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highest paying jobs in netherlands

The Netherlands is well known for it’s openness and egalitarianism and these values extend to its business culture. directness, honesty, and efficiency are highly valued, and hierarchy is only subtly present in most workplaces. Business relationships are based on trust and mutual respect. The Netherlands is known for having a healthy work-life balance. The country ranks third out of 41 countries. Dutch work culture is relatively informal with a focus on honesty, direct communication and openness. The Netherlands remain one of the wealthiest countries in the world. The Netherlands is on the list of the world’s richest countries in the place of 12. So getting a job in the Netherlands is like having a golden opportunity in your hand.


Work Benefits In The Netherlands

There are some mandatory and some non-mandatory  work benefits in the Netherlands which are described below-

Mandatory Employee Benefits

  • Health Insurance- All people who are living in the Netherlands have to participate in the health insurance scheme. For individuals who are employed, the employer will pay to the Dutch Tax Authority the part of insurance -6.68% on income up to a maximum of 66,956 EURO, with a maximum of approx. 4,472 Euro.
  • Pension- there is a pension agreement for the employee in the Netherlands.
  • Vacation- Employees are entitled to 20 paid vacation who work on full-time days

Non- Mandatory Employee Benefits

  • Additional Annual Leave-The fixed holiday entitlement is 20 working days, but in practice, employers give an extra 5-10 days to the employees.
  • Paid Relocation Service-In Netherlands some companies provide free relocation services to employees.
  • Extended Paternity Leave-In the Netherlands as mentioned by the law employees will get one week of paternal leave but some companies tend to offer two weeks.
  • Commute- Employers offer employees commuting like a bike.
  • Private Pension Fund- It is common to contribute to employees’ pension schemes.
  • Company Trips- In the Netherlands, some companies organize trips each year outside the Netherlands.
  •  Wellness- some companies offer different wellness programs like membership to a gym and messages
  • Visa Sponsorship- Some companies offer sponsorship of visas if someone wants to relocate to the Netherlands for work.
  • Dutch Language Courses- some companies offer Dutch classes for better cultural immersion.
  • Bonus and Profit sharing- Employers offer bonuses to employees along with making them get a share in profit.
  • Canteen Allowance- companies give 10 EURO to employees to get as a canteen allowance.

Types Of Netherlands Work Visa

Neatherland’s work visas are divided into short, temporary and long-term stays.

Short-Term Visa- also known as Schengen category c visa which is for 90 days or a maximum of 90 days within any 180 days.

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Temporary Visa- 

Temporary Visa- In the Netherlands, temporary work visa permits are only for contracted positions that last more than three months no more than a year.

Long-Term Visa- This visa is granted for skilled work in the nation which is valid for 1-5 years and it is renewable also.

Cost of living in the Netherlands

Here is the basic idea of the cost of living in the Netherlands per month in Euro-

Accommodation400 EURO – 1000 EURO
Food150 EURO – 170 EURO
Transportation4O EURO –  80 EURO
Internet30 EURO -50 EURO
Miscellaneous150 EURO -200 EURO
Total Expense770 EURO- 1500 EURO

How To Get Jobs In the Netherlands

To get a job in your hand from the Netherlands here are a few steps to follow-

  • Once you have learnt Dutch and recognised your educational qualifications, at that time you should start networking with people in the Netherlands and ask for referrals. If you don’t get any referrals then you can meet job search consultants.
  •   Prepare your Resume and Cover Letter properly.
  • Lastly, try to apply for jobs in the Netherlands.

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Top 10 Sites to Search for Jobs

If you are looking for a job after fulfilling all eligibility criteria and requirements in the Netherlands then here are some best sites to search for jobs  there-

  • Monster
  • Indeed
  • Linkedin
  • Step Stone
  • Nationale Vacaturebank
  • werk.nl
  • Youngcapital
  • Capitalbuilder
  • Randstad
  • Reed

List Of Highest Paying Jobs In Netherlands

Here is the list of highly-paid jobs in the Netherlands for your reference- 

Plastic Surgeon420 EURO
Senior Medical Specialist220 EURO
Ceo210 EURO
Operational and Financial director190 EURO
Private Banker Or Real Estate Investor180 EURO
Pilot And Captain180 EURO
Prime Minister170 EURO
Lawer130 EURO
Dentist110 EURO
Professor100 EURO

Requirements To In the Netherlands

You need to fulfil some requirements before applying for a Netherlands visa and all requirements are given below-

  • A  valid passport will be  needed
  • A work contract from a recognised employer will be needed.
  • Work experience Certificate.
  • A clear criminal record.
  • A Medical Test report will be needed.
  • Applicant’s education and degree will be required as needed.
  • Proof of financial stability will be required.

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Applying Process Of Netherlands Visa

step by step application process for a Netherlands visa is mentioned below-

  • Visit the official website.
  • Apply for the type of visa you are looking for
  • Fill out your online application and upload the required documents.
  • Pay the application fees.
  • You will get the visa once your application gets approved.


Which job pays the most money in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is a rich country and the pay scale is good. In the Netherlands, There are some jobs which are highly paid like Bank Manager, Lawer, Magistrate Judge, Surgeon,

What is a high income in the Netherlands?

Around 125.1 thousand Euros higher than the lowest 50 per cent. The highest ten percent of earners in the Netherlands earned over 142.6 thousand per year.

How much salary is enough to live in the Netherlands?

After-tax deduction if the salary is 3,000 EUROS then it is a good salary to live in the Netherlands but if you have the same salary before the tax deduction then it is not sufficient.

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