Structured Breakdown Of Copywriter Salary In Germany In 2024 

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copywriter salary in germany

Copywriting is a highly sought-after career in Germany. The career is very flexible and provides the employees with the best work-life balance compared to any other career. The country has a huge market in the writing industry, of which copywriting comes out to be a top career choice and need. To get a better understanding of the career, let us learn about the salary of a copywriter in Germany through the help of this blog.


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Average Copywriter Salary in Germany

The pay in the field of copywriting is pretty decent. The average monthly salary in Germany for a copywriter is 39,420 EUR.

  • The average highest yearly salary is 63,480 EUR
  • The average lowest yearly salary is 20,300 EUR

Let’s see the monthly averages go get beer and look into the salary:

  • The average monthly salary of a copywriter is 3,285 EUR
  • The average highest salary is 5,290 EUR
  • The average lowest salary is 1,691 EUR

Copywriter Salary in Germany Based On Experience Level

In the field of copywriting, it is very important to consider the level of experience to set the salary brackets. The employees with higher levels of experience earn higher salaries considering their practice in the field and hands-on skills. A copywriter with 2 years of experience in the field can expect to earn a 34% higher salary compared to a fresher in the profession. The following image contains the level of experience and salary paid in the profession against them.

copywriter salary in germany

Copywriter Salary in Germany Based On Education Level

The level of education is a very important factor in the determination of the salary of an individual. The employees with better and higher qualifications earn higher salaries. In the field of copywriting, a bachelor’s degree can fetch you a 45% higher salary compared to a certification-level qualification.

Educational QualificationSalary Per Year
High school24,200 EUR
Diploma 31,660 EUR
Bachelor’s degree43,340 EUR
Master’s degree57,320 EUR

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Copywriter Salary in Germany In Different Sectors

Different sectors are seen to have differences in the average pay of the employees. The employees in the public sector in copywriting in Germany are seen to earn 8% higher salaries compared to employees in the private sector.

Sector Salary Per Year
Public sector 48,200 EUR
Private sector 44,540 EUR

Copywriter Salary in Germany In Different Cities

To know which city is best for you to work in, let’s compare the average salary in different cities in Germany for the profession of copywriting with the help of the image below.

copywriter salary in germany

Copywriter Salary in Germany Based On Compared To Similar Professions

To get an even better understanding of a copywriter’s salary in Germany, a comparison between the average copywriter’s salary to other similar professions in the same industry would be very apt. The following table contains similar professions to copywriters and the average pya for them:

Profession Salary Per Year
Artist 42,320 EUR
Assistant Editor34,080 EUR
Bindery supervisor 27,040 EUR
Colour technician21,380 EUR
Media planner 43,480 EUR
Photographer 35,560 EUR
Production Editor 37,200 EUR
Proofreader 35,560 EUR
Reporter 48,140 EUR
Technical writer 39,420 EUR
Colour matcher 24,840 EUR

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Is it good to be a copywriter in Germany?

Yes, the profession of copywriting comes with a very high level of flexibility and leverage of work. The employees have control over the work parameters. The pay is also pretty good for the profession.

Is there any difference in the pay of male and female copywriters in Germany?

Yes, the profession witnesses a 5% difference in the pay. Females in the industry earn 5% lower income compared to men in the same profession.

What is the average pay raise that can be expected on Copywriter salary in Germany?

The raise in pay is completely dependent on your performance and your employer. However, an average pay raise that can be expected in the profession is 7% every 12 months.

This was all about the Copywriter Salary In Germany. To read more such informative blogs on jobs and salary-related topics, follow Jobs Abroad. To learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu. Comment below for any suggestions or doubts.

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