The Breakdown For Underwriters Salary in US: 2024 Guide 

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Underwriters Salary in US

Underwriters meticulously examine information to determine the chance of loss for the company. This could involve reviewing financial statements for a loan application, medical history for health insurance, or a company’s financials for an initial public offering (IPO). The underwriter’s job is to assist businesses in making informed investments.  


When picking up a profession as an underwriter, you need to consider the most important factor, which is salary, which is a significant consideration, but it’s not the only one. A reliable professional path with high perks and room for growth can be found in underwriting. It can also give one a sense of work security and intellectual stimulation. Are you interested in learning how much money an underwriter in the US may make? This complete article will serve as your comprehensive resource for learning about typical US underwriter salaries.

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What is the Average Underwriters Salary in US

The salary range for underwriters in the US is quite broad. While the average annual salary sits at 78,100 USD, translating to a monthly average of 10,675 USD, it’s important to consider the significant variation. Entry-level positions might start as low as 9,780 USD annually (3,481 USD monthly), while experienced underwriters can reach salaries exceeding 47,020 USD per year (21,418 USD monthly). This highlights the significant impact of experience on earning potential in this field.

To help you understand more about this career, we’ve included the following resources: The advice and editorial content on this page are derived from Indeed’s research, but the wage and growth statistics are from recently released Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

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Experience Wise Underwriters Salary in US

In order to have sufficient knowledge and effectively manage their work with a competitive salary range, underwriters typically need to first concentrate in one area. The pay range for underwriters based on experience level is shown here. 

Underwriters Salary in US

Education Wise  Underwriters Salary in US

To improve their competitive pay in the US, many underwriters seek professional qualifications in addition to the necessary schooling. The underwriter compensation range by educational level is shown here. 

Education Average Salary Per Year 
High School10,520 USD
Certificate or Diploma30,140 USD
Bachelor’s Degree50,900 USD

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Organisation Wise Underwriters Salary in US

High compensation packages are offered by a number of elite underwriting organizations in the US. A selection of the top US companies with comparable underwriter pay information has been provided.

Organization Average Salary Per Year 
United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM)77,908 USD
Chubb105,197 USD
State Farm75,549 USD
AIG91,161 USD
Travelers96,749 USD
Auto-Owners Insurance85,434 USD
Wells Fargo84,512 USD
The Hartford92,441 USD
Liberty Mutual Insurance97,170 USD
Zurich North America94,729 USD
The Cigna Group78,177 USD
Nationwide81,789 USD
USLI91,729 USD
Rocket Companies102,733 USD
JPMorgan Chase & Co95,743 USD
Burns & Wilcox89,671 USD 
Philadelphia Insurance Companies87,487 USD 
Markel97,734 USD 

City Wise Underwriters Salary in US

The breakdown of the average yearly compensation for underwriters in the highest-paying American cities is shown in the attached photo.

Underwriters Salary in US

Position Wise Underwriters Salary in US

If you’re wondering how to become an underwriter, you should be aware of the abilities that are unquestionably necessary to investigate several work options as an insurer. The pay range for underwriters according to experience level is as follows.

Positions Average Salary Per Year 
Insurance Underwriter80,341 USD
Mortgage Underwriter75,652 USD
Broker79,391 USD
Entry Level Underwriter56,979 USD
Underwriting Manager113,327 USD
Credit Analyst69,815 USD
Insurance Underwriting88,492 USD
Claims65,424 USD
Underwriting Assistant61,744 USD
Mortgage Underwriter81,962 USD

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Q1: How much does an underwriter make in the USA?

In the United States, an underwriter’s annual total compensation is predicted to be 112,879 USD, with an average salary of 89,306 USD a year. These figures referred to as the median, represent the midpoint of the ranges from our special Total Pay Estimate model, which is based on wages collected from our users.

Q2: Is underwriting a stressful job?

Underwriters frequently work under pressure to make key choices with little time to spare. They are responsible for evaluating insurance risks and deciding on policy conditions. Long hours and a lifestyle focused on work might be influenced by these factors, particularly during busy times like policy reviews and renewals.

Q3: What is the qualification for an underwriter?

While a master’s degree can advance competence, a bachelor’s degree in business, finance, or a similar discipline provides a strong foundation. To meet the requirements, applicants to respectable schools may need to take entrance examinations like the CAT, MAT, or XAT.

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