UK Cardiothoracic Surgeon Salary 2024: What You Can Expect to Earn

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Cardiothoracic Surgeon Salary in UK

Cardiothoracic Surgeon Salary in UK: If you’ve made up your mind to find out more about cardiologists, the UK is seeing a steady increase in the need for cardiothoracic surgeons. A long-term commitment is required to become a cardiologist. Becoming a cardiologist will reward you with great salaries and a solid reputation in the medical community if you are willing to dedicate 12 years of study after high school.  The income of a cardiothoracic surgeon in the United Kingdom is contingent upon a number of criteria, including experience level, educational background, industry, and work hours. 


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How Much is a Cardiothoracic Surgeon Paid in UK?

Based on the report, the average annual salary you can make in the United Kingdom working as a cardiothoracic surgeon is around 346,600 GBP, and the average monthly salary is around 28,883 GBP. This can be compared to the lowest annual salary, which is around 172,100 GBP, and the lowest monthly salary is 14,341 GBP. If we discuss the highest annual salary, you can easily make around 535,000 GBP, and the highest monthly salary is 44,583 GBP.

Experience Wise Cardiothoracic Surgeon Salary in UK

The annual income difference for cardiothoracic surgeons in the UK based on work experience is shown below.

Cardiothoracic Surgeon Salary in UK

Education Wise Cardiothoracic Surgeon Salary in UK

The annual wage difference for UK cardiothoracic surgeons based on their educational level is shown below. 

Education Level Average Salary Per Year 
Bachelor’s degree29,600  GBP 
Master’s degree88,700 GBP

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Organization Wise Cardiothoracic Surgeon Salary in UK

The annual compensation for UK cardiothoracic surgeons varies depending on the kind of organization they work for, as shown below. 

Organisation Average Salary Per Year 
The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation55,329 GBP-65,000 GBP
Cleveland Clinic London61,000 GBP-70,000 GBP
Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital NHS Foundation 93,000 GBP-126,000 GBP
NHS England45,000 GBP-53,000 GBP 
Barts Health NHS Trust83,000 GBP-93,000 GBP 
Prospect Health Recruitment42,000 GBP-60,000 GBP 
PDSA40,000 GBP-60,000 GBP
CVS Group38,000 GBP-70,000 GBP 
Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust91,000 GBP-100,000 GBP 
University College London Hospitals57,000 GBP-90,000 GBP 
Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board88,000 GBP-100,000 GBP 
Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust49,000 GBP-100,000 GBP 

City Wise Cardiothoracic Surgeon Salary in UK

Furthermore, the location in which you choose to pursue a career as a cardiothoracic surgeon plays a significant influence in your pay. The following lists the variations in UK cardiothoracic surgeons’ yearly salaries by city. 

Cardiothoracic Surgeon Salary in UK

Position Wise Cardiothoracic Surgeon Salary in UK

The following lists the UK cardiothoracic surgeons’ yearly compensation differences based on their employment positions.

Position Average Salary Per Year 
Physician Endocrinology 37,100 GBP
Specialty Psychiatric Doctor71,535 GBP
Sports Medicine Physician 67,817 GBP
GP Partner 67,608 GBP
Consultant Doctor 66,662 GBP
Paediatric Surgeon 65,238 GBP
Neuropsychologists 59,853 GBP
Neurosurgeon57,559 GBP
Psychologists 55,000 GBP
Medical Registrar 54,686 GBP
Physician Associate 44,651 GBP
Pathologist43,875 GBP
Anaesthetist 43,416 GBP
forensic pathologist42,663 GBP
Surgeon 38,629 GBP
Assistant Professor, Transplant Surgery53,180 GBP
Cardiothoracic Surgery Physician Assistant 31,637 GBP
Thoracic and Cardiothoracic Surgeon67,775 GBP
Abdominal Transplant Surgeon67,775 GBP

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Q1: What is the highest-paid cardiothoracic surgeon?

According to historical data from jobs listed in the past year related to cardiothoracic surgery, the typical annual salary is roughly 689,000 GBP. It’s important to note that there is room for career advancement because the highest paying permanent Cardiothoracic Surgery position in the past year paid $950k yearly.

Q2: Do surgeons make good money in the UK?

Your base pay as a physician pursuing specialty training falls between £43,923 and 63,152 GBP. Specialty physicians typically make between 52,530 GBP and 82,400 GBP per year in base pay. The base pay for a specialty grade doctor is from 83,945 GBP to 92,275 GBP.

Q3: Who earns more cardiologist or the Cardiac Surgeon?

Cardiologists who do not do invasive treatments make far less money than cardiac surgeons, but nevertheless make a lot more than most people in normal employment. Both careers require a high degree of knowledge as well as enrollment in medical school.

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