A Look at Podiatrist Earnings: Podiatrist Salary in US 2024 

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Podiatrist Salary in US

Podiatric science is a branch of medicine that focuses on conditions on the lower limbs. Podiatrists often work with our lower limbs, feet, and even the abdomen for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Podiatrists are frequently referred to as “foot doctors” since they specialize in treating ankles, toes, fingers, and palms of the feet.


The demand for podiatrists in the United States is quite high. Most companies hire highly skilled podiatrists with the right skill set and provide a high salary package. If you want to know how much a podiatrist earns, In this complete article, I will explain in detail the podiatrist salary in the US.

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How Much Do Podiatrists Get Paid in the US?

In the United States, Podiatrists typically earn an average annual salary of USD 184,700, which translates to a monthly salary of USD 15,391. However, salaries can vary depending on experience and other factors. Some Podiatrists may start their careers at a lower annual salary of USD 93,800 (USD 7,816 monthly), while more experienced professionals can earn up to USD 283,400 annually (USD 23,616 monthly).

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Podiatrist Salary in US Based on Experience Level 

You’ll be able to demand a better salary as you accumulate years of expertise. Here we have added the salary range of a Podiatrist Salary in the US Based on Experience Level 

Podiatrist Salary in US

Podiatrist Salary in US Based on Education Level 

To become a podiatrist, one needs to complete an undergraduate degree, medical school, and residency. This means that pursuing this vocation requires at least 12 years of schooling beyond high school. Here is a list of podiatrist salaries in the US according to educational attainment. 

Education LevelAverage Annual Salary 
Bachelor’s degree39,500 USD
Master’s degree 118,000 USD
PhD215,500 USD 

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Podiatrist Salary in US Based on Companies 

In the US, podiatrists are employed by a wide range of businesses. The highest-paying sectors and companies in the US for podiatrists are listed below.

Companies Average Annual Salary 
Eventus WholeHealth278,778 USD
HealthDrive252,175 USD
Loma Linda Foot and Ankle Center262,415 USD
US Department of Veterans Affairs237,157 USD
Weil Foot & Ankle Institute263,416 USD
Private Practice318,988 USD
Ohio Foot and Ankle Center218,400 USD
SelfEmployed.com296,607 USD
Erickson Senior Living209,230 USD
Podiatry Associates175,025 USD
KG Health Partners262,332 USD
TriHealth217,964 USD
JPS Health Network272,282 USD
Massachusetts General Physicians Organization291,080 USD
HCA Healthcare266,700 USD
Foot and Ankle Associates267,711 USD
Community Care Network.260,662 USD
New York College of Podiatric Medicine197,514 USD
St. John’s Episcopal Hospital307,733 USD

Podiatrist Salary in US Based on Cities

If you’re curious about the typical pay for podiatrists, you should also think about their location. Depending on the state and location in which they reside and work, podiatrists make varying wages.

Podiatrist Salary in US

Podiatrist Salary in US Based on Positions 

Here we have listed the various top-paying job positions related to podiatrists in the United States.

Positions Average Annual Salary 
Orthopaedic Surgery Specialist160,660  USD
Orthopedist162,859 USD
Surgeon296,218 USD
General Practitioner126,363 USD
Physician188,944 USD
Physiotherapist85,000 USD
Podiatrist145,000 USD
Doctor89,880 USD
Practitioner117,000 USD 
Medical Assistant – Podiatry123,400 USD 

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What is the highest paid podiatrist?

In 2024, the median compensation for podiatrists was $148,720. In that year, the highest-paid 25% earned 208,180 USD, while the lowest-paid 25% took home 97,920 USD.

What is the salary of podiatry in India?

Podiatrists at the beginning level may make between INR 3 lakhs and INR 5 lakhs annually. Podiatrists with experience and qualifications can make up to INR 12 lakhs per year, or more, in their maximum annual compensation.

How do you become a podiatrist?

The nine authorized podiatric medicine schools and colleges, postgraduate training, passing the National Board tests, and written and oral exams are the standard prerequisites for state licensing.

Is a podiatrist a doctor in the USA?

Physicians who practice podiatry are doctors, although they do not attend medical schools. They run their own professional associations and schools. Additionally, their names end in “DPM” (doctor of podiatric medicine) rather than “MD” (medical doctor).

 This was all the information about podiatrist salaries in the US. For more such updated articles on salary and jobs, follow the Jobs Abroad and Leverage Edu page. 

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