Australia Truck Driver Salary: Compare Before You Enrol!

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Australia Truck Driver Salary

Australia truck driver salary: Moving to Australia for studies or work takes some serious effort and dedication. At times you might research for the best jobs to earn better from the very beginning and are surprised to see jobs like that of a truck driver or babysitter and many such simple jobs. The fact is that, unlike some underdeveloped countries, Australia pays well for such jobs. It is an easy way to work in a country and earn better. Nevertheless, knowing the English language is an essential requirement. If you are someone looking for just the thing, here are Australian truck driver salary details for you to consider. 

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Australia Truck Driver Salary – An Average

The average truck driver’s salary in Australia is around 34.81 AUD per hour. If you are not willing to work on a per-hour basis then you can even collaborate with companies to work on a monthly salary. The average monthly salary is around 6,219 AUD. 

This also corresponds to $87,835 per year. If you prefer a range, it would be between 65,000 AUD to 85,000 AUD. According to the conversion of currency as of December 2023, this salary is around INR 73,28,000. 

This is one of the high paying jobs and that is why truck driver jobs are so popular. You might also get compensatory pay for your work. In cities like Melbourne, this additional pay can range between 1480 AUD – 13200 AUD per month.

Nevertheless, the actual compensation for this role will depend a lot on the company you are employed by. It also depends on other factors such as your total experience as a truck driver in years. Lastly, do not forget to add your driving skills and road safety skills to your resume. 

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Truck Driver Salary in Top Companies in Australia

Here is a list of top companies in Australia for the job of a truck driver. Salaries are also mentioned for reference. 

Companies HiringSalary 
G.A.M SteelMonthly basis2879 AUD per month
Heidelberg MaterialsHourly basis17 AUD – 19 AUD per hour 
Toll GroupHourly basis24 AUD – 28 AUD per hour
1800DRIVERSMonthly basis99,958 AUD per year
AG WORKFORCEMonthly basis91,718 AUD per year
Transforce, Inc.Monthly basis64,565 AUD per year

Cities in Australia With Highest Truck Driver Salary 

Paying criteria is also affected by the city you are working in. Therefore, here are a select few cities in Australia that pay the highest salaries for truck drivers. 

  • Perth pays the highest salary for electricians in Australia, that is, 30,800 AUD per year. 
  • Brooklyn VIC follows it with an average salary of 45,381 AUD per year. 
  • Next on the list is West Melbourne with a 30,200 AUD average annual salary. 
  • Brisbane pays around 31,400 AUD per year to electricians on average. 
  • Sydney has an average of 34,000 AUD per year. 
  • The city of Melbourne pays 30,200 AUD annually on average. 
  • Laverton North has an annual average salary of 44,996 AUD.
  • If you work in Adelaide then 30,700 AUD per year is going to be your average salary as a truck driver.
  • Lastly, we have Geelong with an average annual salary of 53,082 AUD.
Australia Truck Driver salary

Note: These salaries as reported on Indeed and Glassdoor are based on salaries actually reported by employees working in the cities. However, due to irregular participation from various cities, the averages might not be exact. 

Different Types of Truck Driver Jobs and Their Salaries in Australia

The truck could be a heavy-loaded truck or as big as a milk van driving through city lanes. It all depends on the type of truck driver you are. Considering the broad categories, here are some driver salaries in Australia. 

Truck Driver JobSalary 
Driver35.99 AUD per hour
Delivery Driver31.26 AUD per hour
Owner Operator Driver 38.34 AUD per hour
Local Driver34.86 AUD per hour
Shuttl Driver26.94 AUD per hour
Route Driver32.60 AUD per hour
Water Truck Driver73,000 AUD- $83,000 AUD per year

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Requirements to Become a Truck Driver in Australia

Consider the following requirements carefully before applying for a job. 

  • First of all get an unrestricted, state-issued driver’s license.
  • You also have to establish a good driving record as the driving license is initially held for a while. 
  • Practice on the truck you would like to drive in future. These include heavy rigid truck driving, medium rigid truck driving, and multi-combination truck driving.
  • Also, please remember that there is a separate license for truck drivers who transport dangerous goods. 
  • As for qualifications you can go for Certificate III in Driving Operations through TAFE or any other institution.

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How much does a truck driver make in Australia?

You can earn around 2,250 AUD to 19,996 AUD as a truck driver in Australia. 

Is truck driving a good job in Australia?

Yes, truck driving is a very nicely paid job in Australia. You can earn 35 AUD to 38 AUD an hour with this job. 

What is the highest salary for a truck driver?

The highest salary reported for a truck driver is 350,000 AUD per year.

We hope that you now understand about the Australia truck driver salary. If you want to read more about such a good profession that pays you well, follow Jobs Abroad on Leverage Edu.

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