Break Down Of Private Investigator Salary In Canada in 2024

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private investigator salary in canada

The job of a private investigator can be interesting, valuable, and rewarding at the same time. In Canada, you can work as a private investigator on both a fixed payment basis or income-based assignments, either way, there is always a decent demand for investigators in the country. It is a very suitable career option for you if your attention to detail is high and you think critically. Before taking up a private investigator job in Canada, let’s know all about the Private Investigator salary in Canada through this blog.


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Average Private Investigator Salary In Canada

The private investigator working in Canada on a fixed income basis makes an average of 134,100 CAD per year which is pretty good pay in the country.

  • The highest average salary for the investigator is 204,900 CAD per year
  • The lowest average salary for the investigator is 72,400 CAD per year

To get a better understanding the following is the salary of a private investigator on a monthly basis:

  • The average monthly salary is 11,175 CAD
  • The highest monthly salary is 17,075 CAD
  • The lowest monthly salary is 6,033 CAD

Private Investigator Salary In Canada Based On Experience Level

The level of experience is a very crucial aspect when the salary of an employee is decided. Individuals gain the intricacy in skills and proficiency in the work with the increasing level of experience. In the field of a private investigator, an individual can expect up to 26% higher salary with just 2 to 5 years of experience in the job. The following picture gives more clarity on the experience-wise pay of private investigators.

private investigator salary in canada

Private Investigator Salary In Canada Based On Education Level

The level of education is also one of the most important criteria to be considered when the salary decision of an individual is made. A higher level of education provides employees more insight into the subject and improves their knowledge and critical thinking. High-educated employees earn a high salary range. You can earn a 32% higher salary with a bachelor’s degree compared to a diploma. The following table shows the average salary paid against each level of education: 

Educational QualificationSalary 
High school 103,600 CAD
Diploma or Certification116,400 CAD
Bachelor’s Degree153,800 CAD
Master’s Degree189,800 CAD

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Private Investigator Salary In Canada In Different Sectors

The public sector has higher salaries to employees compared to the private sector. The public sector in the job of private investigator is observed to be paying an increased salary of 6% to the employees.

Sector Salary 
Public sector123,000 CAD
Private sector 115,600 CAD

Private Investigator Salary In Canada Compared In Different Cities

Different cities in Canada are observed to be paying slightly different salaries to employees in the same profession. To see which cities pay higher salaries and are better to work in refer to the following image.

private investigator salary in canada

Private Investigator Salary In Canada Compared To Similar Professions

To get a better understanding of private investigator salary in Canada, let’s compare the average pay of the profession to other similar professions in the same industry through the help of the following table:

Profession Salary 
Criminal investigator134,700 CAD
Firefighter65,900 CAD
Forensic science technician118,900 CAD
Fraud examiner134,100 CAD
Jail officer 54,700 CAD
Security Officer44,300 CAD
Security technician40,300 CAD
Traffic controller72,700 CAD
Fire inspector124,500 CAD
Advocate 90,900 CAD


Is Canada a good place to work as a private investigator?

Yes, Canada is a good country to work as a private investigator. The country provides a very comfortable work life, a vast pool of opportunities, a pretty good pay range, and good career growth.

How is the pay raise and bonus in the job of a private investigator?

The pay raise you can expect in the profession of a private investigator is 7% every 12 months. The job is low bonus based, providing only 1 – 2% of the average annual bonus to the employees.

Is there any difference in pay for male and female private investigators?

Yes, despite several efforts made to remove all the gender differences, there is still a slight difference in the salaries of men and women. Female investigator earns around 6% of lower salary compared to males in the same profession.

This was all about the Private Investigator salary in Canada. To read more such informative blogs on salaries and jobs-related content follow Jobs Abroad. To learn about studying abroad follow Leverage Edu.

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