An Overview of Event Planner Salary in United Kingdom in 2024 

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Event Planner Salary in UK

Being an event planner is both a rewarding job and rated as one of the most creative jobs in the world. As an event planner, you can fully use your creative ideas. This profession is one of the most demanding today. By meeting with clients to understand the event’s purpose, you can also charge your customers for your work based on their requirements. If you’re considering the profession and want to explore how much you can make as an event planner in the United Kingdom, you can refer to this article and read in detail about the event planner salary in United Kingdom in 2024. 

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How Much an Event Planner Make in UK?

If you are working as an event planner in the United Kingdom, you can earn an average annual salary of around 52,800 GBP, and the average monthly salary you can earn is 4,400 GBP. The lowest annual salary is 27,300 GBP, and the lowest monthly salary is 2,275 GBP. On the other hand, the highest annual salary you can make as an event planner in the UK is around 83,000 GBP, and the highest monthly salary is 6,916 GBP. 

The pay for event planners varies greatly depending on your gender, location, experience, and skill set. To learn more about each of these topics, continue reading the sections below.

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Event Planner Salary in UK Based on Experience 

We have displaced the comparison of event planner salaries in the United Kingdom, which is based on experience level. 

event planner salary in uk

Event Planner Salary in UK Based on Education 

The level of education also determines your pay in the United Kingdom. Here we have added the salary range of an event paneer with their level of education. 

Education TypeAverage Salary Per Year 
High School42,000 GBP
Certificate or Diploma57,400 GBP
Bachelor’s Degree78,700 GBP

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Event Planner Salary in UK Based on Companies 

Here we have displaced the list of some top companies that hire event planners and provide a good salary in the United Kingdom.

Companies Average Salary Per Year 
American Express Global Business Travel22,000 GBP -25,000  GBP
Rhubarb26,000 GBP -29,000 GBP
Apple37,000 GBP -43,000 GBP
JPMorgan Chase & Co61,000 GBP -72,000 GBP
Bank of America71,000 GBP -83,000 GBP
Thomson Reuters24,000 GBP -28,000 GBP
AND Digital36,000 GBP -42,000 GBP
NTT DATA39,000 GBP -46,000 GBP
The Ivy Collection32,000 GBP -39,000 GBP
University of Westminster12,000 GBP -14,000 GBP
BP23,000 GBP -27,000 GBP
BaxterStorey27,000 GBP -33,000 GBP
British Transport Police27,000 GBP -32,000 GBP
Leonardo Hotels UK & Ireland28,000 GBP -32,000 GBP
CH&CO24,000 GBP -28,000 GBP
Royal Horticultural Society26,000 GBP -30,000 GBP

Event Planner Salary in UK Based on Cities 

Here we have compiled the data on the event planner salary in the United Kingdom, which is based on the highest-paying cities. 

event planner salary in uk

Event Planner Salary in UK Based on Positions 

There are various positions in the event management industry where you can work and earn a good salary. Here we have mentioned some of the best positions for event planners with their salary range in the United Kingdom.

Positions Average Salary Per Year 
Planning Director70,000 GBP
Event Manager33,304 GBP
Events Manager33,864 GBP
Designer35,000 GBP
Landscape Architect 37,500 GBP
Senior Landscape Architect40,000 GBP
Assistant Event Planner23,905 GBP
Event Coordinator 26,559 GBP
Senior Event Manager55,370 GBP
Meeting/Event Planner30,783 GBP

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How much does a planner earn in the UK?

In the UK, a planner makes, on average, 31,550 GBP annually, or 16.18 GBP per hour. The starting salary for entry-level jobs is 26,276 GBP annually, while the average salary for experienced workers is up to 55,000 GBP.

What is the highest salary for an event planner?

The average yearly pay for event planners is 60,360 GBP. Pay ranges from 35,870 GBP to 109,240 GBP on average.

How much do self-employed event planners make in the UK?

In the United Kingdom, the average yearly compensation for a freelance event planner is 36,420 GBP. In the United Kingdom, the average additional cash compensation for a freelance event planner is 3,876 GBP, with a range of 1,664 GBP to 9,027 GBP.

This was all the information about Event Planner Salaries in the United Kingdom in 2024. For more information on salary follow Leverage Edu and our official Page Jobs Abroad. 

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