Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada: A Complete Guide for Indian and International Students with Scholarship Dreams

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Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada

Scholarships make the journey of every student so easy to let them learn whatever they want to. Scholarships are the biggest relief for international students to get through the financial hurdles they are facing and pursue their dream courses in their dream universities. Eager to start your education journey at the top universities in Canada? Here comes the solution to your financial barrier, a fully funded scholarship in Canada for international students in 2024-25. The only hurdle is finance for international students so to find a solution to this problem let’s dig deeper into the fully funded scholarship in Canada for international students with all the necessary information you need to know.

Host CountryCanada 
Host UniversityAll Canadian Universities
Degree levelUndergraduate, Masters, PhD
Who can applyOpen to all Nationalities
Academic Year2024 – 2025

Why Apply for Scholarships in Canada?

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Canada being the top-notch place for education and career opportunities is the most preferred study-abroad location by everyone. Canada has number of top universities and students are getting enrolled and studying in those top universities.

Studying at a top Canadian university is a dream to be fulfilled and a fully funded scholarship in Canada is the first step towards that dream. Canada has become the top priority place for every student to go to due to its high academic standards, quality of education, career growth, and job opportunities. Around 800 scholarships are made available to International students in the academic year 2024-25. An average monthly stipend of $2500 (INR 2,05,000 lakh) is provided in the scholarship along with tuition fees, accommodations, health insurance, and travel allowance. 

List of Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada for 2024-2025

Listed below are a few Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada for 2024-25 for exceptionally meritorious students offering complete tuition fee coverage. Here are a few popular ones you can apply for.

UBC International Leader of Tomorrow Award

Karen McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award offered by the University of British Columbia is on top of all international student scholarships. This scholarship is provided to international students wanting to pursue undergraduate courses. They need to show excellence in leadership, and academics and be involved in some social activities at UBC.

EligibilityMust have a Canadian study permit.
Must be an international student of UBC.
Must have completed high school at a recognized institution in their own home country.
Must have cleared all UBC admission conditions and passed the English proficiency standards needed for admissions.
Students must have an excellent academic record to be eligible for this scholarship
For whomIt is for the students of UBC pursuing an undergraduate program
CoverageIt covers the whole cost of 4 years of the UG Program excluding the financial help from students’ own parents.
Max Amount25000 CAD (INR 15,32,000 lakhs)

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University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship

Two different types of scholarships are offered by The University of Manitoba to undergraduate, postgraduate, and post-doctoral students each year,  one is an entrance scholarship and the other one is a scholarship upon academic excellence. Other than this, the university is spending around $2 million on PG programs for Master’s and Ph.D. students.

Eligibility CriteriaCovers tuition fees for five years for both Master’s and Ph.D.
For whomStudents pursuing medical and MBA studies at the University of Manitoba.
CoverageCovers tuition fee for five years for both Master’s and Ph.D.
Max AmountMasters students – 28,000CAD (NR 17,16,000 lakhs) for 2 years and,
Doctoral students get up to 72,000CAD (INR 4,13,000 lakhs0
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Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation scholarship is the one from which most international students have benefitted due to their numerous scholarships, fellowships, and mentorships. The foundation offers scholarships to various Canadian universities namely the University of Waterloo, McGill University, Ryerson University, etc. 

EligibilityMust be admitted to any university for full-time doctoral studies
Topics covered in doctoral can be anything under human sciences and humanities.
Must be an international student with Canadian PR.
For whominternational students wanting to pursue a Ph.D. in Canada
CoverageThe scholarship covers expenses of the entire tuition fee, travel, research, and other activities.
Max Amount20,000 CAD (INR 12,26,000 lakhs)

Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) Program

This scholarship is awarded to students enrolled in a full-time course at a Canadian university in Ontario. This scholarship is based on academic achievement and to have this scholarship consistency in academic records is most important. The scholarship is awarded on a merit basis.

EligibilityMust have enrolled for master’s and doctoral studies. 
For whomMust have enrolled for masters and doctoral studies. 
CoverageTuition fee for 2 years in masters and 4 years in doctoral program
Max Amount10,000 CAD (INR 6,13,000 lakhs) for 2 study terms and 15,000 CAD (INR 9,19,000 Lakhs) for 3 study terms

The University of Waterloo Scholarships

The best part of these scholarships is that students do not need an application to be submitted, except in rare cases The popular scholarship under this is:

  • Merit Scholarship
  • President’s Scholarship of Distinction
  • International Student Entrance Scholarship
  • President’s Scholarship
EligibilityMust be a full-time UG student with a minimum of 90% admission average. 
You need to clear the Euclid Mathematics Contest for getting enrol in Mathematics and Computer Science and the scholarship is awarded on the basis of marks obtained. Scores of Accounting and Financial Management Admissions Assignments are assessed and then accordingly used to award scholarships for students enrolling in financial management courses.
For whomStudents enrolled in a full-time degree at the University of Waterloo.
CoverageTuition fee for the graduate program
Max Amount10,000 CAD (INR 6,13,000 lakhs)

What is Covered under Fully Funded Canadian Scholarships for 2024-25?

Fully funded Scholarships in Canada provide you with benefits by covering the following:

  • Food,
  • Accommodation,
  • full tuition fees, and other fees,
  • Healthy insurance,
  • Stipends, etc.

They are a big relief for students with financial problems prohibiting them from higher studies.  

How To Select Fully Funded Scholarships?

As said, there are many fully-funded scholarships available for students. However, it is very important for the candidates to know how to select among these scholarships:

  1. The candidates can select any scholarship based on which program they are applying for.
  2. You can also select it based on the amount rewarded in the scholarship.
  3. There are additional opportunities like job opportunities and many more that can decide your analysis.

Tips to Apply for a Fully Funded Scholarship in Canada

Here are some tips to apply for Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada:

  • Do profound research on the different types of scholarships offered, know the complete details of the benefits provided, and then choose the right one.
  • Choose the right scholarship and apply to it within a time frame.
  • Prepare a strong personal document, and proofread it as many times as possible.
  • Reach out to professors and the team and get a strong letter of recommendation.
  • Prepare a strong CV and cover letter with all the experience and expertise mentioned.
  • Prepare a file of all your documents and certificates.
  • Fill out the application form carefully, answer all the questions correctly, and then re-check the application form before submitting it to see if everything is accurate.

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Q. What are the requirements for fully funded scholarships in Canada?

Ans: Different colleges and universities have different eligibility requirements to award a fully funded scholarship to any student based on the course they want to pursue, so you first need to decide the course to study and the college you want to apply for.

Q. Can I apply for a Fully funded scholarship in Canada in 2025 without IELTS?

Ans: Yes, you can apply for a fully funded scholarship in Canada if you are from an English-speaking country or a native English speaker.

Q. What is a fully funded fellowship in Canada 2025?

Ans: A fully funded scholarship in Canada is one where all benefits are covered like tuition fees, accommodation, food, stipend, health insurance, and other fees.


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  1. My name Doctor negina azizi I want study abroad if any one to got scholarships opportunity want to guide me in this way

  1. My name Doctor negina azizi I want study abroad if any one to got scholarships opportunity want to guide me in this way