Assistant Salary in Canada

Here we have displaced the level of experience with the range of salary you can earn working as a medical assistant in Canada. 

Medical Assistant Salary in Canada

Education Wise Medical Assistant Salary in Canada

The level of education also determines the pay range of your salary if you are working in Canada as a medical assistant. We have displaced the level of education and its salary range. 

Education Level Average salary Per Year 
Certificate or Diploma47,400 CAD
Bachelor’s Degree72,000 CAD
Master’s Degree102,700 CAD

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Organisation Wise Medical Assistant Salary in Canada

The type of organization in which you are working also determines your pay range in Canada. Here we have displaced the various organizations in Canada with their salary range. 

Organisation Level Average salary Per Year 
DynaLIFE Medical Labs53,000 CAD -62,000 CAD
St. Michael’s Hospital41,000 CAD -52,000 CAD
Peking University39,000 CAD -72,000 CAD
HCA Healthcare39,000 CAD-55,000 CAD
Walmart89,000 CAD -100,000 CAD
Alberta Precision Laboratories21,000 CAD -34,000 CAD
Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health33,000 CAD -36,000 CAD
ManagerPlus50,000 CAD- 60,000 CAD
Aquity Solutions65,000 CAD -76,000 CAD
Inovo93,000 CAD-100,000 CAD
Thornhill Skin Clinic55,000 CAD -65,000 CAD
Clinique Flo MD65,000 CAD -76,000 CAD
Amgen83,000 CAD-98,000 CAD
Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation47,000 CAD-54,000 CAD
Emergis42,000 CAD -49,000 CAD
Fortis Healthcare58,000 CAD -78,000 CAD
Showcase92,000 CAD -100,000 CAD
UT Southwestern Medical Center56,000 CAD -65,000 CAD
Footbridge (Canada)43,000 CAD -50,000 CAD

City Wise Medical Assistant Salary in Canada

The top-ranking city in Canada pays you well if you are working as a medical assistant. Here we have displaced the city-wise comparison for a medical assistant salary in Canada. 

Medical Assistant Salary in Canada

Positions Wise Medical Assistant Salary in Canada

There are various positions that pay you a high salary in Canada. Here we have displaced the position-wise salary of a medical assistant in Canada. 

Positions Average salary Per Year 
Phlebotomist44,203 CAD
Medical Professor92,795 CAD
Administrative Assistant42,234 CAD
Account Clerk46,800 CAD
Instructor48,704 CAD
Lab Assistant 49,542 CAD
Executive Assistant60,000 CAD
Certified Medical Assistant59,022 CAD
Patient Care Technician58,197 CAD
Phlebotomy43,908 CAD
Medical Assistant 65,005  CAD
Clinical Assistant 65,000  CAD
Medical Technician 43,000 CAD
Patient Care Technician45,000  CAD
Medical Office Assistant48,000  CAD
Primary Care Physician50,500 CAD

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How much do medical assistants make in Canada?

In Canada, the average pay for a medical assistant is 21.99 CAD per hour or 42,881 CAD per year. The starting salary for entry-level jobs is 35,100 CAD annually, while the average salary for experienced workers is 53,643 CAD.

How much do doctors’ assistants make in Canada?

In Canada, a doctor’s assistant makes, on average, 135,557 CAD annually. In Canada, a doctor assistant’s supplemental financial remuneration ranges from 2,929 CAD to 13,232 CAD, with an average of 6,225 CAD.

Is a Medical assistant in demand in Canada?

The ageing population of Canada is driving up demand for healthcare services. Because of this change in the population, there is an increased demand for Medical Office Assistants (MOAs) to handle crucial administrative tasks in busy medical practices.

Who is the highest-paid Medical assistant?

Top 5 Highest Paid Medical Assistant Specialties:
Podiatry Medical Assistant
Medical Assistants with Insurance Skills
Fertility Medical Assistant
Cardiology Medical Assistant
Ophthalmology Medical Assistant

This was all the information about Medical Assistant Salary in Canada. If you want to read more such articles on salary follow Leverage edu and our official page Jobs Abroad for more update 

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