How to Become a Drug Inspector?

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Drug Inspector

Have you ever wondered how medicines are made? Let’s say a few researchers working in a laboratory develop a revolutionary drug, then…? The drug is not directly rolled into the market, therefore, you must be aware that it goes through various testing stages of chemical composition, toxicity check, and testing on cells. These persons carry out these testing procedures. If you also have a degree in pharmacy and are exploring what can you do with it, here is a detailed guide on how to become a drug inspector. 


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Who is a Drug Inspector?

It is one of the most diverse fields to pursue in Healthcare and Pharmacy. A Drug Inspector monitors the efficiency, quality, safety, and viability of a drug and executes the best procedures to ensure all these. Their role starts from the stage of production to that of marketing and saleability. Three of their main functions are; 


They study both the organic and inorganic compounds of the drug to analyze their composition, structure, and reactions on the target cells and the host. They also deeply study the physical and chemical properties of the drug. 


Radio Astronomers use the data collected during analysis to evaluate the drug on various parameters of efficiency and safety etc. They also ensure the lab equipment and tools are precise and accurate. They also regularly study produced samples to avoid any anomalies. 

Data Collection 

They maintain the recorded data for each test and evaluation. They create reports and logs for every drug evaluation and refer to them at regular intervals to observe patterns. This data management is essential to study the long-term production and impact of the drug.  

Overview of a Drug Inspector’s Job
Employment typeFull-time
Employment termPermanent
Working groundBoth On-field and Laboratory 
Working hoursGeneral as per country guidelines

Requirements to Become a Drug Inspector

Drug Inspection is a serious job, and hence there are various requirements that a candidate needs to meet to become a drug inspector. 


In terms of education, here is what you will require for a Drug Inspectors position; 

  • Bachelor’s of Pharmacy and Master’s of Pharmacy
  • The course needs to be in Pharmacy or in a related field with subjects on medicine and drugs. 
  • Clearing competitive examinations is mandatory. Each country has its entrance exams. 


The top skills required to become a Drug Inspector are mentioned below; 

  • Performing Tests
  • Evaluating Skills
  • Scientific Skills
  • Pharmaceutical Knowledge 
  • Decision-Making Skills 
  • Attention to Detail 
  • Analytical Skills 
  • Scientific Skills 

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How to Become a Drug Inspector?

It takes a combination of education, training, and certain specific requirements based on the country you choose to work in. Here is an elaborate procedure to become a Drug Inspector abroad:


  • Firstly, you will have to obtain a bachelor’s degree in the field of Pharmacy. Certain related fields can be pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences, chemistry, etc. 
  • Apart from that, your degree program must be from an accredited university and also recognizable in the country where you intend to work.

Gain Experience:

  • The next step is to work in the pharmaceutical industry for a few years. 
  • Choose a role that develops the skills and knowledge that are necessary for a Drug Inspector. 
  • This might not be mandatory but many countries require a few years of relevant work experience.

Additional Training

  • Advanced degrees like a Masters or Doctorate in the field will always help. This will improve your technical skills which in turn will help in getting jobs.  
  • You can also go for specialized courses. These include certifications in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), regulatory affairs, and drug quality control.

Go Through the Rules & Regulations:

  • You should be aware of the drug regulatory framework of the country you plan to work in.
  • Regulations usually vary and might have specific laws, guidelines, or quality standards applicable to pharmaceuticals in that region that you need to be aware of. 
  • This will also help you in securing the job in the first place. 

Language Proficiency

  • Most native English-speaking countries require English proficiency tests to test the individual if they would be able to work in their culture. 
  • Certain other nations might conduct their language proficiency tests like there is a different test for Germany and another one for South Korea
  • Sometimes, the countries maintain a standard language procedure in English despite their official languages being different. 
  • Therefore, one should check this requirement in the country. 

Licensing and Certification

  • This is very important and should not be taken lightly. You need to research the requirements for drug inspector licensure and certification in the country that you are looking for a job in. 
  • There can be licensing examinations, interviews, or other assessment procedures to provide certifications.

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Best Certificate Courses to Become a Drug Inspector

Apart from the degree programs that one needs to pursue, here are some certificate courses that can improve your chances of becoming a drug inspector abroad. 

  • Health Fitness And Medicine Certification Courses 
  • Biomedical Engineering Certification Courses 
  • Biomedical Sciences Certification Courses
  • Free Health Fitness and Medicine Courses 
  • Free Biomedical Engineering Certification Courses 
  • Free Disaster Medicine and Emergency Certification Courses 
  • Edx Biomedical Sciences Certification Courses 
  • Udemy Medical Technology Certification Courses 
  • Swayam Biomedical Sciences Certification Courses
  • Futurelearn Medical Science Certification Courses

How to Apply for Jobs of Drug Inspector?

To apply for jobs in a new country, here is the procedure that you can follow; 

  • Look for job openings on popular job posting websites, LinkedIn, and the official websites of Drug companies and industries. 
  • Mostly, Government agencies, regulatory bodies, and pharmaceutical companies are common employers for drug inspectors, so you can check there.
  • You will also need good networking skills. For this, you can join professional organizations, communities, and groups related to pharmaceutical jobs. 
  • Also, prepare for the interview according to the guidelines or job description given to you by the company. 
  • Be ready to express your experience and knowledge in the field freely. Demonstrate your skills and use your experience to talk about why you are perfect for the job. 
  • Keep aligned with the visa and immigration process of the country you target. Make sure to get a sponsorship letter from the employer in time to apply for the visa. 

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Drug Inspector Salaries in Various Countries

Here is a list of various drug inspector salaries in different countries. 

United Kingdom £47,039 to £82,555
United States of America$50,000 to $57,500  
AustraliaAUD 86,000 to AUD 152,057
CanadaCAD 80,000 to CAD 123,529
Germany €62,000 to €68,000 


Is Drug Inspector a good career option?

Yes, a Drug Inspector is indeed a very good career for those who are looking for an offbeat career in the field of pharmacy. Those who want to work both on-field and laboratory to analyse and evaluate drugs and drug production processes.

What is the average salary of a drug inspector?

Drug Inspector salaries in different countries are different for example in the United Kingdom £47,039 to £82,555, United States of America $50,000 to $57,500, Australia AUD 86,000 to AUD 152,057, Canada CAD 80,000 to CAD 123,529 and in Germany €62,000 to €68,000. 

How do I become a food and drug inspector in Canada?

To become a drug inspector in Canada you need to have a postsecondary diploma with a specialization in technical sciences. This requirement is set by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). 

This was all about how to become a Drug Inspector abroad. If you also want to explore such a profession and want to know more about the course that will help you build a career in Pharmacy abroad, contact Leverage Edu, you can call us at 1800 57-2000.

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