Know About Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria 2024

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highest paying jobs in Nigeria

Nigeria is known for the warmth and hospitality which they provide. There the general working weeks are 40 hours. Nigeria has many laws supporting employee satisfaction; according to the Nigerian Labour Law 2004 Which governs the relationship between an employer and employee and includes aspects such as employment Benefits, wages, contracts etc.. As per the labour laws, any working professional whether from the home country or overseas will be entitled to all employee benefits. In this article, we will learn about the highest-paying jobs in Nigeria and other aspects related to them.


Employee Benefits In Nigeria

There are many benefits which are provided to an employee working in Nigeria matter whether the employee is from Nigeria or from overseas.

Leave Entitlements 

In Nigeria, employees get 12 sick leaves each year and in addition, all employees get six days of statutory leave after 12 months of employment. In Nigeria, all public holidays are also paid which are 11 in number.

Maternity Leave

In Nigeria, female employees get 12 weeks of maternity leave and during these leaves, the employee receives 50 per cent of her salary.

highest paying jobs in Nigeria

Pension Plans

As per the law under the Pension Reform Act 2014, they have to pay 8 per cent and employers have to pay 10 per cent for the pension fund and this money goes into employees’ retirement savings accounts.


In Nigeria, employees get paid for doing work overtime. In Nigeria, the workweek is 48 hours and with this, every employee is entitled to one paid rest day each week. To get good work an employer must provide leisure time to the employee for his/her mental well-being and along with it must pay for the overtime an employee has given to the organisation.


According to the Employee Compensation Act 2010, an employer must offer 1 per cent of his/her monthly payroll to the employees in Nigeria. This amount of insurance fund can be utilized by the employees or their dependents through work-related injury, disability, death or disease.

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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria

For those who aspire to work in Nigeria, the list of highest-paying jobs in Nigeria is given below-

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineers have the responsibility to build and ideate all public or private buildings. they play a lead role in building structures such as dams, tunnels, bridges and buildings. They take the lead in supervising the construction work.

JobsAverage Annual Salary
Civil Engineer3,850,000 NGN

Petroleum Engineering

The biggest export of Nigeria is Crude oil. Nigeria with a big oil export economy has a high demand for Petroleum Engineers because of the high demand for the role of Petroleum Engineering they also get paid well.

JobsAverage Annual Salary
Petroleum Engineer5,824,000 NGN

Medicine And Surgery

In Nigeria, the healthcare sector gets paid well this is due to the high demand for healthcare professionals throughout the country. Surgeons are also paid well in Nigeria. The high demand for professionals in the healthcare sector is the major reason for their high salaries.

JobsAverage Annual Salary
Medicine And Surgery975,000 NGN

Software Developers

Software Developers are responsible for the maintenance of the custom software for companies and organisations. To operate systems for machinery these highly skilled professionals develop various software from mobile apps and computer programs to operating systems for machinery.

JobsAverage Annual Salary
Software Developers1,938,759 NGN


Anywhere in the world accounting is necessary to run a business and to manage organisations’ funds. An accountant can earn a handsome salary anywhere in the world.

JobsAverage Annual Salary
Accounting1,296,178 NGN

Project Management

To complete a project all people who are involved in it must work while coordinating and efficiently and to ensure that each group is working in the correct direction project manager takes the lead for the same.

JobsAverage Annual Salary
Project Management4,50,000 NGN

Human Resource Management

There is a crucial part of an organisation which is to connect with the people and interact with them. HR (Human Resources) are responsible for the hiring of fresh talent in any organisation working as a bridge between the employee and the employer and working to provide satisfaction to the employee in any possible manner.

JobsAverage Annual Salary
Human Resource Management1,235,066 NGN

Aeronautic Engineers

The aeronautic engineers work towards the development and research of new technologies to improve travel in Nigeria. They are responsible for designing, building and maintaining aircraft.

JobsAverage Annual Salary
Aeronautic Engineers4,350,000 NGN

Banking Associate

In the Nigerian economy, financial and banking institutions play an important role. Banking Associates helps to assist clients and banks in various services and they work with retail clients to get to know their financial needs.

JobsAverage Annual Salary
Banking Associate4,420,000 NGN

Customer Support Specialist

Customer Support Specialists have a responsibility to address concerns, assist with issues and build a relationship with the customer. They are also a crucial part of any industry.

JobsAverage Annual Salary
Customer Support Service727,080 NGN

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Ways To Find Jobs In Nigeria

There are a few ways described below to search for the highest-paying jobs in Nigeria-

highest paying jobs in Nigeria

  • Networking aspirants who want to work in Nigeria can make networks in webinars and pitch themselves if they have an opportunity.
  • Job Websites- One can search for jobs in Nigeria via job websites. Some of the best websites are mentioned below.
  • Career Page- Anyone can explore the career page of any organisation and apply directly to the organisation by filling out a form available on the career page with a CV and resume.

5 Best Sites To Find Jobs In Nigeria

For the people who want to work in Nigeria here are the five best sites to search for highest highest-paying jobs in Nigeria-



Is it hard to find work in Nigeria?

Employers in Nigeria are well known for asking for several years of experience to get hired for the role. and this demand for experience makes it difficult for fresh graduates to crack the market. and getting a job becomes hard if you don’t have the right experience and connections to speak for you.

What is Nigeria’s main source of income?

Nigeria’s 95 per cent of earnings come from the oil sector with 80 per cent of its budgetary revenues. Nigeria is known for the export of oil.

Which is the richest state in Nigeria?

The Lagos state of Nigeria is considered the richest state Lagos is a commerce, finance and most importantly industry hub to Nigeria’s busiest seaport and airports.

Here we end our article which was about the highest paying jobs in Nigeria and to get more updates on topics such as jobs abroad, universities and visas abroad you can stay connected to the Leverage Edu’s page. 

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