HEC Paris MBA Scholarships for International Students

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HEC Paris MBA Scholarships for international students

HEC Paris is a business school and is a world leader in management education and research. As per the world university rankings, it is the number one business school for Masters in Management courses. HEC Paris has 4 centers and 9 academic departments and has more than 120 world-class professors. The business school is also known for providing the best scholarships for International students. All students who have received admission into the HEC Paris MBA are eligible for scholarships. With the help of the HEC Foundation the university is able to provide over €1,000,000 in aid every year to International students. Keep reading to know more about the HEC Paris MBA scholarships. 

HEC Paris MBA ScholarshipsScholarship Benefit
HEC Paris MBA Scholarship for Excellence up to 50% of the tuition fees
Forté Scholarship for Women Candidates €26,000/INR 22.80 lakh
HEC Paris MBA Scholarship for Diversityup to 50% of the tuition fees
30% Club Scholarshipup to 50% of the tuition fees (first year)
ARD/HEC Paris Scholarship€16,000/ INR 14 lakh

HEC Paris MBA Scholarships 

HEC Paris offers several scholarships to International students. Diversity and inclusion are the core values of the business school. As a result, the university encourages and supports students of diverse backgrounds with their scholarships. Below are the HEC Paris MBA scholarships that are available to international students.

  • HEC Paris MBA Scholarship for Excellence 

This scholarship is given to exceptional applicants who want to pursue MBA from HEC Paris. The HEC Paris MBA scholarships are a way to attract the best students to the university and to help them achieve their goals. Every student admitted is automatically considered for the scholarship on a merit basis. However, all those candidates who are already sponsored by the government or a company for more than 50% of tuition fees are not eligible.

The selection for the HEC MBA scholarships is made by the scholarship jury which accesses each application on the basis of academic excellence, the overall strength of the application, and interview results and, GMAT Score. The scholarship award is to receive up to 50% of the tuition fees. The amount of the scholarship gets deducted from the tuition fees last installment.  Beneficiaries of this scholarship can apply to other scholarships as well.  The list of scholarship beneficiaries will be released within one week after admission to the program.

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  • Forté Scholarship for Women Candidates 

The aim of this HEC Paris MBA scholarship is to offer exceptional women candidates scholarships. The Forté Scholarship for Women Candidates opens up educational pathways to bring about leadership opportunities for women in business.  All those students who have received admission at HEC Paris are eligible for admission.

Interested students are required to submit a 1,500-word essay explaining why they should receive the scholarship. Beyond this, applicants’ academic leadership skills, team building skills, creative activity, and commitment to the development of women are accessed. The scholarship amount is €26,000 (INR 23.02 Lakh). Students will have to apply for the scholarship at the same time they are applying for the program. The list of scholarship beneficiaries will be released one week after admission to the course. 

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  • HEC Paris MBA Scholarship for Diversity

The HEC Paris Scholarship for diversity is a scholarship that is granted to students with exceptional professional and academic backgrounds. Apart from that, a candidate needs to bring a unique value to the class and explain the same in the scholarship essay. 

The scholarship covers up to 50% of the tuition fees of the selected students. For this HEC Paris MBA scholarship, all candidates who are enrolled in the program will be considered. The list of scholarship beneficiaries will be released one week after admission to the program.

  • 30% Club Scholarship

The aim of the HEC Paris MBA scholarships is to create diverse and strong women in business. As a result, this 30% Club Scholarship program helps women students to pursue their studies. This scholarship is granted to exceptional women in business. 

The benefit of this scholarship scheme is 50% tuition fee coverage for the first year. It is applicable for both intakes at HEC Paris. All those who are admitted to the MBA program are considered for this scholarship.

  • ARD/HEC Paris Scholarship

ARD/HEC Paris scholarship is one of the HEC Paris MBA scholarships offered by the business school. The scholarship is jointly provided by the HEC Paris and the ARD or the Défense Mobilité for assisting the professional transition of French armed forces officers. All officers who have started the transition process with the  Défense Mobilité are eligible to apply for this scholarship. However, they need to be enrolled in the HEC Paris for MBA.

The scholarship award is €16,000 (INR 14.16 Lakh). Interested students can apply for the scholarship till the first week. The scholarship results will be declared after one week of admission to the MBA program.

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Q.1. Does HEC Paris give scholarships to international students?

Ans: All students who are admitted to the HEC Paris MBA program are eligible for scholarships. It includes International students as well.

Q.2. What GMAT score is required for HEC Paris scholarship?

Ans: The GMAT score of the candidates who are admitted to the course is around 700.

Q.3. Is HEC Paris MBA free?

Ans: No. HEC Paris MBA is not free of cost. An international student would need INR 47- 49 lakh to study at HEC paris. However, students can apply for scholarships.

HEC Paris MBA Scholarships are provided to meritorious and eligible candidates. These scholarships can be availed by International students as well. To avail of the  HEC Paris MBA Scholarships students need to be enrolled in the MBA program at HEC Paris. Although the student is free to apply for other HEC scholarships the combined scholarships should not be more than 50% of the tuition fees paid by the students. To discover such articles contact the study abroad, experts. 

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