Event Coordinator Salary in Dubai for 2024 

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event coordinator salary in dubai

Organizing an event in Dubai is an exciting opportunity. As you already know, Dubai is a hub for all types of events. Working as an event coordinator, you can explore the different cultures in Dubai. Along with various benefits, you can also earn a good salary. If you want to learn about the range of salaries that you can easily make working as an event coordinator, this complete guide will help you to know about the average event coordinator salary in Dubai, and you can also explore the various factors that can influence your earning potential. 


This blog post will include information on the typical event coordinator salary in Dubai, as well as wage comparisons between Dubai and other well-known cities for various professions.

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What is the Average Salary of an Event Coordinator Salary in Dubai? 

If you are working as an event coordinator, you can earn a good salary in Dubai. The average salary is around 127,700 AED per year, and the average monthly salary is around 10,641 AED. This range goes from lower to higher. The lowest salary for event coordination is 59,660 AED per year, and the lowest monthly salary is 4,971 AED. On the other hand, the highest salary you can earn in Dubai is around 197,600 AED per year, and the highest monthly salary is around 16,466 AED.

The average salary of an event coordinator varies depending on different parameters, such as location, type of education, experience, and other factors. Here is all the salary data we have collected from Indeed and Glassdoor.

Experience Wise Event Coordinator Salary in Dubai 

An individual’s pay is based on their level of expertise and knowledge. According to experience level, we have listed the event coordinator salaries per year. 

event coordinator salary in dubai

Education Wise Event Coordinator Salary in Dubai 

The typical pay of a person is influenced by a variety of factors, including degrees of education, experience, and skill. Let’s examine the impact of varying degrees of education and certification on the mean incomes in Dubai.

Education Average Salary Per Year 
High School86,640 AED
Certificate or Diploma129,000 AED
Bachelor’s Degree172,400 AED

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Organisation wise Event Coordinator Salary in Dubai 

Benefits for employees in Dubai differ from company to company. The following are some of the top companies in Dubai that employ event coordinators:

OrganisationAverage Salary Per Month 
Strategic Holding3,500 AED
Emaar Properties2,981  AED
DP World21,856 AED
Thumbay Group5,480 AED
Millennium Hotels and Resorts2,090 AED
Sheraton4,491 AED
CAFU11,994 AED 
IMG Worlds of Adventure9,996 AED 
Naseba10,062 AED
Pfizer11,959 AED 
The Arts Club40,106 AED 
Maarefah Management4,507 AED 
Evolution Events12,034 AED 
Leader Healthcare6,970 AED 
Alsayegh11,895 AED 
Dubai Autodrome7,695 AED 
Just Padel3,013  AED 
DXB Live14,127 AED 
Red Velvet Design 4,080 AED 

City-Wise Event Coordinator Salary in Dubai 

After examining the average salary, prominent sectors, and minimum wages in Dubai. Let’s compare the average pay across the country with the average annual salary of various cities in Dubai.

event coordinator salary in dubai

Positions Wise Event Coordinator Salary in Dubai 

Concerned about where to look in Dubai for the top opportunities as an event coordinator? The average pay for a variety of roles associated with event coordinators in Dubai is provided here:

Positions Average Salary Per Month
Event Manager7,513 AED
Event Specialist6,042 AED
Wedding Planner6,907 AED
Event Planner4,158  AED
Conference Manager 15,972  AED
Event Assistant3,709 AED
Marketing & Events Coordinator 8,000 AED

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How much does an Event coordinator make in Dubai?

In Dubai, the average monthly income for an event coordinator is AED 11,000, while the average monthly salary for a senior coordinator is AED 11,603. 

How can I become an event planner in UAE?

Here are some of the steps that help you to become an event planner in the UAE
Step 1: Select business activity
Step 2: Choose your business zone
Step 3: Choose the company structure
Step 4: Register the company name
Step 5: Get initial approval (for mainland licenses only) 
Step 6: Apply for the license
Step 7: Issuing Dubai Event Permits.

How do I organize an event in Dubai?

Obtaining an e-ticketing permit, which permits ticket sales, and a Dubai Economy and Tourism (DTCM) permit are prerequisites for organizing an event in Dubai.

That concludes our discussion of the Dubai event planner salaries for 2024. Keep up with our official Jobs Abroad website and follow Leverage Edu to read more articles like this one on salaries.

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